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My Old Number, Twenty Three
05:13 — This week, President Obama held town halls in northern Virginia, California, and Nevada, to speak directly to the American people...
Bizarre, Furry Kiwi Bird Gets a Closer Look
01:57 — With tiny wings and fur-like feathers, the North Island brown kiwi looks more like a mammal. Scientists at the Smithsonian Conservation and Biology In (more…)
Vows: In Sickness and in Health
03:11 — Breast cancer sidelined Virginia Wettlaufer just six months after she and Walter Tomenson started dating.
Chris Brown: Virginia Jails Are Way Better
01:09 — Chris Brown is living the high life in Virginia jail compared to LA jails, because he gets to be in gen pop, and go to the library! Oh, and also showe (more…)
14-Year-Old Michelle Williams Is Adorable On the Set of "Lassie"
01:48 — It's been 20 years since Michelle Williams' debut on the big screen in the 1994 retelling of Lassie. ET was with the cast on location in rural Virgin (more…)
Several Senate Races Are Still Too Close to Call
06:50 — NBC’s Chuck Todd says the tight Senate race in Virginia represents the “nature of the national electorate.”
Flashback: Virginia Tech Massacre Revisited
01:49 — The recent shooting on the campus of FSU is the latest example of violence on college campuses. The worst attack came in 2007 at Virginia Tech. These (more…)
UVA Asks Police to Investigate Sexual Assault Allegations
02:12 — After a report in Rolling Stone magazine about an alleged gang rape of a freshman at Phi Kappa Psi, the University of Virginia suspends fraternities.
UVA Board to Hold Meeting On Rape Investigation
00:20 — The University of Virginia’s governing board will meet Tuesday to discuss the school’s sexual assault policies after a damning investigation into an a (more…)
Rolling Stone Revises Apology Over Rape Story
02:29 — In the face of questions about the facts in an article detailing an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, Rolling Stone revised its stateme (more…)
Mellie's Running for Senate
00:58 — Abby and Cyrus are in for a surprise when Mellie announces that she's going to run for senate in Virginia.
Police: No Evidence of Rape at UVA Fraternity
02:25 — The legal battle may be far from over in the University of Virginia alleged rape case. Rolling Stone already apologized for its reporting, and now pol (more…)
John Hinckley, Jr.: Should He Go Free?
10:48 — The man who shot President Ronald Reagan could now be released from psychiatric care to live with his mother in Virginia. Has he been rehabilitated…o (more…)
Reporter, Cameraman Shot Dead in Virginia
17:22 — A reporter and cameraman at a local Virginia TV station were killed during a live broadcast Wednesday. The killer later shot himself.
Virginia Shooting Shows Dark Side of Social Media Sharing
01:52 — Graphic video of the Virginia shooting apparently posted on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms by Vester Flanagan, sent shockwaves through social m (more…)
Shooting Raises Questions About Workplace Violence
07:34 — MSNBC’s Alex Witt joins Thomas Roberts on journalists previously killed on the job. Then Dr. Jeff Gardere shares ways to possibly prevent workplace-re (more…)
Flights Resume After Collisional DC Outage
02:15 — More than 200 flights were canceled along the busy East Coast corridor Saturday after "technical issues" at a traffic control center in Virginia creat (more…)
Maddow: Some Days Local Journalism Is Heroic
04:28 — Rachel Maddow reports on the tragic, deadly shooting of two local Virginia journalists and points out the courage and work ethic of the colleagues of (more…)
Virginia Gov: We Know Who the Suspect Is
07:24 — Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe told a local radio station Wednesday morning the suspect in the WDBJ shooting was believed to be a former station employ (more…)
Trailblazing Basketball Team Gets Special Reception at Madison Square Garden
02:27 — A youth basketball team from Virginia was thrown in the national spotlight earlier this summer after they were disqualified from a tournament because (more…)
¡Ahorra en Este Regreso a Clases! Ideas Para Reciclar útiles Escolares
06:05 — Virginia Landi nos demostró cómo darles una nueva imagen y cómo personalizar útiles escolares como kochilas,loncheras, cuadernos y lapiceros.
Can Jeb Bush Pick up the Slack for Tuesday’s Debate?
05:10 — Co-Chair of the Virginia campaign for Jeb Bush, John Hager joins Alex Witt to talk about the candidates who are gearing up for Tuesday’s GOP debate, a (more…)
Video Shows Man Dying in Police Custody
07:19 — An video obtained by MSNBC shows how a police interaction that began with a ride to the emergency room ended in the death of a handcuffed Virginia man (more…)
Death of Man in Police Custody Caught On Video
08:41 — MSNBC's Ari Melber details the timeline of Linwood Lambert, a Virginia man who died in police custody after being tased while handcuffed and shackled (more…)
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