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Keck's Exclusives: Breaking Bad Salutes Another TV Classic

Matt Jones and Charles Baker

When Breaking Bad returns for its final batch of episodes on August 11, the AMC series will boldly go where it hasn't gone before by paying homage to another TV classic.

"We have a scene in the premiere where Badger [Matt Jones] and Skinny Pete [Charles Baker] discuss their version of what would be the perfect Star Trek episode," says creator Vince Gilligan, himself a Trekker. read more

Check Out the New Poster for Breaking Bad's Final Season

Breaking Bad

"All Bad things must come to an end."

That's the tagline for the second half of Breaking Bad's fifth and final season, which premieres August 11 on AMC. A new poster for the final eight episodes that was unveiled this week features the foreboding message backed by wafting green smoke.

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As Breaking Bad Comes to an End, Producers Mull a Saul Goodman Spinoff

Bob Odenkirk

Love Breaking Bad and wondering what to do when the show wraps up this summer? Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has publicly hinted that he'd like the show's universe to continue in some form, most likely via a spinoff starring Bob Odenkirk as sly, ethically-challenged attorney Saul Goodman. Now that production has wrapped on the series' final eight episodes, attention will now turn to what's next — and perhaps getting a deal done for the new show.

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VIDEO: The Downton Abbey Cast Does Breaking Bad

Breaking Abbey

On Thursday's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert debuted a "sneak peek" at Breaking Abbey. You know, the Breaking Bad adaptation as performed by cast members from Downton Abbey.

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Breaking Bad Boss: "There's No Repairing the Fracture" Between Walt and Jesse

Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston

The first half of Breaking Bad's fifth season may have ended with DEA agent Hank (Dean Norris) finally connecting the dots about his meth-cooking brother-in-law Walter White (Bryan Cranston), but that may not be Walt's biggest problem.

Breaking Bad Finale: Is this "Czech mate" for Walt?

Throughout the AMC drama's run, Walt has counted on his partner-in-crime Jesse (Aaron Paul) to stand by his side through good times and bad — even if Walt had to manipulate his surrogate son in the process... read more

Mega Buzz: Castle's Honeymoon, Newcomers on Grey's and NCIS' Tiva

Nathan Fillion, Ellen Pompeo, Michael Weatherly

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to or tweet them at @adam_bryant or @NatalieAbrams.

I'm so excited for Castle, but I am so afraid the show will break them up soon. Got anything to make me feel better? — Erin
Creator Andrew W. Marlowe promises there will be an "interesting honeymoon period," during which the new couple will feel each other out about how "real" the relationship is. (We said feel each other out, pervs.) But yes, there will be obstacles — most notably Capt. Gates and that little NYPD rule about partners not being romantically involved.

Got any more scoop on Grey's Anatomy? —Sarah
The arrival of new docs (Camilla Luddington and Gaius Charles) will... read more

Breaking Bad: Walt's the New King, But For How Long?

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

In the fifth season of Breaking Bad, Walter White truly is The One Who Knocks.

The AMC drama's Season 4 finale saw Walt (Bryan Cranston) — the one-time cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who began cooking meth to provide for his family after his death — pull out all the stops to protect his loved ones and his partner Jesse (Aaron Paul) from the terrifying drug kingpin Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). read more

On the Set: Breaking Bad Begins Its Final Season

Breaking Bad

When Breaking Bad returns for the first half of its fifth and final season, "You barely see any glimpse of Walter White," reports Aaron Paul, who plays Walt's partner in crime, Jesse. But it's not what you think — Walt's body is still around, but his soul has been replaced by that of his sinister alter ego. "Heisenberg is dangerous. [Creator] Vince Gilligan said he wanted to do a show about Mr. Chips turning into Scarface, and that's exactly what he's done. Walt's a puppeteer, and we're all ... read more

Exclusive Video: "Walt Is the New Kingpin," Says Breaking Bad Boss

Bryan Cranston

Walter White defeated Gus Fring in the Breaking Bad season finale and his winning streak is not about to end there.

"This year ... what you're going to see new is Walt winning," executive producer and creator Vince Gilligan says in this exclusive clip. "Gus Fring is dead and Walt is the new kingpin."

Breaking Bad First Look: All hail King Heisenberg!

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Breaking Bad Exclusive: How'd They Pull Off That Scene?

Giancarlo Esposito

Breaking Bad's Season 4 finale literally went out with a bang, but achieving the climactic moment was no small feat.

"This explosion was a marriage of many different areas of expertise, both in physical special effects and in makeup and in digital visual effects," creator Vince Gilligan says in the exclusive video clip from the Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray box set below. "Just the sheer work that goes into this is just astounding."

Breaking Bad postmortem: Giancarlo Esposito reacts to Season 4's explosive finale

The explosion to which he's referring, of course, was... read more

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