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Vanessa Carlton on her dreamy new music
04:39 — The singer-songwriter sits down with CBS News' Lauren Moraski to talk about her latest EP, new album "Liberman" and what she's learned from her friend (more…)
Why Vanessa Carlton Pretends 'A Thousand Miles' Didn't Happen
Vanessa Carlton talks about why she likes to pretend € A Thousand Miles € didn € t happen.
Singer-Songwriter Vanessa Carlton LIVE
Vanessa Carlton's song 'A Thousand Miles' was one of the biggest hits of the early 2000s, but the singer-songwriter has a whole new sound now. She joi (more…)
Vanessa Carlton Looks Back On Coming Out As Bisexual
Vanessa Carlton talks about how she came out as bisexual.
How Peyote Inspired Vanessa Carlton's New Album 'Liberman'
Vanessa Carlton talks about how peyote was the inspiration behind her new album.
Vanessa Carlton Is Pregnant
Vanessa Carlton will soon be singing lullabies!The singer-songwriter, known for hits like 'A Thousand Miles' and 'Ordinary Day,' announced that she's (more…)
In the Basement with Vanessa Carlton
Vanessa Carlton invites us into her home to play a haunting, stripped down version of her song 'Blue Pool.'
The Last Word: John McCauley of Deer Tick
07:22 — John McCauley has The Last Word on deervana, working with T.Hardy for Diamond Rugs, getting sober, having his wife Vanessa Carlton sing on new album & (more…)
Vanessa Carlton sings her hit song for "Second Cup Café."
03:23 — Vanessa Carlton sings a second song for "Second Cup Café". Grammy nominated hit single "A Thousand Miles"
Iggy Azalea Dressed As "White Chicks" Character For Halloween
The Iggy Azalea/Snoop Dogg beef may be over, but the Australian rapper is still making it known that Snoop's jabs haven't hurt her. For Halloween she (more…)
Vanessa Carlton Gives Birth! Singer's Husband Shares Baby Photo Straight From the Delivery Room!
Today is more than just an 'Ordinary Day.'It appears Vanessa Carlton's first child with husband John J. McCauley has arrived! 'Sid the Kid, whoa!!!' M (more…)
Vanessa Carlton's Health Scare
Singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton joins The Doctors to share her experience with ectopic pregnancy. Learn what causes this dangerous condition, and he (more…)
Terry Crews' Lip Sync Battles Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles"
If you're still sobbing from Grey's Anatomy's shocking ending Thursday night, let Terry Crews console you and wipe your tears away with an epic perfor (more…)
Terry Crews's Go-to Karaoke Song Is a Tween Favorite
It € s the musical equivalent of a chick flick, but come karaoke time actor Terry Crews is all about Vanessa Carlton € s 'A Thousand Miles.' (more…)
The Karaoke Channel - A Thousand Miles
04:00 — A Thousand Miles in the style of Vanessa Carlton
Pretty Baby
04:00 — Pretty Baby in the style of Vanessa Carlton
A Thousand Miles
04:00 — A Thousand Miles in the style of Vanessa Carlton
Ordinary Day
04:00 — Ordinary Day in the style of Vanessa Carlton
Gotti's Way | Ep. 4 | Searching for a Hit Show Clips | Searching for a Hit: Act 2
02:23 — Deb goes out with DMX's wife for some quality girl time. Check out this highlight!
Gotti's Way | Ep. 4 | Episode 4 Bonus Clips | Family Tree- Flashy
02:09 — Meet another member of the Murder Inc family!
Gotti's Way | Ep. 4 | Episode 4 Bonus Clips | Vanessa's Apt
05:00 — Get a peek at Irv's visit to Vanessa Carlton's awesome apartment!
Gotti's Way | Ep. 4 | Searching for a Hit Show Clips | Searching for a Hit: Act 1
02:22 — Irv talks about his decision to work with Vanessa Carlton and to expand Murder Inc's horizons.
VH1 News | VH1 News: Vanessa Carlton
01:13 — Piano prodigy Vanessa Carlton talks about her new album, "Heroes & Thieves," and the fairytale life she's found living in New York City.
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