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Different Intentions from "Holmes On The Ranch"
00:56 — James tries to form an alliance with Valerie.
Different Intentions
00:56 — James tries to form an alliance with Valerie.
Unstoppable from "Tebow Time"
00:23 — Valerie Nolasco explains why she is competing.
00:23 — Valerie Nolasco explains why she is competing.
Valerie's Home Cooking, Season 3
Valerie Bertinelli shares her passion for cooking easy and delicious meals.
Valerie's Home Cooking, Season 3
Valerie Bertinelli shares her passion for cooking easy and delicious meals.
Abandoned Dog With 46-Pound Tumor Gets Life-Saving Surgery
01:09 — A dog named Henry with a 46 pound tumor on his belly was abandoned on a California beach last month, according to animal officers. It made walking dif (more…)
Obama’s Statement On Muhammad Ali
06:29 — Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama, read the president’s statement honoring the life of Muhammad Ali at the boxer’s memorial service i (more…)
The Sultan's Finger - Live
11:44 — In the season finale - and a special "live" episode - a visiting sultan, Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz (guest star IQBAL THEBA - Glee), needs emergency surger (more…)
The Coffee Machine Paid for Itself
11:17 — A hip, sexy rabbi (guest star and executive producer DAVID WAIN - Wainy Days) arrives and seduces Valerie, which angers Glenn. Sy faces a moral dilemm (more…)
Red Riding Hood: The Tale Begins
13:00 — The secrets that have long been buried in Daggorhorn are about to be revealed in this digital fairytale set twenty years before the events of the film (more…)
Party Down
11:30 — Jewish heart surgeon Glenn Richie never had a Bar Mitzvah, so now it's up to his girlfriend Valerie and longtime nemesis Rabbi Jewy McJewJew (recurrin (more…)
Childrens Horsepital
11:18 — A race horse is wanted by fearsome mob boss Mamma Fiorucci, so Chief hides the animal in the hospital, all while Lola's college barbershop quartet tem (more…)
The Comeback, Season 2: Trailer
01:32 — Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) prepares to make yet another comeback in the long-awaited Season 2 of the HBO comedy series 'The Comeback.'
The Comeback: Season 2 Invitation to the Set
01:37 — Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King open up about bringing back Valerie Cherish and company for Season 2 of HBO's 'The Comeback.'
Cal's Mom Visits
14:27 — Cal's mom Valerie (Traci Lords) visits Silver Lake and he has a Jeremy run-in at work. His boss Paul (Sean Maher) takes notice.
LeVar Burton & Valerie Jarrett at the White House
02:57 — LeVar Burton and Valerie Jarret discuss the generational impact of Roots at the White House.
Valerie Jarrett on Obama's post-January plans
00:50 — Even though the Obamas will remain in Washington so their daughter can finish school, Jarrett says President Obama won't try to upstage the next presi (more…)
Valerie Jarrett
13:15 — White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett explains the dynamics of being the president's close personal friend and his most trusted insider. Norah O' (more…)
Valerie Jarrett: President Obama will be "citizen like everybody else"
01:45 — Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has been at President Obama's side throughout his seven years in office and nearly 20 years before that. Her constant p (more…)
Preview: Valerie Jarrett
01:38 — "It's not personal, it is politics," says Valerie Jarrett on President Obama's inability to get Republicans to move on Supreme Court nomination. Norah (more…)
Valerie Bertinelli On Her 40-Pound Weight Loss, and Doing a New Cooking Show
01:41 — Valerie Bertinelli may be best known as an actress, but she also can cook!
Valerie Harper Looks Healthy At First Appearance Since Hospitalization
01:07 — Harper was told she had just months to live when she was first diagnosed with brain cancer.
Valerie Tells Alice to Give Ben a Chance
02:11 — Valerie tells Alice to give Ben another shot.
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