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Gift Ideas
00:31 — Are you running out of ideas? Let the wives help you.
Shopping Vs. Sex
01:37 — If you had to give up shopping for a week or sex, which would the wives choose?
Meet Lynne, Part 1
01:38 — Get to know Lynne and see what life is really like for this housewife.
Tamra Vs. Gretchen
00:50 — Things come to a boil between Tamra and Gretchen.
00:55 — Which housewife cares most about her appearance?
Tamra and Her Dad
01:19 — Tamra opens up about her dad.
Premiere Party: Vicki on Vicki
02:16 — Let a real Orange County housewife, Vicki Gunvalson, tell you all about what makes her tick.
Meet Alexis
02:06 — Get to know Alexis.
Media Whore
00:45 — Which housewife is the biggest media whore?
'RHOC': Tamra Judge Thinks Vicki Knew Brooks Lied About Having Cancer
03:35 — "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Judge sits down with Access Hollywood Live to say she believes that co-star Vicki Gunvalson knew tha (more…)
A Different City
01:01 — If not Orange County, where?
Meet Lynne, Part 2
01:18 — Learn a bit more about our newest OC housewife.
Deserted Island
00:34 — Which housewife would you most want to be trapped on a deserted island with?
Any Other Bravo Show
01:27 — Which other Bravo show would the wives be on?
Personal Styles
02:25 — The ladies share what their own personal styles are.
No Etiquette To Be Seen
01:19 — Tamra's etiquette dinner had no etiquette to be seen.
Easy Going
00:31 — Who is the most easy going housewife?
Premiere Party: Jo on Ashley, Part 1
02:54 — Ashley tackles the stereotype of Coto girls and names her favorite hot nightspots and drinks.
02:01 — This mother-daughter pair may be the most in-tuned duo yet.
Strictest Parent
00:35 — Which housewife is the strictest parent?
Most Dramatic
00:27 — Which housewife is the most dramatic?
Quinn and Colin
01:42 — This mother-son duo seems to be really in tune with each other.
Meet Gretchen!
01:48 — Get to know Gretchen and see what the show is like for this new housewife.
Living The OC Dream
00:30 — There's more drama than ever especially for the new neighbor.
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