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Briana's Glittery Baby
00:42 — Briana is upset that Vicki keeps getting glitter on her son.
No More Mean Things
01:53 — Tamra and Vicki try to make amends and moving on.
Vicki and Tamra Argue
01:52 — Vicki and Tamra get into it after Tamra kicks Alexis out.
Mentioning the "D" Word
02:25 — Heather does not like her husband airing their dirty laundry to the other ladies.
Trouble With Emotions
01:58 — Tamra vents her frustrations about not being able to properly express her emotions.
Briana and Her New Baby
01:52 — Briana's a new mommy!
Breaking the Ice or Starting a Fight?
01:23 — Vicki may be reaching out but Tamra doesn't know how to interpret the situation.
Cringe-Worthy Comment
01:11 — The ladies are mortified at how brazen Vicki is with her comments.
Gretchen's Rollin'!
01:49 — Gretchen cannot believe she gets to drive around in a Rolls.
Briana and Vicki Talks About Brooks
02:13 — Briana makes her position clear about her opinion on Brooks.
Lydia's Very Interesting Mom
02:17 — Lydia explains that her mom is very eccentric.
The Bitch Conversation
01:59 — Vicki and Tamra hash out what happened at the wine tasting.
Lying, Cheating, Deceiving
01:49 — Eddie has a definite suggestion to how Tamra should approach Vicki.
Locked in
00:41 — Vicki tries to make her exit but can't figure out the door lock.
Torn Over Brooks
01:57 — Vicki is very torn over her relationship between her and Brooks and her and Briana.
All About Vicki
01:53 — Lauri gives her perspective on how to deal with Vicki.
The Condom Talk
01:22 — Vicki asks a very personal question much to the surprise of her son.
Toast to Wines by Wives
01:37 — The ladies enjoy a little bit of wine and a little bit of gossip and talk about Alexis Bellino.
Alexis Gets Kicked Out
02:02 — Tamra has had enough of Alexis and kicks her out of her dinner party.
Gretchen's a Stupid Person
01:06 — Vicki calls Gretchen "stupid."
Tamra Is Not Getting On a Donkey
00:41 — Tamra will do a lot of things but she makes it clear that she draws the line at donkeys.
Vicki's Scandalous Past
01:17 — Gretchen gets her mind blown by what Lauri reveals about Vicki's past.
Tamra Faces Alexis
02:22 — Lydia brings Tamra and Alexis together to bury the hatchet.
Terry Apologizes
01:46 — Terry offers his heartfelt apology to Heather.
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