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Weird Al Headed to Broadway?
01:39 — Weird Al Yankovic explains why 'Mandatory Fun' will be his last album and why Broadway might be on the horizon.
Larry King, Meet Iggy Azalea
01:08 — Weird Al Yankovic introduces Larry to the stylings of Iggy Azalea while discussing his new hit “Handy” based on her summer anthem “Fancy.”
I Didn’t Fit in Until Now
01:16 — Weird Al Yankovic discusses why his style of music made him an outsider in the industry up until recently.
No One Is Safe from a Weird Al Parody
02:49 — Weird Al Yankovic answers social media questions from fans.
Parody Is a Form of Flattery
01:01 — Weird Al Yankovic explains why he is so well liked in the music industry, despite parodying a plethora of big-named artists over the years.
Weird Al's Top 5 Comedy Albums
02:06 — The stand-up and sketch comedy albums Weird Al Yankovic loves the most.
A cereal cafe bowls over customers
04:18 — New York City's landscape of trendy restaurants has added a new eatery that taps into the childhood memories of most Americans. The Kellogg's Cafe is (more…)
Weird Al Yankovic still pop music's funnyman
09:49 — After 30 years of performing, Weird Al Yankovic is as current at ever, continuing to hold a funhouse mirror up to America's Top 40 hits. He's been at (more…)
Harley-Davidsons hit the road in China
04:27 — Members of the Harley Owners Group are hog wild about their favorite motorcycle - and enthusiasm for the Harley-Davidson extends far beyond our own sh (more…)
Lin-Manuel Miranda Learned About His Hollywood Star While Hanging With Weird Al Yankovic
03:27 — Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about the A-list celebs participating in his #Ham4All fundraising challenge raising money for the Immigrants: We Get the Job (more…)
Stephen Remembers Morley Safer
02:53 — Stephen pays his respects to the late, great Morley Safer
You Don't Know Weird Al
01:27 — Weird Al might be known for his song parodies, but that doesn't mean he's just some uncouth guttersnipe.
May 19th: Ice Cream, Uggos, & Ads, Oh My
04:39 — Joe Biden has clearly started to phone it in, and Hillary's getting some unwanted help. But none of that matters because our National Parks are totall (more…)
Here Comes Trumpy Boo Boo
03:33 — The Republican Convention is going to the best, the classiest, the most... let's be honest, it's going to be the most monster-truckiest.
Passage: Elie Wiesel
01:42 — Born in 1928 in what is now Romania, Elie Wiesel was just 15 years old when he and his family were seized by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz. Allied (more…)
Weird Al Is A Very Long Hyphenate
02:17 — "Accordion player" and "sex god" are basically synonymous, right?
On The Trail: Transforming our National Parks
06:44 — Millions of Americans across the country were out of work during the Great Depression, while there was a huge job that needed be completed in America' (more…)
An alternative to the Fourth of July
01:46 — America's Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th. John Adams, our second President and one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, refu (more…)
Weird Al Yankovic plays the "Sunday Morning" theme
00:19 — Hear the classical tune "Abblasen," the signature theme of CBS' long-running morning program, as you've never heard it before - played on the accordio (more…)
Weird Al Yankovic's Hawaiian shirt collection
01:19 — In this web exclusive, the song parodist shows off just a small part of his extensive collection of tacky Hawaiian shirts - the product, he said, of h (more…)
Weird Al Explains How He Keeps It Fresh
01:51 — Weird Al has been in the music industry since there was an actual music industry.
Rose Byrne Might Be Lying About Being Australian
02:00 — "Neighbors 2" star Rose Byrne is from Sydney, Australia... or is she???
The TSA Confiscated Rose Byrne's Breast Milk
02:21 — Lest you think the TSA isn't covering all potential threats, they made sure to prevent new mom Rose Byrne from carrying breast milk onto a plane.
Bill O'Reilly's take on history
09:02 — Bill O'Reilly is a big history buff, and he's got the books to prove it. The Fox News anchor has written one bestseller after another, with his most (more…)
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