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Gen. Wesley Clark

General Wesley Clark Salutes World War I on Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies does not mess around. When execs at the oldies-but-goldies channel needed an esteemed military expert to cohost its 100th anniversary tribute to World War I, they went straight to retired General Wesley Clark, a 34-year veteran… Read more

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Hitler's False Flag
Hungry for territory, Hitler needs to convince the world he is justified in attacking Poland. SS leaders train and equip recruits to act as Polish so (more…)
MacArthur's Great Gamble
Failing to stop Kim Il Sung's forces on land, MacArthur devises an amphibious assault at Inchon with the intelligence aid of naval officer Lt. Eugene (more…)
Trump Prepares to Announce Afghanistan Strategy
04:32 — General Wesley Clark joins MTP Daily to discuss President Trump’s announcement tonight on the path forward for the United States war in Afghanistan.
Gen. Clark: Winning in Afghanistan Is President’s Responsibility
04:32 — Responding to NBC News’ exclusive report, Retired Gen. Wesley Clark says the president needs to own his responsibilities and get Tillerson, McMaster, (more…)


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