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EXCLUSIVE: Vicki Gunvalson Shut Down Kill All Cancer Charity Because of 'Naysayers'
01:21 — The 'Real Housewives' star tells ET it wasn't really her charity anyway -- she was just a spokesperson.
Learn the One Thing All "Real Housewives" Share
01:50 — From getting seriously-TMI details on Vicki Gunvalson's body to Kelly Dodd's anger on "RHOC," the "Housewives" ladies still have one thing in common!
Vicki Gunvalson's Romantic Night With BF Steve Lodge
02:13 — The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star opens up about her beau's sweet romantic side! Plus, Ramona Singer talks single-life fun.
Being Called 'Tupperware Face'
01:41 — Vicki, Lydia, and Alexis check out Slade's radio show and are appalled at what they hear.
Lydia Hates Tea Bagging
00:41 — Lydia and her mom try to enjoy some tea but Lydia can't get past the word 'teabag.'
Alexis Becomes a Child Psychologist
01:56 — Alexis is very excited to read for a part in a drama series as a child psychologist.
Bigger Pool! Bigger Movie Theater! Fireplaces!
01:30 — Heather and Terry try to sell the idea of building a new house to the kids.
Gretchen's Ready to Spend Her Life With You
01:09 — Gretchen struggles in the sound booth to record a song for Slade.
Gretchen Proposes
01:58 — Gretchen gives a heartfelt proposal to Slade.
Vicki Gunvalson Talks Terrifying Accident On "RHOC"
04:07 — The "Real Housewives" star reveals she suffered a severe concussion and post-traumatic stress disorder after the ATV accident. Get the details.
Vicki the Monogamous Girl
01:51 — Vicki believes if one partner cheats, everything is over.
Gretchen's Meltdown
01:49 — Gretchen is so upset about what the other ladies have been saying about her relationship with Slade.
Vicki and the Greek God
02:12 — Lauri has dropped a few bombs about Vicki's alleged indiscretions.
Lydia the Virgin
00:45 — Lydia reveals that she and her husband were virgins until they got married.
Heather Dubrow Pops a Vein
02:12 — The RHOC star fires back at Lydia McLaughlin
Eddie and Tamra's Wedding Vows
02:24 — Catch Eddie and Tamra exchange their wedding vows.
Gretchen Cites Her Sources
01:58 — Gretchen offers proof of Tamra's lies.
Brooks Leaves Vicki
01:52 — Brooks makes the decision to break up with Vicki.
Alexis Knows Things
02:23 — Alexis shares questionable behavior she saw from Gretchen.
Did Vicki Call Tamra Trash?
01:36 — This game takes a dirty turn.
Condo On Water
02:17 — Vicki taking to the high seas!
BMWs, Chanels, LVs
02:18 — What does a stylish girl's birthday cake look like? Follow Lynne and find out.
Uncle Ritchie's Birthday
02:44 — Ritchie doesn't fit into any category but he's family notheless...but he's really not.
Beachin' Barneys
02:30 — A day of fun at the beach with Tamra's clan.
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