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World War II Vet Returns Fallen Enemy’s Flag to Japan After 70 Years
03:11 — Back in 1944, American combat Marine Marvin Strombo ended up with a family heirloom belonging to a fallen Japanese soldier – a flag signed by hundreds (more…)
Summer Residence
11:47 — The inhabitants of Flake are awakened at dawn by loud hammering noises: the king’s foreman is requisitioning the village to build the new royal summer (more…)
Curse of the Wolves, Pt. 2
Fiena risks her own life in attempt to save Orphen for Majic. But is Orphen beyond saving? Batrov tries to burn down the forest and the villagers try (more…)
The Magic Lantern
11:51 — In order to scare away tax collectors sent by Eric the Greedy, Vic invents a magic lantern (from flat pieces of translucent stones painted by Ulme and (more…)