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VIDEO: Franklin Delivers;Franklin's Shell Trouble

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Franklin Delivers;Franklin's Shell Trouble
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Length: 23:00
Aired: 5/22/2000

Franklin and Bear are eager to deliver newspapers while the local paperboy is away for the weekend;The only thing worse than Franklin's bad case of shell-flake, is the smelly purple ointment he has to use to make it go away watch


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Length: 23:00
Aired: 2/8/1999

The Fur and Freedom Fighters batter the Marshank gates, but it will not yield and so they are forced to retreat. Meanwhile, inside the walls Badrang humiliates his rival, Clogg. Regrouping, Martin plans his next attack. Hatching a cunning battle plan that would give each group a precise role in conquering Badrang and Clogg, it becomes clear that Martin has now truly become a leader. He and Rose confess their love for each other in a brief and beautiful calm before the storm. In the battle each group fulfills its purpose and Martin's army courageously retakes Marshank but not before Rose heroically sacrifices her own life to save Martin from Badrang. Martin, unaware of Rose's fate leads his troops to victory. His triumph, though, turns to unspeakable grief when he discovers that his beloved Rose has died. Overwhelmed by sadness Martin buries Rose. Brome invites all to return with him to Noonvale and return to peace. Now that Badrang is dead and Clogg has been driven mad, the fighters bid their farewells and begin the long trek home. But Martin will not join them. He has chosen to journey on alone and devote his life to peace. We learn from JOHN CHURCHMOUSE as he concludes his story, that it is Martin who will ultimately help to found Redwall Abbey and continue the story of Redwall...a story that we will tell in "Mossflower". watch


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Length: 23:00
Aired: 2/7/1999

At Marshank, Brome watches Felldoh come under attack by Badrang's horde just as the Fur and Freedom Fighters arrive in support. It is too late to save Felldoh who dies in his father's arms. The battles rage until Badrang offers a deal - if the others surrender they will be spared from death and become his slaves again. Despite being pinned down they refuse and things look grim, for it is clear that Martin will not be returning with an army. But Martin is in fact on his way by boat with a small army of otters and shrews - but he wonders if this will this be enough, and in time ...just as they are swept over giant rapids. Martin and company survive the rapids but must march to the now distant Marshank as the Fur and Freedom Fighters prepare for the final curtain, saying their emotional farewells before battle. As the fighters are driven back, Martin's small band crests a ridge where they see that ALL the good creatures they have met in their journey have assembled, ready to join him. He gives the order and charges to the rescue. Reunited, the fighters assemble for the final charge - Marshank will be theirs! watch


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2007 The Dresden Files: Walls
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode, Actor - Carson Harris
2002 Martin the Warrior TV Show Series, Voice - Matthias
2000 Franklin: Franklin Delivers; Franklin's Shell Trouble Episode, Voice - Jack
1999 Brian Jacques' Redwall TV Show Series, Voice - Matthias

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