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Cafeteria Worker Steals Thousands from Children's Lunch Money, Cops Say
00:36 — Hungry school children had they lunch money allegedly stolen by a cafeteria worker, police say. 51-year-old Fadwa Sarsaur from Virginia is accused of (more…)
The Talk - Wednesday Preview, June 29th
00:20 — Wednesday's special guest is Virginia Madsen.
Joe: Bob McDonnell Was Destroyed Politically
05:21 — On Monday, the Supreme Court overturned the bribery conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. The Morning Joe panel discusses.
West Virginia Flooding: 2 People Reported Missing Found Alive
02:09 — Historic flooding in West Virginia has claimed at least 23 lives, but two people who had been reported missing have now been found alive.
West Virginia faces more rain amid historic deluge
02:39 — West Virginia is bracing for more rain after historic flooding killed at least 25 people. Those floods in the past week swamped hundreds of homes, car (more…)
Lawsuit could give "Never Trump" movement legal standing
01:50 — State law compels all Virginia delegates to vote "for the candidate receiving the most votes in the primary." But that doesn't sit well with one deleg (more…)
New flash flood warnings in West Virginia
01:45 — Twenty-three people died in floods across West Virginia last week, and now more wet weather is on its way. Early estimates say more than 1,000 homes h (more…)
What's "nextit" for Brexit, and other MoneyWatch headlines
01:09 — Market mayhem follows Britain's vote; W. Virginia tallies damages from deadly floods; NY's Waldorf Astoria hotel to go condo. These headlines and more (more…)
Supreme Court Redefines Government Corruption
07:27 — Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor and legal correspondent at Slate, talks with Rachel Maddow about the Supreme Court overturning former Virginia governor (more…)
The Big Dig: West Virginia Begins Clean-Up Effort After Deadly Floods
02:14 — After the worst flooding in 1,000 years, there was some good news: the death toll was revised downward by two to 23, after two men previously feared d (more…)
Veepstakes 2016: Who Will It Be?
07:22 — Hillary Clinton's short list for V.P. is said to include Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, HUD Sec. Julian Castro and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Vox's Liz Plank an (more…)
Crews Search for Flood Victims in WV
01:15 — Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell as flooding plagues the region and a search for missing residents is underway.
West Virginia Floods: Death Toll Rises to at Least 25
02:44 — At least 25 people are dead and more are missing after historic floods ravaged West Virginia late last week, with nearly 10 inches of rain falling in (more…)
West Virginia gets aid after deadly flood
05:28 — Historic floods in West Virginia have killed at least 24 people and lead to blackouts in tens of thousands of home. Fourty-four of the states's 55 cou (more…)
More than a dozen dead in historic West Virginia floods
02:11 — In West Virginia, at least 24 people are dead following historic flooding, and it's unclear how many are still missing. Nearly 10 inches of rain fell (more…)
President Obama Declares West Virginia Floods Federal Disaster
02:33 — At least two dozen people have lost their lives and thousands remain without power following historic West Virginia floods.
West Virginia Hit by Deadly Floods
01:44 — A door-to-door search is underway for unaccounted for residents after deadly floods in West Virginia. NBC's Morgan Radford reports.
Death toll rises in West Virginia flooding
02:06 — At least 23 people are dead and several more are missing after historic floods washed through West Virginia. Nearly 10 inches of rain came down, sendi (more…)
At least 23 dead in historic West Virginia flooding
03:21 — The death toll from the deadly flooding in West Virginia has climbed to 23 and is expected to increase. The governor has called in hundreds of nationa (more…)
At Least 24 Dead in West Virginia Floods As Search and Rescue Continues
03:08 — The floodwaters swept away homes and cut power to thousands as so many deal with the devastation of one of the worst floods in recent memory.
Deadly Floods Ravage West Virginia
03:03 — The death toll number is rising and a number of people are still unaccounted for as a storm dumped more than nine inches of rain in West Virginia. NBC (more…)
Maker of Bullet-Resistant Clothes: 'People Are More Fearful Nowadays'
01:29 — Executives at Aspetto, a Virginia-based producer of armored clothing, say that inquiries surge after mass shooting events.
Deadly floods trigger state of emergency in West Virginia counties
03:00 — Powerful storms threaten West Virginia with new flooding. Devastating flood waters overnight killed at least two people, including an 8-year-old boy. (more…)
At least 20 dead in West Virginia flooding
01:59 — The death toll from historic West Virginia flooding rose all day Friday. At least 20 are dead after severe thunderstorms dumped nine inches of rain. K (more…)
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