Vicki Lawrence

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Victoria Ann Axelrad
  • Birth Place: Inglewood, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Talk-show host
Mama's Family: Many Unhappy Returns Trailer
01:44 — Vint's boss asks him to hold a diamond bracelet for his wife. Mama finds it, confused thinking that it is hers.
Mama's Family: Psychic Pheno-Mama Trailer
01:58 — A psychic give the Harper's all of their readings.
Mama's Family: Fly Naomi Trailer
01:45 — Naomi decides to attend school to be a flight attendant.
Katie Gets Canned
01:37 — Under pressure to please his gram, Greg does the unthinkable.
Greg Hands Out Kisses
01:27 — Who could resist getting a little smooch from that compact cutie?
Great News: Carol Has A Bully Trailer
01:10 — Carol (Andrea Martin) has a midterm she must pass in order to keep her internship. Katie (Briga Heelan) needs to choose between helping her mom and fo (more…)
Worst Theme Song Ever. or Maybe Best?
02:40 — Chuck writes the new theme song for The Breakdown, and it's... something.
Great News: Serial Arsonist Trailer
00:56 — When a field reporter at "The Breakdown" is exposed as an arsonist, Katie (Briga Heelan) gets an opportunity to appear on the air. Carol (Andrea Marti (more…)
Season 5: Mama's Family: Season 5 Trailer
01:55 — The Harper family refutes the old expression "there's no such thing as bad publicity."
Carol Burnett: A Letter from Vicki Lawrence Led to Her Role On My Show
05:15 — The legendary comedian Carol Burnett is walking down memory lane in a new book, “In Such Good Company,” filled with colorful stories from her 11 seaso (more…)
Laverne & Shirley - Lower Than Ticks on a Hog's Behind
01:24 — Laverne and Shirley end up earning the respect of a Sargent after they decide not to jump out of a plane.
Laverne & Shirley - My Very Dearest Friend
03:40 — Laverne gets woken at 5:30 for a pancake breakfast and gives Sarg a pep talk.
Laverne & Shirley - A Final Goodbye
04:07 — Laverne and Sarg make an appearance at a funeral and end up staying longer than expected.
Mama's Family: Mama Bell Trailer
01:48 — Mama misinterprets voice mails on the answering machine, thinking that the family is planning to get rid of her.
Mama's Family: The Best Policy Trailer
01:57 — Once Vint announces that Naomi is the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy, he starts having series of bear-fatal accidents.
Mama's Family: Flaming Forites Trailer
01:53 — This episode connects modern teenagers Buzz and Sonja with the "hip" past of Thelma in the '40s.
Mama's Family: Bubba's Double Date Trailer
01:42 — Bubba's gets stood up by his prom date at the last second, so Mama decides to set him up with Lola's niece.
Mama's Family: Mama In One Trailer
01:48 — Mama has the house to herself all weekend. Thinking that she would be happy, Mama actually feels bored and lonely.
Mama's Family: Soup To Nuts Trailer
01:36 — The winner of the chili book-off will get their recipe in the new cookbook.
Mama's Family: Mama's Girls Trailer
01:48 — Mama decides to star a senior citizens' tap-dancing troupe after trying to get Aunt Effie to exercise.
Mama's Family: Now Hear This Trailer
01:53 — To be able to hear her baby, Naomi and the Harpers install an intercom.
Mama's Family: Buck Private Bubba Trailer
01:59 — Vint's former Army Sergeant comes to town and recruits Bubba.
Mama's Family: A Big Hand For Mama Trailer
01:57 — Mama suddenly begins to have a new outlook on life, and her family quickly takes advantage of it.
Mama's Family: Gert Rides Again Trailer
02:04 — This episode deals with the inadequacies of elder care.
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  • Birth Name: Victoria Ann Axelrad
  • Birth Place: Inglewood, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Talk-show host

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