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Zac Efron Wines and Dines for 21st Birthday

Zac Efron

Who needs the bar when you can have a dinner party?

That's what Zac Efron opted for as he celebrated his 21st Saturday evening.

High School Musical's finest toasted his new, alcohol-legal year at L.A.'s Pace restaurant with ...
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Music Producer Sues Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens by Steve Granitz/

A music producer has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Vanessa Hudgens, accusing the star of breach of contract and failure to pay him his share of earnings.Per documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, the 19-year-old signed a court-approved agreement in 2005, when she was a minor, with Johnny Vieira, which stipulated that she must share advances, royalties and merchandising revenue with him. Hudgens and her father Greg negotiated a deal to get out of the agreement once she landed High School Musical, but the two have not held up their end, Vieira claims. Two audit reports show that Vieira is owed money; however, Hudgens, who's since recorded two albums and just wrapped High School Musical 3: Senior Year, refuses to reimburse him, the documents state.The problems don't end there for father and daughter. Vieira is also suing Greg Hudgens for defamation of character, asserting that the elder Hudgens labeled him as a "predator" in various e-mails to third parties. ... read more

VIDEO: No Rivalry 'Tween Vanessa Hudgens and Miley

These days, when it seems that every teen/'tween sensation is at war with each other, it's nice to see that some of the kids do play nice. Case in point: Speaking with at this week's Teen Choice Awards, High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens showed her support for Miley Cyrus, squealing that she was "really excited" for the kudoscast's hostess.Hudgens also goes on to reveal her acting inspiration, a woman who possessed "beauty and poise in everything she did." read more

Vanessa Hudgens' Department Store Commercial

Put on your Sunday vests kids — we're going to Sears! HSM sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens has created a new commercial for the fall clothing line to be sold at retailer Sears. The ad, which doubles as a music video for the song "(Don't Just Go Back) Arrive," features Hudgens and her entourage all sporting the store's back-to-school fashions while dancing through locker-lined hallways (often in short little skirts ala Britney's early "Opps" days). read more

VIDEO: High School Musical 3 Trailer Unveiled!

Hold on to your Zac Efron dolls because a trailer for Disneys HSM 3 has just been released and its tween-tastic Your favorite Wildcats have finally reached their senior year of high school and that can only mean one thing more singing and choreographed dancing with 10 new original songs of course Check out the sneak peek featuring Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron whos clearly been hitting the gym since the first HSM Gina DiNunno read more

Disney's Vanessa Hudgens' Music Video

Those Disney tween machines are at it again! High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has just released her latest video for her new single, "Sneaker Night," off her forthcoming album Identified. And yes, it's about sneakers. Dunno, the Tiz's new tune is a bit catchier, but then again, we aren't exactly what you'd call the target market, so what do we know? read more

Disney Announces Lineup for Summer Music Madness

Vanessa Hudgens by Kevin Mazur/

An all-too short summer is upon us, and Disney has kindly announced when its biggest music video premieres are airing — letting parents plan early for the big nights out! Here's the rundown of Disney Channel's summer music extravaganza lineup, with times noted when available:• Friday, June 13: "One World," The Cheetah Girls (5:55 pm/ET)• Saturday, June 14: "Sneakernight," Vanessa Hudgens• Friday, June 20: "Burnin' Up," Jonas Brothers. Premieres right after Camp Rock, so there's really no way the kids'll miss this one.• Saturday, June 28: "7 Things," Miley Cyrus (7:55 pm/ET). Brett Ratner directed, so expect big action from the petite star.• Tuesday, July 1: "Real Gone," Billy Ray Cyrus• Friday, July 11: "Dance Me If You Can," The Cheetah Girls• Friday, August 1: "Cheetah Love," The Cheetah Girls• Saturday, August 2: "Could You Be the One," Tony OllerUse our Online Video Guide to let the Jonas Brothers warm you up for Disney's summer music... read more

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at High School Musical 3

Mark your calendars because there are only five months to go until High School Musical 3 hits theaters this October But for those of you with kiddies who cant contain themselves that long or perhaps its you whos the HSM groupie this morning GMA went behind the scenes of the third installment of the crazy-popular franchise and even caught up with some of the cast members including Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron sporting his finest prom wear Gina DiNunnoAre you pumped to see part three of the Disney sensation Think it will be as good as the first two Think Zac looks exceptionally spiffy in his suit and boutonni232re read more

Top 10 Shocking Scandals: From Anna Nicole to Heath - How Readers Reacted

Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger

It has been a busy week. Britney Spears was released from a psychiatric hospital. We finally got some answers from Heath Ledger's toxicology report. And today, Feb. 8, as it happens, is the anniversary of Anna Nicole Smith's death. Throughout this tumultuous year, our users’ opinions have often been as provocative as the news itself, so now we’re turning the spotlight on them. Here’s our list of some of the best user comments from the most shocking scandals of the last 12 months: 1. Anna Nicole Smith dies. (Feb. 8, 2007)"Anna Nicole certainly chose some very difficult paths in her life. I respe read more

Vanessa Hudgens Film Takes High School, Adds Music

High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens has joined the cast of Will, a coming-of-age drama about a high-school outcast who forms an unlikely bond with a popular girl/former stutterer. The two then assemble a rock group composed of misfits to perform in their school's battle of the bands. (Hey, it's better than battling aliens. In Maine.) According to the Reporter, the movie is set to shoot in February. read more

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