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Lisa Kudrow on Her Cable-TV Comeback, Web Therapy

Lisa Kudrow, Web Therapy

Fiona Wallice is affected, self-entitled and narcissistic. She is a former businesswoman who stumbled into therapy and then when she found other people's lives too tedious to tolerate, she modified her job into a new "treatment modality," she calls "Web Therapy." Give her three minutes and she'll give you ... something, even if it's just further confusion.

Fiona is the character Lisa Kudrow developed alongside Don Roos and partner Dan Bucatinsky for Web Therapy, an Internet series that bowed on L/Studio in three-minute bursts in 2008, and has now been converted into a cable series for Showtime by combining webisodes and fleshing out previously unseen aspects of Fiona's personal life.

At the show's heart is Kudrow, who spends nary a minute off-screen. Web Therapy (Tuesday, 11/10c, Showtime) finds Kudrow doing that thing that is uniquely hers...
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Keck's Exclusives: First Look at a Royal Redo

Jean Smart, Victor Garber

Didn't get enough of the royal wedding last month? Then check out this first look at Hallmark Channel's cheeky prequel, William & Catherine: A Royal Romance, set to air August 27. Stars Jane Alexander (Queen Elizabeth), Alias' Victor Garber (Prince Charles) and Hawaii Five-0's Jean Smart (Camilla) phoned me from Bucharest, Romania, on their third day of shooting to discuss the film, which climaxes with... read more

Flashpoint Tests the Team — Will It Crack?


The new season of Flashpoint puts family first — both on the job and in the characters' homes.

Check out photos of the Flashpoint cast

"The overview theme of the season is about family and how we're all connected," series star Enrico Colantoni tells "When there are family situations that we deal with, we actually show how it affects us. The show certainly isn't about that, but you get a stronger sense of how my team reacts to the job and how they take it home, which is probably the most authentic thing about our show."

Colantoni plays Greg Parker, a crisis negotiator and the leader of the Strategic Response Unit. His dedication to his job led to the crumbling of his own family... read more

Alias' Michael Vartan Marries

Michael Vartan and Lauren Skaar

Former Alias star Michael Vartan married girlfriend Lauren Skaar, People reports.

The couple tied the knot Saturday at a resort in Newport Beach, Calif. Vartan's Alias co-star, Victor Garber, served as a groomsman. Vartan, 42, sported a two-button Giorgio Armani tuxedo and Skaar wore a... read more

Is She or Isn't She? Jen's Baby Rumors Garner Attention

Jennifer Garner by Jamie McCarthy/

Are the Afflecks expecting a second child? Conflicting reports have emerged, thanks in part to comments from Jennifer Garner's Alias costar, Victor Garber. The actor seemingly announced her pregnancy to Us, saying, "Yes, she is," when asked if the couple was expecting a baby.Later in the day, though, Garber said his comments had been taken out of context. "I haven't confirmed that at all, no," E! reports. "I know they want to have another child and hopefully that's true, but I don't know that." He added, "I know that they are hoping to be, I just don't know that it's for sure. It's a very...personal thing."What is confirmed is that Garner's been seen around town sporting super-baggy tops, and has previously expressed interest in having more children with Ben Affleck in addition to their daughter, Violet. All of this leaves us with the same guessing game — and possibly a Jack Black-like slip from Garber. What do you think he meant? — Anna Dimond read more

A Fond Farewell to Eli Stone

I’ve been going on and on lately about how much ABC’s Eli Stone has grown on me, especially in the last few weeks—ironically, the show finding its truest voice around the time it lost new episodes of Lost as a lead-in, par for the course in this frustrating strike-warped midseason. Tonight, Eli signs off after its 13-episode tryout, and if you can watch it unmoved, maybe this really isn’t the show for you.Last week, Eli (the charming Jonny Lee Miller) shook everyone’s world by correctly predicting an earthquake. This week, his own world is shaken when he decides to risk dangerous surgery to remove his aneurism (which could be the cause of his quirky and often musical visions). Eli isn’t so much worried about living or dying. “The something in-between is what scares me,” he says, and he’s not talking about the show being on the proverbial “bubble” for renewal. (I’m glad my pal Michael Ausiello shares my high hopes of the sho... read more

Bones Is Back, and Other Happy TV Thoughts

Why not start off a glorious spring week — a week that continues the welcome rollout of shows returning from long strike hiatus — with some positive thoughts? Starting with the return of Bones to Fox’s schedule. For those keeping track in this confusing midseason, Mondays are now the new Tuesdays for Fox. And once House kicks back in with new episodes starting April 28 (a House repeat airs next Monday), Mondays will almost feel like the new Thursdays with so many choices on the suddenly overstuffed night, as Fox’s first-rate drama combo faces ABC’s blazing-hot Dancing with the Stars, CBS’ terrific comedy lineup and the ever-popular CSI: Miami, as well as a cult fave in the CW’s returning Gossip Girl and NBC’s ubiquitous Deal or No Deal. Whew.But back to Bones, one of TV’s most purely enjoyable procedural crime dramas. Yes, there are icky remains to deal with (a body boiled in a sulfurous mud pit), but the fun of Bones is in the playful in... read more

Preview: 30 Rock, Eli Stone

Jonny Lee Miller of "Eli Stone" by Gale Adler/ABC

Ever wondered what a Fox reality show would look like on NBC? Watch, and revel in, the glimpses we’re shown of the fictional (at least for now) reality spoof "MILF Island" in tonight’s first episode back of 30 Rock. Everyone from Alec Baldwin’s deliciously malicious network boss Jack Donaghy to a certain other vice president who should have better things to do are glued to the season finale of "Island," which is what Survivor would look like if populated by cougar moms and adolescent boys. It’s a hilarious backdrop to an episode that, as is often the case, is at its best when Jack and beleaguered Liz Lemon (the terrific Tina Fey) tangle and tango over the sad state of the business we call show. A business where a breakout reality star can be judged on her appeal to the key demographics of “soccer moms, Nascar dads, white-collar pervs and the obese.” How many ways do I love 30 Rock?Liz, the clay-footed hero of this brilliant satire, is naturally appalled... read more

Mira Sorvino and NBC Search for Last Templar

Mira Sorvino by Paul Morigi/

Can Mighty Aphrodite crack the Da Vinci Code? Fresh from her Super Bowl-night turn on House, Mira Sorvino has signed on to star in The Last Templar, an NBC miniseries based on Raymond Khoury's best-selling novel (shop Amazon), says Variety. The Academy Award winner will play a Manhattan archaeologist who goes searching for the medieval Knights Templar, while Victor Garber (Alias) costars as Monsignor De Angelis, who helps in the quest. Shooting begins next month in Montreal and Morocco. read more

I Heart Ugly Wanda!

Episode Recap: "Grin and Bear It"Wilhemina was in her full glory tonight. My favorite scenes were Pretty Willie (as Meade Publications' cochair) being introduced to some of the company's other publishing treasures, and Ugly Wanda weaving us through her evening at Studio 54 as Fey's mousey assistant, spying on her boss entwined with Amanda's mystery dad with the Tweety Bird tattoo on his ass. Priceless!Speaking of spies, Syd's double-agent dad on Alias is now torturing the wounded artistes in Betty's writing class. His brand of teaching involves nick-naming Betty "Clappy" and/or "Crappy" and encouraging them to attempt suicide or start a knife fight — whatever gives them something to write about. I love Victor Garber; I hope we see more of him!No wonder the usually self-assured Betty lost her nerve during class and claimed the bear-victim story was hers. The poor girl can't get away with anything! Soon she found herself Prof. Barrett's teacher's pet, then at the "New York Review... read more

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