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Mon Jan 23 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseAround the Clubhouse World(Season 4, Episode 16) DISNEY

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto travel around the world to collect stamps for a special passport.

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Mon Jan 23 9:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMinnie's Mystery(Season 2, Episode 23) DISNEY

Minnie attempts to find out who took her fresh-baked muffins from the clubhouse.

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Mon Jan 23 10:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Color Adventure(Season 1, Episode 21) DISNEY

The clubhouse is being drained of color and it's up to Mickey to save the day.

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Tue Jan 24 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseSpace Captain Donald(Season 2, Episode 27) DISNEY

Donald leads the gang on a mission to the moon to retrieve Pluto's bouncy ball.

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Tue Jan 24 9:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDaisy in the Sky(Season 1, Episode 15) DISNEY

Daisy gets carried away by a bunch of balloons, and her friends go to great heights to retrieve her.

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Tue Jan 24 10:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Petting Zoo(Season 1, Episode 25) DISNEY

Animals escape from a petting zoo after zookeeper Goofy falls asleep on the job. With Mickey's help, Goofy tries to find the missing animals and return them to the zoo.

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Wed Jan 25 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseSuper Goof's Super Puzzle(Season 3, Episode 3) DISNEY

Goofy uses his alter ego Super Goof to help his friends solve Puzzler Pete's challenging puzzles.

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Wed Jan 25 9:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMinnie's Mouseke-Calendar(Season 3, Episode 14) DISNEY

The wind blows away the pages from Minnie's daily calendar, so Mickey and his pals collect them and put them back in order for her.

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Wed Jan 25 10:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseClarabelle's Clubhouse Carnival(Season 2, Episode 10) DISNEY

Clarabelle needs to collect corn to feed some chickens so Mickey organizes a carnival where visitors pay with kernels of corn to go on rides and play games.

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Thu Jan 26 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald of the Desert(Season 3, Episode 4) DISNEY

Donald discovers a magic lamp when he travels to a desert to get sand for the clubhouse sandbox.

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Thu Jan 26 9:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Giant Adventure(Season 3, Episode 18) DISNEY

Goofy searches for a magical elixir to cure Willie the Giant's stomachache and meets some enchanting fairy-tale characters along the way.

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Thu Jan 26 10:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald's Clubhouse(Season 3, Episode 19) DISNEY

Mickey leaves Donald in charge of the clubhouse and it quickly turns into a disaster area when he and Goofy make a huge mess just before Mother Goose Clarabelle is to visit.

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Mon Jan 30 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Big Band Concert(Season 2, Episode 6) DISNEY

The Sensational Six Polka Band plan to play at Mickey Park, but everyone is playing to a different beat, so they use Pluto's tail as a metronome to get in tune.

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Mon Jan 30 6:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePluto's Ball(Season 1, Episode 12) DISNEY

Mickey helps Pluto retrieve his favorite bouncy ball before it bounces into the lake.

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Mon Jan 30 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseThe Go-Getters(Season 3, Episode 23) DISNEY

Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle round up a group of baby chicks that running loose in a park.

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Mon Jan 30 9:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseSecret Spy Daisy(Season 2, Episode 20) DISNEY

Daisy protects Clarabelle's secret recipe for raisin cookies from a thief.

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Mon Jan 30 10:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Handy Helpers(Season 2, Episode 3) DISNEY

The Handy Helpers go limp and Mickey must repair the machine to keep the clubhouse working.

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Tue Jan 31 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDoctor Daisy, MD (Medical Duck)(Season 1, Episode 23) DISNEY

Word spreads quickly after Daisy helps Goofy get rid of an ache, and soon she has a long line of patients waiting to be treated; Mickey volunteers to be her assistant and together they help everyone feel better.

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Tue Jan 31 6:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald's Hiccups(Season 1, Episode 27) DISNEY

Donald gets the hiccups and they soon spread throughout the clubhouse.

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Tue Jan 31 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Thinking Cap(Season 3, Episode 27) DISNEY

Clarabelle Cow plans a scavenger hunt, and Professor Von Drake lets Goofy borrow his new invention to help everyone figure out the clues.

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Tue Jan 31 9:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Big Job(Season 2, Episode 16) DISNEY

Mickey and the gang take care of the Giant's farm while he's away, but they create a huge mess and hurry to clean it up before he returns.

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Tue Jan 31 10:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDaisy's Pet Project(Season 2, Episode 9) DISNEY

Mickey and his pals search for a pet for Daisy so she can participate in a pet parade.

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Wed Feb 1 9:00am
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DISNEY

CG animation featuring Mickey Mouse and his pals in stories designed to teach basic math skills, such as problem-solving, adding and matching.

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Thu Feb 2 6:50am
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DISNEY

CG animation featuring Mickey Mouse and his pals in stories designed to teach basic math skills, such as problem-solving, adding and matching.

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