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Sen. Tim Kaine on whether latest Trump developments approach obstruction of justice
03:16 — Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss former FBI Director James Comey's memo, which says Mr. Trump asked him to st (more…)
Breaking down President Trump's Liberty University commencement speech
10:12 — President Trump gave the commencement speech at Liberty University Saturday morning. CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett was at the speech in Lynchbu (more…)
Torch-Wielding Protesters Gather to Oppose Lee Statue Removal
00:48 — A group of protesters gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to demand that a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee not be removed from a city pa (more…)
Dozens killed, hundreds injured in anti-government protests in Venezuela
05:41 — Hundreds have been injured and dozens killed in anti-government protests in Venezuela. Journalist Virginia Lopez joins CBSN from Caracas, Venezuela, t (more…)
Abby Lee Miller Will Be Very Busy in Prison
02:46 — The "Dance Moms" star tells what she'll do to pass the time while in prison. Will Abby serve her time in California or West Virginia? Find out.
Inside the U.S. Navy's newest, fastest $2B submarines
04:55 — The United States is deploying a new generation of submarines, the Virginia class, which can launch tomahawk cruise missiles and deploy a team of Navy (more…)
Reporter Arrested for Asking Price a Question
01:17 — West Virginia Capitol Police handcuffed, arrested, and jailed veteran journalist Dan Heyman on a misdemeanor charge of ‘willful disruption of state go (more…)
"There is no good shutdown," says Sen. Joe Manchin
03:34 — West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin says a government shutdown would be "un-American" and should be avoided.
Full interview: Joe Manchin, May 7
07:02 — Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, talks with Face the Nation moderator John Dickerson about a possible government shutdown, the GOP health care bill, (more…)
What Ambulances Will Look Like Under Trumpcare
10:12 — Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello is finding alternative uses for ambulances in case Trumpcare deems them useless.
Manchin on GOP health care bill: "I couldn't believe it"
01:58 — Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, says the people of his state will get "absolutely slammed" by the House Republican health care bill.
Gubernatorial Candidate Hopes Trump Sits Down With Heath Care Families
04:54 — Tom Perriello, the Virginia Democratic candidate for governor, tells MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that he hopes President Trump has the courage to sit down (more…)
GOP Healthcare Fiasco Could Flip House and More
05:48 — Former congressman Tom Perriello joins Joy Reid on his bid to become governor of Virginia, as anger over the AHCA could make state legislatures and go (more…)
Flooding Continues in Mid-US As Heavy Rain Moves East
01:09 — As St. Louis does starts to dry out, the powerful storm moved east, snarling the evening commutes in New York and New Jersey, and producing tornadoes (more…)
Johnson & Johnson to Pay $110 Million in Cancer Lawsuit
01:44 — A St. Louis jury has awarded a Virginia woman a record-setting $110.5 million in the latest lawsuit alleging that using Johnson & Johnson's baby powde (more…)
Sadie Says Goodbye to Rayna
01:21 — Although she won't be charged for accidentally killing her abusive ex-husband, Sadie is horrified by what happened. She tells Rayna she needs to spend (more…)
The Hidden Dangers of Beach Umbrellas and Tragedies They Have Caused
02:43 — As beach season approaches, a hazard may be lurking in the sand while you're having fun in the sun: a wind-propelled umbrella. In an astonishing incid (more…)
NFL Draft: Rasul Douglas 'a great pick' for the Philadelphia Eagles
00:54 — Hear what Nick Kostos, Pete Prisco, Brady Quinn and Jason La Canfora had to say about the Philadelphia Eagles drafting CB Rasul Douglas out of West Vi (more…)
Preview: Tawdry Tales
00:53 — The Supreme Court overturned former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's public corruption conviction involving $177,000 in gifts and loans. But in his opini (more…)
Kind High School Senior Takes 2-Year-Old With Congenital Heart Disease To Prom
01:27 — Who says you have to be a teenager to go to the prom? 2-year-old Finn Blumenthal had a ball at the school dance. The toddler from Virginia was invited (more…)
Dave Grohl and his mom talk about raising a rock star
10:01 — Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and his mother Virginia Grohl join CBSN to talk about "From Cradle To Stage," her new book about raising a rock legen (more…)
Dave Grohl and his mother talk new book about raising rock stars
07:09 — It's hard to imagine rock 'n' roll without thinking of multi-talented Foo Fighters front man, Dave Grohl. Dave's mom, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, is now st (more…)
Dave Grohl's Mom Virginia Talks About Raising A Rockstar Child
08:39 — 'From Cradle To Stage' author Virginia Grohl joins her son to share some fascinating conversations she had with fellow mothers of rockstars, including (more…)
Sen. Joe Manchin on looming government shutdown
13:28 — With the deadline set for April 28th, Congress is racing against the clock to prevent a federal government shutdown. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of We (more…)
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