Mon Jul 6 5:40am
Flight of the ConchordsDrive By(Season 1, Episode 7) HBO

A dispute between Bret and Jemaine and a fruit vendor spins out of control; Murray is smitten with a co-worker.

Sun Jul 12 7:00am
Flight of the ConchordsWingmen(Season 2, Episode 9) HBO

Bret asks for help from Jemaine and Dave with a romantic pursuit; Murray has second thoughts about making Greg a scapegoat.

Wed Jul 15 6:00am
Flight of the ConchordsEvicted(Season 2, Episode 10) HBO

In the second-season finale, Bret and Jemaine are forced to move in with Mel and Doug when they can't afford to pay their rent, and Murray sees dollar signs in a theatrical production about the band.