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Vincent D'Onofrio Puts Criminal Intent's Goren on the Couch

Vincent D'Onofrio, Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Watching Vincent D'Onofrio's Det. Robert Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Sundays at 9 pm/ET, USA) is a deliciously unsettling experience. We love the awkward mannerisms, the halting yet penetrating speech, the craned neck bend he performs when grilling suspects. He's brilliant, insightful, riveting. But, frankly, he seems a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you know what we mean…. For example: In "Untethered," D'Onofrio's last episode before the writers' strike, Goren went undercover in a mental ward to expose prisoner abuse. Instead, he fell prey to the sadistic mind games and emerged from the ordeal near-catatonic. In the first post-strike episode, "Purgatory," the suspended Goren got reinstated, but we never witnessed the psych evaluation that was required to get his shield and gun back. This was no acci read more


Law & Order: CI is finally back after the strike, and it seems like we didn’t miss much while the show was away. Detective Goren has been on suspension – aka purgatory- now for 5 months after going “nuts” back in January after his unofficial undercover work in a prison. We find Goren in his neighbor bar when he is approached by Mike Stoat, a former cop who is also on suspension for six months for drug use while undercover. Stoat offers Goren a job for extra money while on suspension, and gives him a gun while he ponders over accepting it. Umm, not the smartest thing ya think to give Goren a gun?!Meanwhile in the precinct, Eames is assigned a triple murder case linked to a drug lord, John Testarossa. Captain Ross allocates Eames a temporary partner Detective Daniels to help solve the crime. Throughout the episode we see Eames trying to get into contact with Goren but is ignored. She even runs into him on the street finally – and Goren totally gives her t... read more

Is Criminal Intent's Det. Goren Getting Out of Order

Law & Order: CI - Kathryn Erbe and Vincent D'onofrio by Eric Ogden/NBC

Law Order Criminal Intents Sundays at 9 pmET USA seventh season picks up six months after the December episode Untethered in which Det Bobby Goren Vincent DOnofrio faced suspension for going against orders by going undercover in a mental institution where he came frighteningly close to losing his mind Now the super-intense lawman is without his shield and not returning calls from his worried partner Eames Kathryn Erbe Hes in a bar kind of contemplating how he ended up where he is explains executive producer Warren Leight [when] hes approached by another suspended cop [played by Dean Winters of HBOs Oz] who tempts Goren into going into private security work for some dishonorable people Goren going over to the dark side Up until this episode hes been impeccably honest only interested in the truth and [now] thats brought into question says Leight Meanwhile Eames gets teamed up with someone new when The Wires Seth Gilliam returns as a read more

Law & Order: CI's Vincent D'Onofrio Finally Goes Off the Deep End

Vincent D’Onofrio, Law & Order: Criminal Intent

There's never been a TV cop quite like Detective Bobby Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, USA). His investigative techniques and powers of observation are unparalleled, and his insights verge on the manic genius (with emphasis on the "manic"). Throughout the series' six-year run, the question has come up time and again whether or not Vincent D'Onofrio's character actually is bonkers. In tonight's "Untethered," one of Goren's most harrowing storylines to date, he gets himself admitted into a mental ward to investigate his nephew's allegations of torture and murder in an isolation room known as "Heaven"... and proves just how insane he can really be. talked to D'Onofrio about the show's new network, what it was like shooting at New York's Rikers Island prison and how he plays it crazy. read more


I don't know if it is safer to dive underwater by yourself or with a partner after watching tonight's episode. Heck, I think it's better if we all just stay out of the water — unless some of you are already after the treasure that wasn't recovered!A dead scuba diver washed up on shore attracts the attention of Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio ) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe), not to mention the FBI, on suspicions that he was a terrorist looking at underwater gas lines. Goren and the FBI agent right away butt heads on a number of issues. After debating if anything useful would be found on the murdered diver's camera, I loved the line the FBI agent said to Goren: "If I find any pictures of Nemo, you'll be the first one I call."The murdered diver's girlfriend, Dana, is "dating" his partner, Chilly aka Stan, on the side. And for a while it looks like they are the ones who murdered Rick, to have the treasure all to themselves. Further into the investigation we are introduced to Dana's ... read more

Idol Carrie Cozy with Gossip Hunk, and More Love Notes

American Idol Carrie Underwood and Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford were spotted "getting cozy" with each other over the weekend, says Page Six.... A spokesperson for Paris Hilton insists to TV's Extra that the celebunot and Kid Rock "are absolutely not dating," contrary to recent reports. Of course, it may all depend on what your chaste, romantic definition of "dating" is.... Law & Order: CI's Vincent D'Onofrio and his wife Carin are expecting a baby this winter, says People. This will be their second child together. read more

Law & Order: CI's Eric Bogosian Talks TV

Eric Bogosian, Law & Order: CI

When Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns for its seventh season tonight at 10 pm/ET, don't look for it at its old home, NBC: The series has moved to USA, and its stars, including Eric Bogosian, Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe, couldn't be happier. "I feel like it saved the show," said D'Onofrio about the switch. We talked to actor/monologist/author/Manhattan fixture Bogosian, who plays Captain Danny Ross, about the move to USA, how he ended up as part of the Law & Order universe, and working with some pretty big personalities. This is your first time as part of a permanent TV cast. Why Criminal Intent?Eric Bogosian: I had been keeping an eye read more

The New Season: Wednesday Heats Up

Lucy Kate Hale, Michelle Ryan and Molly Price in Bionic Woman by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

First, an important public-service announcement: Tonight on The War, we relive D-Day, a momentous turning point in military history brought to vivid life by those who lived through it, courtesy of Ken Burns' masterful way with documentary narrative. I know this is premiere week, and Wednesday is the most competitive night for new shows this season, but I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't remind everyone that this is TV you not only shouldn't miss, but it's an experience you'll never forget. (The reality, though, is that PBS is giving viewers multiple opportunities to see these episodes, and I can't think of a better gift DVD for holiday season.) Back to the network game, where only one of the nine new series being launched on Wednesdays is MIA: ABC’s marvelous Pushing Daisies, its premiere pushed back a week by the tsunami-like launch of Dancing with the Stars, which once again is turning out to be the ratings monster everyone expected. (And the men, by and large, had a bla... read more

I've really enjoy reading ...

Question: I've really enjoy reading your column for a long time now. We are about the same age, and I imagine we grew up watching a lot of the same things (although I'm willing to bet you watched way less Donny and Marie than I did). I've never been tempted to write before, but I really wanted to comment on the new show Life. My husband and I rented the NBC preview DVD and we've both thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it would be totally dark and heavy, but instead it was quirky and fun and humorous. It felt like a USA Network show to me. I think anyone who likes Monk or Psych would like this. I know you said it was a show that felt like work to watch, and I just wanted to urge people to give it a try. It's not a nail-biter and it won't keep you up at night trying to "figure it out." In fact, if it were a book I'd probably call it a "beach read." Who doesn't need a little of that? I'd like to see it stick around; maybe others will share my opinion. Answer: I like your analogy to the ... read more

L&O Signs Vet, Intent Stars; But Who's the New ADA?

Jesse L. Martin has renegotiated his contract to return to Law & Order for a minimum of 13 episodes, says the New York Post. Similarly, says that Criminal Intent's Vincent D'Onofrio and Chris Noth (and Ms. Erbe, I have to imagine) have agreed to the previously reported salary freezes, keeping their haul at $350K for each of the 11 episodes they shoot. Meanwhile, with Sam Waterston's Jack McCoy stepping up to replace Fred Thompson's Arthur Branch, the question is who will serve as the mother ship's ADA. Fox hears that L.A.-based West Winger Bradley Whitford is on the short list, but likely commands far too high a payday for the belt-tightening series. read more

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