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The cuteness is strong here! Check out these two golden retriever best pals
00:31 — Kylo protects little Vader all the time. They love to cuddle and chill out together.
Imperial March from the Empire Strikes Back
03:36 — John Williams has become an irreplaceable figure in American popular culture. He ranks as the best-known creator of movie music in Hollywood history, (more…)
Treks and Trilogies
12:11 — This new spin on cinema’s greatest space adventures follows Darth Vader as he discovers his paternal side. Meanwhile, the crew of the Enterprise face (more…)
The New Yoda Chronicles: Duel of the Skywalkers
After fooling Darth Vader into thinking he was destroyed, Luke Skywalker voyages to Mustafar only to accidently open the remaining holocron. The Emper (more…)
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
Baron Frankenstein is dead right? That's precisely what he wants folks to think. He's had it up to here with a public that doesn't appreciate the trou (more…)
11:35 — Twinkie the Kid dispenses justice - and lead! Popular board games from Chutes and Ladders to Hungry Hungry Hippos get turned into action-packed featu (more…)
Not Enough Women
11:11 — The writers of Robot Chicken imagine what would happen if Darth Vader learned to say "I'm Sorry." Bugs Bunny takes his cross-dressing to the next leve (more…)
Moesha Poppins
10:43 — Move over House, it's your cousin, Condo! Empire Strikes Back's Lando Calrissian led our heroes into a dinnertime trap with Darth Vader, and hilarity' (more…)
5-Year-Old 'Star Wars' Fan Gets Prosthetic 'Stormtrooper' Arm
01:17 — A young 'Star Wars' fan is getting to look like some of his favorite characters. 5-year-old Jacob Taggert was born with a deformed hand. His grandmoth (more…)
The Empire Strikes Back - Trailer
01:12 — Equally wonderful sequel to "Star Wars", in which Luke Skywalker becomes a Jedi knight under the guidance of master Yoda in order to destroy Darth Vad (more…)
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith - Trailer
01:06 — Years after the onset of the Clone Wars, the noble Jedi Knights lead a massive clone army into a galaxy-wide battle against the Separatists. When the (more…)
Return Of The Jedi - Trailer
01:14 — Luke Skywalker is reunited with his comrades and aided by furry Ewoks in one last battle with Darth Vader and the evil Galactic Empire. Third and fina (more…)
Ben Mendelsohn Tells Seth What It Was Like to Meet Darth Vader
05:10 — Ben Mendelsohn talks about how intense it was to play King George VI in The Darkest Hour and reveals what it was like to meet with Darth Vader.
James Earl Jones talks to Al Roker about his iconic career
03:51 — As our TODAY Living Legends series continues, Al Roker sits down with 86-year-old actor James Earl Jones, whose unmistakable voice brought life to Dar (more…)
Disney Recalls Darth Vader and Anniversary Onesies for Choking Hazard
00:23 — Disney is recalling two styles of infant onesies because the snaps can come loose and pose a choking hazard. The recall covers cotton body suits with (more…)
Sen. Warren Responds to Darth Vader Comparison
00:45 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren reacts to GOP Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer’s recent comments calling her “the Darth Vader of the financial services world” and tellin (more…)
Director Gareth Edwards On Rogue One: a Star Wars Story
06:08 — Gareth reveals what a Star Wars nerd he is, talks about Darth Vader being in the movie and tells us whether or not there will be a sequel.
Force-d Out? ‘Chewbacca’ Arrested for Violating Ukraine Election Laws
00:29 — A man dressed as Chewbacca apparently violated local election laws in Ukraine, so he was hauled off by cops and fined the equivalent of $8. It turns o (more…)
Adam Driver Goes to the Dark Side in "Star Wars"
02:32 — The "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" actor reveals why Kylo Ren is almost as evil as Darth Vader. Plus, has Adam finally seen his hit HBO show "Girls"?
ABC Celebrates "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"
01:43 — Junior explains why Darth Vader didn't technically go to the Dark Side.
This or That: Rashida Jones
03:49 — Rashida Jones answers "This or That" questions submitted by fans about Ron Swanson, hot mayonnaise, Darth Vader and more.
Riz Ahmed On Surprise 'Rogue One' Darth Vader Scene: 'That Was Never in the Script'
01:59 — Riz Ahmed says the cast began 'cheering and clapping' during their first 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' screening.
Star Wars Rebels
The crew returns to Lothal, where Darth Vader awaits.
Star Wars Rebels
The crew returns to Lothal, where Darth Vader awaits.
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