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Charades With Ewan McGregor, Charles Barkley and Jeff Tweedy
08:15 — Jimmy and Charles Barkley face-off against Ewan McGregor and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy in a game of charades.
From Warhol to Lincoln, a look at history’s complex personalities
04:07 — Marilyn Monroe was the sex symbol of the 1950’s, but out of the public eye, the former Norma Jeane Mortenson was a complicated and troubled woman. Mon (more…)
Renovation of Brooklyn’s historic Kings Theatre
04:08 — The Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York, opened in September 1929, just over a month before the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. T (more…)
How Are You Getting Pumped Up For The Big Show?
05:30 — Stephen's gearing up for his big post-professional-football-competition broadcast, so he turns to the players for advice on getting his show face on.
Meet fact checkers who are keeping politicians honest
05:43 — You can expect presidential candidates to make a lot of claims during Saturday night's GOP debate in South Carolina, but some just might not be true. (more…)
Samantha Bee & Stephen Try Out Some Lady Euphemisms
04:09 — The host of the upcoming "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" calls Stephen out for repeatedly referring to his huevos rancheros.
Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions IV
04:55 — Stephen doesn't always have time to go to confession, but that's no reason not to get some things off his chest.
Jack White rescues Paramount Records archives
04:09 — Jack White is best known for his days in the retro garage rock band, The White Stripes. For his latest project, White is reaching way back to the earl (more…)
Bitter cold blankets Northeast, record heat in West
02:06 — The Northeast is in the deep freeze with some of the coldest temperatures of the winter. In the South, ice roads and freezing temperatures in North Ca (more…)
New attacks launched ahead of tonight’s GOP debate
02:40 — The final Republican presidential debate before the South Carolina GOP primary is Saturday, hosted by CBS News. It takes place in Greenville, South Ca (more…)
What to expect at tonight’s GOP debate
03:55 — Where do the 2016 presidential campaigns stand? Ahead of the CBS News GOP debate in South Carolina Saturday night, Washington Post political reporter (more…)
Jeff Tweedy Jams With Stephen Colbert
02:03 — Wilco frontman (and huge Wilco fan) Jeff Tweedy reluctantly agrees to jam with Stephen in his dressing room.
Michael Strahan Likes Both Peyton And Cam
04:05 — Michael Strahan of "LIVE With Kelly And Michael" talks Sunday's game and shows off some of his jewelry.
Is temporary truce in Syria a ceasefire in name only?
02:12 — Russia’s prime minister insists his country has not been bombing civilians in Syria, but the U.S. says they have. Over the past four months, Russian w (more…)
The Dish: Chef Andrew Carmellini
04:44 — Chef Andrew Carmellini got his start cooking at a local Italian restaurant in his Ohio hometown at the age of 14. He traveled the world cooking and le (more…)
Wilco Is Proud Of Their Album Titles, Dang It
01:12 — Jeff Tweedy responds to critics of Wilco's recent album titles, and gives an exclusive look ahead at their next several records.
CenTex Charger's QB Elliott Miller (#4) hands off to RB Compton McMurry (#22)
00:27 — Charger's QB Elliott Miller (#4) hands off to RB Compton McMurry (#22) as he runs for multiple touchdowns in the game against Wilco Falcons.
Jeff Tweedy Sings Stephen A Lullaby
01:47 — Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy sings Stephen to sleep at the close of The Late Show.
Investigating link between Zika and birth defects
05:50 — Concerns continue to mount in the U.S. and abroad over the threat posed by the Zika virus. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook recentl (more…)
CenTex Chargers vs. Williamson County Falcons 10-29-15
00:17 — Charger's RB Compton McMurry (#22) runs for multiple touchdowns in the game against Wilco Falcons.
Greyhound racing facing extinction from new bill
02:22 — There is a decline of Greyhound racing in America. Watching the sleek animals run was once a popular spectator sport, but that was decades ago. The on (more…)
Thousands line Mexico streets to welcome Pope Francis
01:45 — Pope Francis is in Mexico beginning his pilgrimage to a nation of nearly 100 million Roman Catholics. The pope landed in Mexico City after a historic (more…)
Mike Tyson Tries to Beat Himself in Punch-Out!!
03:01 — Jimmy persuades Mike Tyson to take on his Nintendo self in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Film a Buddy Cop Movie With Dwayne Johnson
04:52 — Daniel Radcliffe tells Jimmy about his movie Horns, and how WWE wrestlers helped Daniel perfect an American accent.
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