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Wed Mar 1 2:00pm
RebaCheyenne's Rival(Season 6, Episode 10) FREFM

Reba finds a perfect house for Cheyenne and Van to buy, but Cheyenne sours on it when she learns it's being sold by her former high-school rival (Sarah Shahi).

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Wed Mar 1 2:30pm
RebaShe's With the Band(Season 6, Episode 11) FREFM

Kyra shocks Reba when she announces that she is postponing college so she can go on tour with her band; and Cheyenne and Van differ on ideas about how to decorate their new house.

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Thu Mar 2 1:00pm
RebaThe Housewarming(Season 6, Episode 12) FREFM

Barbra Jean has a meltdown on camera while doing a weather report and Brock sees it as a sign that she isn't ready to give up on their marriage; Reba annoys Cheyenne and Van by continually dropping by their new house unannounced.

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Thu Mar 2 1:30pm
RebaThe Kids Are Alright(Season 6, Episode 13) FREFM

In the series' finale, Cheyenne and Van ask Reba if they can move back in with her after Van accidentally starts a fire at their new house. Also, Barbra Jean is offered a job at a TV station in Arkansas.

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Thu Mar 2 4:00pm
RebaHouse Rules(Season 2, Episode 1) CMT

Reba follows a hunch that Brock and Barbra Jean's rules for the kids are different than her own. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van bicker over their baby's need for constant care. Brock: Christopher Rich. Cheyenne: JoAnna Garcia. Van: Steve Howey.

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Thu Mar 2 4:30pm
RebaSkating Away(Season 2, Episode 2) CMT

Reba wants to spend more time with Kyra so she tries to persuade her to go skating together, but when Cheyenne and Van run into problems with their new apartment, Reba may end up blowing off the bonding session. Kyra: Scarlett Pomers. Van: Steve Howey. Jak (more…)

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Fri Mar 3 4:00pm
RebaRing-a-Ding - Part 1 CMT

Part 1 of two. Reba works up the courage to invite Brian (Mark Thompson) over to meet the kids; Barbra Jean's family reunites in Fisheye Bottom. Katie Ann: Rachel York.

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Fri Mar 3 4:30pm
RebaRing-a-Ding - Part 2 CMT

Conclusion. Reba works up the courage to invite Brian (Mark Thompson) over to meet the kids; Barbra Jean's family reunites in Fisheye Bottom. Katie Ann: Rachel York.

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Sun Mar 5 4:00pm
RebaHelp Wanted(Season 4, Episode 21) TVLAND

Reba hires Van to be her assistant, but she quickly gets jealous and fires him after he charms a pair of her clients into buying a house, and then suggests that he and Reba should be partners.

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Sun Mar 5 4:30pm
RebaHello, My Name Is Cheyenne(Season 4, Episode 22) TVLAND

Reba thinks that Van has a drinking problem and forces him to go to support-group meetings. Also, Kyra's band gets a gig playing for U.S. troops who are leaving for Iraq.

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Sun Mar 5 5:00pm
RebaWhere There's Smoke(Season 5, Episode 1) TVLAND

Cheyenne takes up smoking and uses medication that causes nausea when mixed with alcohol to help her stop drinking, but Reba accidentally takes one of the pills on the day she and Van host a party for real-estate clients.

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Sun Mar 5 5:30pm
RebaReba and the One(Season 5, Episode 2) TVLAND

Barbra Jean finds Reba a date, but the family isn't happy with her new social life because they get stuck with her household responsibilities while she spends time out on the town.

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Sun Mar 5 6:00pm
RebaAs Is(Season 5, Episode 3) TVLAND

Reba decides to copy the business strategy of her competitor, but Van predicts she won't follow through, so he takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean makes friends with a roadside-service provider.

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Sun Mar 5 6:30pm
RebaAnd God Created Van(Season 5, Episode 4) TVLAND

Van no longer believes in God, but Reba tries---and fails---to talk some sense into him. She then asks her church's new minister (Patrick Fabian) for help, and the handsome pastor ends up taking an interest in her.

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Sun Mar 5 7:30pm
RebaHave Your Cake(Season 5, Episode 7) TVLAND

When Barbra Jean develops a food addiction and gains some weight, Cheyenne confronts her and suggests that she and Reba go on a diet with her.

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Sun Mar 5 8:00pm
RebaGrannies Gone Wild(Season 5, Episode 8) TVLAND

Cheyenne's family learns she no longer wants to become a dentist and has instead decided to give makeovers to women at a senior center. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean tries to get selected for jury duty, but her plan backfires when she annoys the judge.

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Mon Mar 6 2:00pm
RebaVasectomy(Season 2, Episode 12) CMT

Brock reveals that he had a vasectomy two years ago, much to the amazement of Reba (Reba McEntire) and Barbra Jean. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van decide to move out of the Hart household after Reba lays down some new house rules. Barbra Jean: Melissa Peterma (more…)

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Mon Mar 6 3:00pm
RebaSeeing Red(Season 2, Episode 14) CMT

Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) persuades Barbra Jean to get a makeover, but to everyone's surprise she returns looking like Reba's twin. Meanwhile, Reba is concerned that Kyra is growing closer to her stepmom than her. Barbra Jean: Melissa Peterman. Brock: Christo (more…)

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Mon Mar 6 3:30pm
RebaTerry Holliway(Season 2, Episode 15) CMT

Reba and Brock (Christopher Rich) go to the out-of-town funeral of Reba's college boyfriend and reminisce about the good old days. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean frets about Reba and Brock being away together and Cheyenne and Van turn bossy when they are left in c (more…)

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Mon Mar 6 4:00pm
RebaValentine's Day(Season 2, Episode 16) CMT

Reba feigns illness to get out of her Valentine's Day date with Brian (Mark Thompson), but her plan backfires when he comes to the house with chicken soup. Meanwhile, Brock and Van compete to see which one can get the more romantic present for his wife. Br (more…)

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Mon Mar 6 4:30pm
RebaThe Feud(Season 2, Episode 17) CMT

Reba is caught in the middle when she must choose sides in a dental dispute between her boss (Dan Castellaneta) and Brock. Also: Cheyenne and Van debate over which of them is the bigger liar and cheat.

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Tue Mar 7 1:30pm
RebaThe Wall(Season 2, Episode 19) CMT

After Van (Steve Howey) reconciles with his parents, they send gifts for the baby, causing Reba to feel threatened. Soon, the situation turns into a competition between grandparents. Meanwhile, Cheyenne gets lonely when Van starts playing football again. D (more…)

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Tue Mar 7 4:30pm
RebaShe's Leaving Home, Bye Bye - Part 1 CMT

Part 1 of two. Kyra decides whether she's staying at Reba's or moving next door to Brock and Barbra Jean's place.

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Wed Mar 8 1:00pm
RebaShe's Leaving Home, Bye Bye - Part 2 CMT

Conclusion. Kyra decides whether she's staying at Reba's or moving next door to Brock and Barbra Jean's place.

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