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Kilmer, Phillippe in Talks to Join MacGruber on Big Screen

Val Kilmer, Ryan Phillippe

After taking over the Super Bowl, Saturday Night Live's favorite inept spy, MacGruber, is ready to explode onto the silver screen — perhaps with a former Caped Crusader in tow.

Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillippe are in negotiations to star in the film, co-written by MacGruber himself, SNL star Will Forte, who will reprise his role, according to the Hollywood Reporter. SNL's Kristen Wiig will also join as his always imperiled assistant.

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Kilmer would play ...
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Val Kilmer's Next Role: Governor of New Mexico?

Val Kilmer

The defender of Gotham City may soon be the governor of New Mexico.

One-time Batman Val Kilmer is considering running for governor of the southwestern state in 2010, to succeed Gov. Bill Richardson. "I'm just looking for ...
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Val Kilmer and Xzibit Play Bad with Nic Cage

Val Kilmer by Jesse Grant/ and Xzibit by Denise Truscello/

Val Kilmer and Xzibit are joining Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes for Werner Herzogs remake of Bad Lieutenant Kilmer will be playing partner to Cages motorcycle-riding avenger FBI agent downtrodden cop Xzibit who may mainly be thought of as the pimper of rides will be a new nemesis named Big FadeDespite the recycling of Cages range of three maybe four facial expressions any production with Xzibit on board has got to be a good start At least the cars will be cool Yet can Cage follow in the original footsteps of Harvey Keitels original Lieutenant Anna DimondMore Movie News149 Meet the New Sherlock and Watson Baron Cohen and Ferrell149 Josh Holloways Cool New Movie Role149 VIDEO 007s New Quantum of Solace Trailer read more

Knight Rider: Stuck in Reverse

So I come back from a week away, and what should await me but a time warp to a long-forgotten (and happily so) era of kitschy schlock. Courtesy, naturally, of NBC, whose new regime appears to be operating under an embargo banning anything with a shred of originality. Two hours of American Gladiators (which I skipped) followed by two hours of Knight Rider (which I forced myself to endure). Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a forgettable night — unless you enjoy the rubbernecking spectacle of watching a network slip further into the abyss of cultural irrelevancy. (You doubt me? I guess you missed the promos for Monday’s newest reality gem, My Dad Is Better than Your Dad.)The new (more or less) Knight Rider wasn’t really a show, it was more like the longest car ad in human memory: “Brought to you by the star of our show, (name of car).” Almost made you pine for the good old days of the writers’ strike.Despite a few contemporary touches — on... read more

Jeers: A Not-So-Good Knight Rider

Justin Bruening by Mitch Haddad/NBC

Jeers to Knight Rider for stalling at the starting line. I was never a fan of the original '80s series — in the Hasselhoff canon, my taste veers more to Baywatch — but it was more entertaining than this crap-tastic remake. As the voice of KITT 3000, the monotonous Val Kilmer sounded like he literally phoned in his performance (original choice Will Arnett, who had to drop out due to a sponsorship conflict, would've been more fun). New driver Justin Bruening is one bland slab of beefcake, and the special effects looked slapped together on roughly the catering budget for Transformers. Seriously, the Hoff's drunken-burger video was less embarrassing.For another take on Knight Rider, read the Roush Dispatch.• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on Lost's "rescue" team, CBS' Welcome to the Captain, the return of late-night TV and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or ... read more

Gob out, Batman in as Knight Rider's KITT

Val Kilmer by John Sciulli/

"Michael, call our lawyers.... "Will Arnett has been replaced as the voice of KITT in NBC's soon-to-premiere Knight Rider TV-movie/backdoor pilot. According to Variety, though Arnett had already recorded what I am sure was some deliciously dry dialogue, it came to light that because the Arrested Development alum has done voice-over work for General Motors — and KITT is "played" by a Ford Mustang — he'd have to graciously bow out.Val Kilmer instead will lend his pipes to the shape-shifting upgraded supercar. read more

Exclusive: Val Kilmer Set to Guest-star on Numbers

Val Kilmer by John Sciulli/

It's the perfect equation for success. Val Kilmer is reuniting with Top Gun director Tony Scott for the Season 4 premiere of Numbers, airing Sept. 28. "It’s a double whammy!" says series star David Krumholtz. "We've had a lot of great actors on the show, but Val takes the cake. We've got to thank Tony for bringing him in." And Kilmer, who also worked with Scott on True Romance and Déjà Vu, is no stranger to mathematical plotlines. "Val played the original math and science genius in Real Genius,” reminds Krumholtz. "That was shot at Cal Tech, which is where we shoot our show. Val is revisiting his old roots as an actor.” Though Krumholtz doesn’t have any scenes with Kilmer, he’s psyched to have the star onboard. “He’s one of the most provocative actors,” he says. “It proves our show is a cut above the rest to attract actors like him. Hopefully this will get more eyes on our show.” And that means bigger numbers. — Repor... read more

At the Movies: CSI's Marg Joins Big-screen Heist

Per the Hollywood Reporter, CSI's Marg Helgenberger has been cast as the disgruntled ex-wife of Val Kilmer's master thief in Columbus Day, a crime drama being produced by Kevin Spacey and also starring Wilmer Valderrama.... Robin Williams and John Travolta are Old Dogs in a Disney comedy about two business partners who find themselves minding 7-year-old twins. Also in the cast are Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, and their daughter, Ella.... Julia Stiles will produce and star in an adaptation of Sylvia Plath's autobiographical novel The Bell Jar. Kicky soundtrack by the Bangles...? No? read more

CSI: Miami Star Gets Bowl'd Over

Rex Linn on CSI: Miami

During CSI: Miami's holiday hiatus, Rex Linn has set aside Det. Frank Tripp's badge to tackle the role of party planner, as the die-hard Texas Longhorn fan prepares to host the pre-Rose Bowl gathering. (You think we're kidding, but we're not. We've talked to the guy — this thing is big.) Might some real-life lawmen need to break up the bash? talked to Linn about his college-football loyalties, his fantastic deal on beef brisket and what the future holds for Miami's Frank. So I'm looking at this picture your publicist sent me, of you coming out of a phone booth, all Superman-like, revealing a Longhorns T-shirt....
Rex Linn:
Oh, yeah. [Laughs] That's an idea my read more

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