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Tue Jul 26 12:00pm
RebaThe Wall(Season 2, Episode 19) CMT

After Van (Steve Howey) reconciles with his parents, they send gifts for the baby, causing Reba to feel threatened. Soon, the situation turns into a competition between grandparents. Meanwhile, Cheyenne gets lonely when Van starts playing football again. D (more…)

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Tue Jul 26 3:00pm
RebaShe's Leaving Home, Bye Bye - Part 1 CMT

Part 1 of two. Kyra decides whether she's staying at Reba's or moving next door to Brock and Barbra Jean's place.

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Tue Jul 26 3:30pm
RebaShe's Leaving Home, Bye Bye - Part 2 CMT

Conclusion. Kyra decides whether she's staying at Reba's or moving next door to Brock and Barbra Jean's place.

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Wed Jul 27 12:00pm
RebaWar and Peace(Season 3, Episode 2) CMT

As Reba's relationship with Kyra improves dramatically, Brock and Barbra Jean find it increasingly difficult to deal with the testy teen.

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Wed Jul 27 12:30pm
RebaThe Best and the Blondest(Season 3, Episode 3) CMT

After Reba's lecture on the gravity of choosing a career, Cheyenne asks Brock for guidance---and decides to become a dentist like her dad.

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Wed Jul 27 1:00pm
RebaSpies like Reba(Season 3, Episode 4) CMT

Frustrated by Kyra's refusal to confide in her, Reba resorts to Barbra Jean's method of information gathering: reading the teen's e-mail.

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Wed Jul 27 1:00pm
RebaRing-a-Ding - Part 1 FREFM

Part 1 of two. Reba works up the courage to invite Brian (Mark Thompson) over to meet the kids; Barbra Jean's family reunites in Fisheye Bottom. Katie Ann: Rachel York.

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Wed Jul 27 1:30pm
RebaCalling the Pot Brock(Season 3, Episode 5) CMT

Hoping to dissuade Kyra from trying marijuana, Barbra Jean strikes up a lively discussion about the drug that soon has Brock hot under the collar and Reba out in the cold.

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Wed Jul 27 1:30pm
RebaRing-a-Ding - Part 2 FREFM

Conclusion. Reba works up the courage to invite Brian (Mark Thompson) over to meet the kids; Barbra Jean's family reunites in Fisheye Bottom. Katie Ann: Rachel York.

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Wed Jul 27 2:00pm
RebaEncounters(Season 3, Episode 6) CMT

In hopes of improving their relationship, Reba tries to get Kyra to participate in a communication workshop. Dr. Todd: Martin Mull.

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Wed Jul 27 2:30pm
RebaVasectomy(Season 2, Episode 12) FREFM

Brock reveals that he had a vasectomy two years ago, much to the amazement of Reba (Reba McEntire) and Barbra Jean. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van decide to move out of the Hart household after Reba lays down some new house rules. Barbra Jean: Melissa Peterma (more…)

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Wed Jul 27 2:30pm
RebaThe Ghost and Mrs. Hart(Season 3, Episode 7) CMT

Barbra Jean thinks her house is haunted by its deceased former owner and ropes Reba into helping her perform a cleansing ritual to get rid of the pesky poltergeist.

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Wed Jul 27 3:00pm
RebaThe Cat's Meow(Season 3, Episode 8) CMT

Reba worries that Jake feels more like he's part of a family at Brock and Barbra Jean's; Kyra and Barbra Jean enlist Van's help in hiding a stray cat from the rest of the family.

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Thu Jul 28 12:00pm
RebaThe Great Race(Season 3, Episode 10) CMT

Van helps Reba prepare for a 5K race to raise money for Jake's school, a contest that reignites the competitive spark between her and Brock; Barbra Jean assumes the daunting task of teaching Cheyenne how to cook.

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Thu Jul 28 12:30pm
RebaAll Growed Up(Season 3, Episode 11) CMT

Reba struggles to let the kids think for themselves when Van faces a decision that will have a direct impact on his family's future. Coach Class: Tom Virtue.

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Thu Jul 28 1:00pm
RebaThe United Front(Season 3, Episode 12) CMT

Reba's thrilled when Kyra asks her for advice on boys, but she regrets her enthusiasm when she meets Kyra's 17-year-old date (A.J. Trauth). Elsewhere, Van believes that Jake is the victim of a classroom injustice and confronts the boy's teacher.

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Thu Jul 28 1:30pm
RebaSeeing Red(Season 2, Episode 14) FREFM

Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) persuades Barbra Jean to get a makeover, but to everyone's surprise she returns looking like Reba's twin. Meanwhile, Reba is concerned that Kyra is growing closer to her stepmom than her. Barbra Jean: Melissa Peterman. Brock: Christo (more…)

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Thu Jul 28 1:30pm
RebaTo Tell the Truth(Season 3, Episode 13) CMT

Hoping to avoid an argument, Van lies to Cheyenne about getting a ride home from a female team employee and his plan works---until the woman shows up at Reba's to return his forgotten jacket. Kate: Sarah Shahi.

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Thu Jul 28 2:00pm
RebaTerry Holliway(Season 2, Episode 15) FREFM

Reba and Brock (Christopher Rich) go to the out-of-town funeral of Reba's college boyfriend and reminisce about the good old days. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean frets about Reba and Brock being away together and Cheyenne and Van turn bossy when they are left in c (more…)

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Thu Jul 28 2:00pm
RebaBrock's Mulligan(Season 3, Episode 14) CMT

Hoping to secure adequate funds for Kyra's college education, Reba suggests that Brock sell his country-club membership, but he has an entirely different proposition in mind. Also: Van and Cheyenne pose for a football-program photo.

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Thu Jul 28 2:30pm
RebaThe Feud(Season 2, Episode 17) FREFM

Reba is caught in the middle when she must choose sides in a dental dispute between her boss (Dan Castellaneta) and Brock. Also: Cheyenne and Van debate over which of them is the bigger liar and cheat.

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Thu Jul 28 2:30pm
RebaThe Shirt off My Back(Season 3, Episode 15) CMT

For the sake of Kyra's college fund, Reba reluctantly partners with Barbra Jean to sell handmade patchwork shirts; Van sacrifices his vanity in the name of team unity.

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Thu Jul 28 3:00pm
RebaSister Act(Season 3, Episode 16) CMT

Kyra punches a classmate, but the reason behind her uncharacteristic behavior is the real surprise. Elsewhere, Van gets carried away helping Jake with a school project.

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Thu Jul 28 3:30pm
RebaFight or Flight(Season 3, Episode 17) CMT

Brock grounds Kyra after she sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night to sleep at Reba's, but it turns out she had a legitimate reason for leaving. Elsewhere, Van tries to persuade a terrified Cheyenne to appear on the team's cable TV show with h (more…)

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