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Casting About: Alias' Spydaddy Serves More Justice

Victor Garber, who was last seen heading up a high-priced law firm on Fox's Justice, is joining Jonny Lee Miller in Eli Stone, ABC's drama pilot about a San Francisco attorney (Miller) who finds out he might be a prophet. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Garber will play the father of Miller's fiancée, and the senior partner at his law firm.For more casting news, including the exciting scoop on which Everwooder is joining a hit ABC series, and the latest on Grey's Anatomy's new arrival, visit the Ausiello Report and today's fresh Ask Ausiello. read more

Do you have any news on ...

Question: Do you have any news on Justice? I absolutely love this show. It's fresh, fast-paced, well-acted, has great stories, and at the end, you find out what really happened. I know that it is not doing very well in the ratings, and I'm afraid that it will be canceled. I personally think this show would be a hit if it were picked up by CBS. It seems more that network's style, and I think more people would feel compelled to check it out. Also, any news on Las Vegas? Great show, great cast, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere, and I haven't seen any previews for a new season. Are the ratings really that bad? Is it coming back? Answer: The word (in the trades and elsewhere) is that Fox isn't quite ready yet to give up on Justice, and that when Fox's schedule resets itself in November after the baseball break, this show could find itself in a new time period. (I'd try it on Mondays in place of the increasingly woeful Vanished or Tuesdays in place of Standoff.) But I'd like to see the show ... read more

I like James Woods as an ...

Question: I like James Woods as an actor and was immediately interested when I heard about Shark. On the other hand, although I also like Victor Garber, Justice was barely on my radar. The early premiere of Justice, particularly since it was right after Bones, got me to watch, and I was pleasantly surprised. In contrast, I was rather disappointed in Shark. Somehow, I just found the whole "redemption" angle of Shark really off-putting. It's like he's a jerk, but he's sorry he's a jerk. Victor Garber's character is unapologetic and does what it takes to win. How are the two shows doing, and what's your opinion of them? Answer: As noted earlier, Justice is struggling, and even Shark got off to a disappointing start in its first week (considering the power of the CSI lead-in). I think both shows are flawed: Justice because it's too trapped by its procedural formula and Shark because it strands James Woods in a hackneyed setup, personally and professionally, and surrounds him with a ... read more

Justice is an excellent show, ...

Question: Justice is an excellent show, but I do have a question: Do you think the story lines will get stale? How many times can someone be innocent?
Answer: Why does this question apply to Justice more than to any other courtroom drama that has come before? There's no reason to think that these lawyers will win every case, or that in the final reveal their clients will always be innocent. In fact, I'd imagine the reverse. If the show becomes too predictable that way, then I agree there would be little reason to watch outside of the enjoyment of seeing Victor Garber's flamboyant performance. Give it time, see where it goes. Then render your more

There are people saying that ...

Question: There are people saying that Cameron turns down House in next week's season premiere. Is that true?

Answer: Nope. But while we're discussing Hameron, remember how Hugh Laurie awkwardly attempted to relay a message on Jennifer Morrison's behalf at press tour last month (Ask Ausiello 8/2)? Well, at the Emmys Sunday, she delivered said message herself: She wants them together, and STAT! "Of course," she beamed. "It's good to mix it up a little, have some extra TV drama." She added that fans "seem to have their couple that they root for. There are some people who want Cameron and House, there are some people who want House and Cuddy, and there are some people who want House and Wilson. There are read more

Thanks to a Fox marketing ...

Question: Thanks to a Fox marketing push, I was able to see the premiere episodes of many Fox shows. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Justice. I was initially interested in it only because of Victor Garber, but I ended up liking the show overall. But here's my concern: Is there really room for yet another crime/law drama like this? I know people have been asking about CSI and Law & Order oversaturation for years. But can a new show that isn't part of a franchise, and that doesn't air on CBS, make it? Answer: I would be more worried about Justice's chances if shows like House and Bones hadn't caught on earlier. There is clearly an audience on Fox, no doubt primed by the breakthrough success of 24, for more grown-up shows in the legal/crime (or in House's case, medical) arenas. The fact that Hugh Laurie is a Fox superstar is also a sign that a more mature actor (say, Victor Garber) can find a happy home on this network. There's no question there are too many crime and courtroom shows ... read more

Trial by Television
Justice: Wooing a court of public opinion

If there were any justice, TV would ease up on the glut of crime and legal dramas. But that's hardly likely, and Fox's cynical Justice (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) knows it all too well. Realizing how pointless it would be to try to reinvent the courtroom drama, Justice embraces the fact that our post-O.J. society is saturated with true-crime coverage and fake-crime stories. That's why TV itself (embodied by a fictional infotainment show, "American Crime") is a major character in Jerry Bruckheimer's latest fun-to-watch procedural. As the head of a glamorous L.A. law firm, Victor Garber sheds the tight-lipped restraint of Alias' Jack Bristow and taps into his theatrical roots as cocky read more

First of all, great to see ...

Question: First of all, great to see Alias back in (in my opinion) top form. I still care about these characters, and I can't wait to see how it all wraps up. Likewise, another great episode of Invasion. The story keeps moving along, with quite a bit revealed each episode — certainly more than I expected when I got into it in the first place. I've been particularly impressed with Evan Peters as Jesse; I've loved the "kids return to school" aspect of the show, and Jesse has really become a centerpiece to all of the aspects of the show. His drunken shooting practice at the end of the episode was wonderfully acted — muted and subtle instead of over-the-top (as it could very easily have been). What I'm really excited about, though, is May 3, which — if my calculations are correct — will be what I've been waiting for for nearly a year: consecutive new episodes of Alias, Lost and Invasion. What a great night of television: three shows with different stories, characters, styles and even color ... read more

Alias Jack cut off Desantis' ear...

AliasJack cut off Desantis' ear and then let Renee Reinne kill him! That's the kind of fatherly and grandfatherly protection you definitely want to have if you are eight-months pregnant. The look on Jack's face when he saw the nursery that his ex had carefully crafted was just priceless. I think when he finds out that Syd's mom is the one who took his daughter and had her tortured in a supposedly "safe for baby" procedure that hacked into her memory, things are going to get really ugly. I'd love a showdown between Mama and Papa Bristow — the chemistry between Lena Olin and Victor Garber is insanely intense and fabulous. Here's hoping that plays out well. Gotta love that Syd was able to fight through the pain and confusion to give her captors false info about Horizo read more

I know you're a longtime ...

Question: I know you're a longtime Alias fan, so I'm curious to hear your expectations about the upcoming season. Without getting caught up in all the rumor-mongering and nastiness, do you think the fifth season can survive all this cast reshuffling and continue to be great programming? I got hooked on Alias because of the forbidden love story, and kept watching for the family drama. The spy plots have grown increasingly ridiculous and are now my least favorite part of the show. With [name omitted] leaving, new cast members vying for screen time with favorites Victor Garber and Carl Lumbly, and Lena Olin gone, I'm not holding out much hope. Sure, J.J. Abrams is ABC's MVP right now, but I remember how much I liked Felicity a few years ago, yet gave up on that show in its fourth season. Answer: You're hardly alone. I've been getting, and largely ducking, a lot of e-mails on the order of this one from Adam W.: "With the recent news that [name omitted] is leaving Alias, along with the ... read more

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