Tyler Florence



  • Yo Gabba Gabba! "The music is so great. Right at the end, when DJ Lance has this dance, it's become this techno-y, rave-y pop music that our kids are into. Now we play that for them all the time because it makes them crazy. They just want to get up and dance. We kind of have these dance parties now. My 5-year-old son had some friends over, and my wife got glowsticks and that little siren thing. We turned the lights down low and turned the music up and cracked the glowsticks. We had a club in our house. We had a Yo Gabba Gabba! rave, and they were whacked out on apple juice and going crazy."
  • Magic City "It has very real situations; it could have happened in 1960, it could have happened today. There's big business and subcultures inside of big business. You never really know who's pulling the strings. Ike Evans is such a great character. It's such a great story line because he turns out to be this anti-hero hero guy. You really root for him, but he doesn't always play fair because that's how you play. "
  • Homeland "It's one of those situations that it could actually really happen. Claire Danes is excellent. I believe her character brilliant and that she's batsh-- crazy. "
  • Girls "I was raised in South Carolina, but I grew up in New York City. I moved there when I was 21 and had all these similar situations with that same age group. You don't always make the best decisions at that age. ... I think Lena Dunham writes a very smart script. She just nails it. ... I just think people are that way. At that age, every day, you're like, 'OK, do I want to have this tequila shot or do I want to go to bed because I have to get up at 7 o'clock in the morning?' Sometimes you have that tequila shot and let the early guy deal with it."
  • Boardwalk Empire "These people are just businessmen. There's a demand, and they're going to create a supply for that. ... As it boils down to the core of where the American mafia started, it started out with town leaders turning a blind eye and letting these things pass... like Michael Pitt said, 'You can't be a part-time gangster.' You can't be half a gangster; it's full-on. "
  • 60 Minutes "Now that there's a 60 Minutes app, I actually watch more of that kind of programming when I travel than I do live television. The app on iPad is so great because you can scroll through the history of 60 Minutes and you can watch all these amazing stories from right now or 10 years ago. I even used 60 Minutes stories as research for two different pieces I was writing. I think it's never ever been better than right now. The hosts are fantastic. I love the fact that Anderson Cooper dives in there from time to time. He's such a smart guy."

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