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VIDEO: Scorned: Love Kills: Caskets and Strippers

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Scorned: Love Kills: Caskets and Strippers
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Length: 43:34
Posted: 1/15/2014

Mark Bowling begins a steamy affair with an old flame named Rose behind his wife Julie's back. But unknown to either, Mark gets involved with Ashley, a stripper. His libido spirals out of control, triggering a deadly race towards greed and murder. watch

VIDEO: Scorned: Love Kills: Naval Affairs

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Scorned: Love Kills: Naval Affairs
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Length: 43:34
Posted: 1/7/2014

Fred and Jennifer have a picture perfect marriage. But when Fred meets Danielle, a young doctor in the Navy, Jennifer fights to keep Fred for herself. The love triangle explodes, leaving police struggling to understand a grisly crime scene. watch

VIDEO: Scorned: Love Kills [TV Series]

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Scorned: Love Kills [TV Series]
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Aired: 1/1/2012

Scorned: Love Kills examines the dark side of love with a voyeuristic peek into the lust and obsession that fueled some of the most senseless, but definitely not emotionless, crimes. These true stories pair sexual intrigue with bedded betrayal to form a recipe for murder. watch


Love Kills: He Was Odd Man Out
Scorned: Love Kills: Caskets and Strippers
Scorned: Love Kills: Naval Affairs

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Year Title Description
2006 The Bachelor: The Bachelor: Paris
Season 8, Episode 6
Episode, Appearing
2005 Kill Reality TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
2004 Jimmy Kimmel Live: Episode Episode, Guest
The Scorned TV Show Series, Actor - Raina

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Bachelor's Trish Is a Woman Scorned

It's "kill or be killed" in the reality world, and that's a philosophy former The Bachelor beauty Trish Schneider truly embraced in the new E! movie, The Scorned. If you watched any of Kill Reality — the Real World-like series that captured The Scorned's filming — you've seen Trish trying to scare up some fun on screen while trying not to kill any costars off screen. Considering that the oft-disgusting Jonny Fairplay literally, um, dumped on her bed and she didn't fly off the handle, she did pretty well. caught up with Trish as she was preparing for the movie to hit the airwaves. read more

Bachelor's Trashy Trish Fires Back

Like other reality-TV villains, Trish from The Bachelor blames her tarnished image on the producers' editing. Now, it's true this dating show tastes about as authentic as Mexican Chinese food. Still, Miss Trish did self-incriminate by sharing lotsa details of her sordid past with her rivals. And was she forced to wear that "Gold Digger" T-shirt, with its classy catchphrase "Like a hooker... just smarter"? Here, TV Guide Online takes the trash-talker to task — and previews her splashy return in next week's episode! TV Guide Online: You've become infamous for calling yourself "a money-grubbing, gold-digging whore."Trish: The funny thing is I didn't. The producers took a clip from a conversation we had around the dinner table about different types of women. That wasn't even pertaining to me. TVGO: So you wouldn't actually describe yourself like that?Trish: Definitely not! I'm not that way. I'm the complete opposite, if read more

The Bachelor's She-Mole Speaks

Last week, The Bachelor's Jesse Palmer sent home his spy, Jenny S.. That stinks for viewers who loved watching her trash Trish and tattle on the other gals, too. Now, she's left the Giants' back-up quarterback to score his final six ladies alone. Will the show be as much fun without our fave faker sussing out the true motives of those lusty, Benjamin-chasin' females? Maybe not. But you know TV Guide Online had to ring up reality TV's answer to Sydney Bristow for the full scoop on her mole-licious lifestyle. TV Guide Online: You told Jesse if he married a woman like Trish, you'd no longer be his friend. What kind of pal issues an ultimatum like that?!Jenny S.: Trish is the type of woman that makes all of your other relationships in life suffer. Inevitably, Jesse's family and friends wouldn't have that much fun with the two of them together. It's not that I wouldn't want to be his friend anymore; I wouldn't be able to. Jesse and read more

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