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Amazing Hippies Make Bucks, Not War!

Brains beat brawn when BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven won the $1 million prize in The Amazing Race 9. But it turns out the close friends' fun-loving hippie image almost did them in — off camera. How? Read on. TVGuide.com: We never really saw you guys having to go through customs, but you obviously had to. Did you ever get delayed?Tyler MacNiven: In Japan we got held up in customs because we fit the hippie stereotype. Often you'll have hippie guys try to smuggle in drugs because they're very hard to get in Japan. In customs there we had to go into this backroom to get strip-searched — and it was all in Japanese, like some movie where these officers were getting us naked and going through our bags.BJ Averell: Dogs were sniffing through our bags. Tyler: Thatread more

Phil Keoghan's Amazing Diary

Phil Keoghan, the globe-trotting host of CBS' The Amazing Race (returning tonight at 9 pm/ET), takes TV Guide readers along on the exotic new season's first leg. DAY ONE 6:30 amThere's always this great feeling right before the race begins, this calm before the storm. And as the teams arrive in this spectacular location — Red Rocks Amphitheatre, outside of Denver — you can't imagine that in an hour and a half, this wild animal will be let out of its cage. I always like to walk along the line of the teams' bags. I pick them up and see who is carrying what, to see who has planned ahead and who is completely unrealistic about what they're going to haul around the world for the next month. While some teams have decided they're on a luxury trip, the husband-and-wife team of Lakeread more

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