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Powerless: I'm A Friend You Trailer
00:45 — When Emily learns that Jackie is in need of some extra cash, she can't help but try and do what she can to help her out. Meanwhile, Van is on a witch (more…)
Billions Season 2: Official Episode 6 Clip - You Stood Up For Me
01:40 — Chuck and Wendy have a brief moment of reconciliation.
Paris Jackson Wrote a Love Song to Wendy's
02:15 — Paris Jackson chats with Jimmy about following in her father Michael Jackson's footsteps into entertainment.
Trump's Proposed Cuts to State Put US at Risk
04:53 — Wendy Sherman, former undersecretary of State, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump's proposal to cut the State Department's budget by a third, (more…)
Billions Season 2: Official Episode 5 Clip - What Is She Doing with Him?
01:36 — Chuck and Wendy discuss one of their issues in couple's counseling.
Learn the Healthiest Foods to Get at Chipotle, Wendy’s and Other Chains
04:35 — Keri Glassman of Women’s Health visits TODAY to reveal the most nutritious foods to get at your favorite fast-food chain restaurants. She says Starbuc (more…)
Neil Patrick Harris Reveals His Much Younger Celebrity Crush
01:01 — The 'Best Time Ever' host revealed the 20-something he finds hot to Wendy Williams.
Man Arrested For Tossing Alligator Through Wendy's Drive Thru
00:48 — 23-year-old Joshua James is accused of tossing an alligator through Wendy's drive thru window. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission say James admitted (more…)
Wendy Williams Slams Giuliani While Defending Beyonce's Performance
01:21 — Wendy Williams is coming to Beyonce's defense after her Super Bowl halftime show of "Formation" is stirring up controversy. During her talk show she s (more…)
Fast Food War Hits New Heights
03:04 — After he discovers what heights Pizza Hut climbed for a delivery, James looks at Wendy's attempt to make fast food automated.
Wife of Top Restaurant Executive Claims She Was Scammed Out of $3 Million By Famous Football Star: Victim or Co-Conspirator?
00:30 — Anita, 73, who was married to the CEO of the popular fast food restaurant chain, Wendy’s, is now a felon convicted of scamming her former friends and (more…)
“My Daughter Stole My Credit Cards, Forged Checks and Was Arrested For Driving a Getaway Car in A Burglary”
00:30 — Wendy says her 23-year-old daughter, Stephanie, is a “bully”, who she claims has been abusive and manipulative for years. Wendy says she had Stephanie (more…)
Two Incredible Memoirs, One Moving Life Story
00:42 — New York Times bestselling author Wendy Lawless shares her incredible life story in two memoirs: CHANEL BONFIRE AND HEART OF GLASS, covering everythin (more…)
Mom of Stillborn Son Donates 2,000 Ounces of Breast Milk to Other Babies
01:39 — A heartbroken mother honored the son she lost by helping other babies. Wendy Cruz-Chan's son, Killian, was stillborn at 19 weeks. Even though Killian (more…)
The Talk - Carnie Wilson Says Singing with Sister Wendy & Nelson Brothers 'Feels Like Family'
02:56 — Carnie and Wendy Wilson along with Gunnar and Matthew Nelson of Nelson discuss singing together on their new Christmas album. The four musicians were (more…)
Naomi Campbell Reveals She Was Almost Robbed in Paris and 'Sympathizes' With Kim Kardashian
01:24 — The supermodel shared details from a 2012 attempted robbery on 'The Wendy William Show.'
Stars, Including Katie Couric, Sing Happy 95th Birthday To Betty White
02:02 — Hollywood is celebrating the birth of an icon as birthday wishes for Betty White are pouring in. White is celebrating her 95th birthday Tuesday and pe (more…)
Wendy Williams Reveals How She Dropped 50 Pounds
01:34 — The talk show host explained her weight-loss secrets on YouTube.
Westmoor Girls' Volleyball 2015-2016
01:00 — Westmoor Volleyball 2015 Photo Credit: Danny Tam & Rex Video Credit: Wendy Ho & Rex Music: Parasail -Silent Partner (provided by Google photos)
Vanna White Was Afraid Her Career Would Be Ruined by Her 1987 Playboy Cover
01:33 — The 'Wheel of Fortune' icon appeared on 'The Wendy Williams' show Wednesday.
ClassPass app offers fitness and freedom
01:32 — Instead of joining a gym, some fitness enthusiasts are trying ClassPass, a service that lets them choose from many different workout options. Wendy Gi (more…)
Bernie Sanders wins big in Alaska and Washington
01:23 — Democrats in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington made their picks for their Presidential nominee Saturday. Bernie Sanders and his supporters were energized (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Blouse Barn Gets a Makeover
01:25 — Changes are afoot at Wendy's (Robin Duke) "upscale boutique" as David (Daniel Levy) embraces his Brand Manager duties in this scene from Schitt's Cree (more…)
Blac Chyna Fires Back After Wendy Williams Makes Harsh Comments About Rob Kardashian
01:20 — The 28-year-old mom-to-be did not go easy on the talk show host.
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