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Everybody Hates Chris How cool...

Jason Lee and Jaime Pressly, My Name Is Earl

Everybody Hates Chris How cool is it that Chris Rock is giving all the black '70s stars he grew up with work on his TV show? At first I thought Jimmie "JJ" Walker might have landed himself a recurring role as Chris' grandpa, so I was bummed when he croaked before the first commercial break (although not half as bummed as he was, I bet). Still it was a sweet gig, even if he did look all weird and bloated. Ernest "Rog" Thomas was back, too (he was the slick coffin salesman), and corner-store owner Antonio "Huggy Bear" Fargas dropped by Chris' house to pay his respects after the funeral. Something I just noticed tonight (and yes, I am slow): The scenes shot in Bed-Stuy have a rap or s read more

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