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The Inspectors - Plagiarism
03:01 — Preston reluctantly tutors Veronica’s new “athlete” boyfriend, but quickly realizes that he is not right for her.
How to Remove Annoying Facebook Posts
Can't figure out how to delete a photo someone posted on your Facebook wall? Wish you didn't have to see a certain someone's updates in your news feed (more…)
Google TV 2.0 and Internet Connected TVs
Looking for a great TV that can also give you access to online content? Join Technology Guru, Veronica Belmont, as she explains the two types of Smart (more…)
Discover New Google Features
Google comes out with SO many new products and features, it's impossible to keep up with them all! Thankfully, there's Google New, which gives you a h (more…)
You Can't Afford That - Are We In Denial About What's In Our Wallets?
Many people would rather struggle with a large credit-card bill than say 'I can't afford it.' Are we caving to peer pressure or refusing to face our f (more…)
Compare Life in Countries Across the World
Wonder what it would be like to live in New Zealand? Or Morocco? With, you can start to get an idea of the biggest differences betw (more…)
Kristen Bell on Paparazzi Targeting Children
While promoting her new Veronica Mars movie, Kristen Bell took time out to offer her passionate view against paparazzi going after celebrity children.
Jason Dohring Reveals a Surprise After the Veronica Mars Credits
Jason Dohring reprises his role as bad-boy Logan in the Veronica Mars movie, and when we caught up with him at SXSW, we had one big question on our mi (more…)
Dear Veronica: Behind the Scenes with Sirron Norris
Veronica Belmont Interviews street artist Sirron Norris
Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Survivor Ashley Moser Testifies in the Case Against James Holmes, Part 4
Ashley Moser lost her 6-year-old daughter, Veronica, had a miscarriage and is now paralyzed.
Chileans Celebrate En Masse After Copa America Victory Over Argentina
Chile erupts in celebration when their team won the Copa America for the first time on Saturday (July 4) when they beat Argentina 4-1 on penalties aft (more…)
Family of Victim Disappointed by Colorado Sentence
The nine woman and three man jury in the case against Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes was unable to come to a unanimous verdict on (more…)
Victims' Families Upset by Today's Decision
7NEWS anchor Anne Trujillo gives us a glimpse into the pain being felt by some family members, like the grandfather of Veronica Moser-Sullivan, after (more…)
Honoring a Fallen Angel
7NEWS reporter Eric Lupher tells us Veronica Moser-Sullivan was sworn in as an Aurora Police Office during a special ceremony.
Why This Woman Won $8 Million Jackpot from Casino But Only Got $80
Veronica Castillo thought she had finally struck gold after pouring in $100 dollars € worth of nickels while playing the slot machine game 'Jura (more…)
Kristen Bell Says She Was "Craving Something More Adult" With House of Lies
Kristen Bell stars in the new Showtime series House of Lies as consultant Jeannie Van Der Hooven, a role that's a bit racier than her past work as cha (more…)
How to Play Tetris with Your LinkedIn Icons
LinkedIn doesn't have to be all work and no play! DropIn takes your contact icons and turns them into a fun Tetris game, and Veronica has all the deta (more…)
Countdown to the New Year With YouTube
2011 is on its way, but before we start the new year, let's take a look back at the old one. On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you where to fi (more…)
Pong Screensaver for OS X
Tired of boring default screensavers on your Mac? Veronica introduces you to PongSaver, a screensaver that showcases that classic video game on today' (more…)
Would Harry Hamlin Join The New 'Veronica Mars' Movie?
Harry Hamlin sits down with Ricky and discusses whether or not he'd be interested in making an appearance in the new 'Veronica Mars' film.
Best Types of Oil for Your Skin
The best oil for your skin is one that will treat your specific concerns from acne to aging. That's why so many brands include oils like argan, rose h (more…)
Is It Time for a 'Buffy' Movie Kickstarter Campaign?
If 'Veronica Mars' can raise more than $5 million for a movie, why can't 'Buffy' do it? That's the question posed to Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gel (more…)
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