Sat May 23 2:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineNew Adventures of Old ChristineNew(Season 3, Episode 6) TVLAND

Christine reluctantly goes out on a blind date set up by new Christine, and is shocked when she is introduced to the man, since he is much younger than she is. But her resistance quickly melts when he begins complimenting her and suggests they sleep togeth (more…)

Sat May 23 2:30am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineHouseNew(Season 3, Episode 7) TVLAND

Christine tries to feel happy for Richard and new Christine when she learns they bought the house she has long dreamed of living in.

Sat May 23 3:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineBurning Down the HouseNew(Season 3, Episode 8) TVLAND

Christine considers showing her so-called wild side so Barb will think she's cool. Tom: Dave Foley.

Sat May 23 3:30am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineThe Happy CoupleNew(Season 3, Episode 9) TVLAND

Christine forbids Matthew and Barb from seeing each other after she learns they slept together. But the pair, who are still trying to determine if they are indeed a couple, pretend to be inseparable to annoy Christine.

Sat May 23 4:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineOne and a Half MenNew(Season 3, Episode 10) TVLAND

The third season concludes with Christine fearing she may be experiencing perimenopause after her gynecologist (Jason Alexander) suggests her flu-like symptoms may be a sign of it. The news makes Christine determined to take control of her hormones.

Sat May 23 4:30am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineA Decent ProposalNew(Season 4, Episode 1) TVLAND

The fourth season begins with Christine proposing to Barb to keep her from being deported to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, Richard considers asking new Christine to marry him.

Sat May 23 5:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineHow I Hate Your MotherNew(Season 4, Episode 2) TVLAND

Richard begs Christine to return to him her wedding ring, which once belonged to his mother, so he can use it when he proposes to new Christine.

Sat May 23 5:30am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineWhite Like MeNew(Season 4, Episode 3) TVLAND

Barb is profiled in a black business journal and the article generates a lot of new customers at the gym.

Sat May 23 6:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineSnakes on a DateNew(Season 4, Episode 4) TVLAND

Christine agrees to a date with a reptile expert (Jeffrey Tambor) if he will allow Ritchie to join a club that studies snakes and lizards.

Sat May 23 6:36am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineEveryone Says I Love You Except RitchieNew(Season 4, Episode 5) TVLAND

Christine asks Richard to have a baby with her. Her reasoning: Ritchie no longer tells her that he loves her and she needs a child to love.

Sat May 23 7:12am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineTie Me Up, Don't Tie Me DownNew(Season 4, Episode 6) TVLAND

Christine and Barb go out on a double date with two guys they met at a video store, but jealousy arises when one of the dates goes a lot better than the other one.

Sat May 23 7:48am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineSo You Think You Can DateNew(Season 4, Episode 7) TVLAND

Richard goes on a dinner date with Christine and her latest boyfriend, Patrick (Tim DeKay).

Sat May 23 8:24am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineSelf-Esteem TempuraNew(Season 4, Episode 8) TVLAND

Ritchie is recruited by a talent agent to audition for a commercial after he gives a wonderful performance in a school play, but Christine and Richard disagree over whether he should do it. Christine is all for it, while Richard doesn't like the idea.

Tue May 26 2:30am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineRage Against the ChristineNew(Season 4, Episode 9) TVLAND

Christine discovers a bizarre side to her new boyfriend, Patrick (Tim DeKay), when she beats him in a game of tennis and he reacts to her competitive nature in a strange way.

Tue May 26 3:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineGuess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?New(Season 4, Episode 10) TVLAND

Christine dreads going home for Thanksgiving and seeing her domineering mother (Brenda Blethyn), but she discovers a surprising secret they both have in common.

Wed May 27 2:36am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineUnidentified FunkNew(Season 4, Episode 11) TVLAND

Christine and Barb are informed by a representative (Megan Mullally) of their gym's parent company that they may lose their franchise because they broke a contractual clause.

Wed May 27 3:12am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineHappy EndingsNew(Season 4, Episode 12) TVLAND

Christine and Barb turn their workplace into a day spa after they fail to get a loan to keep their gym afloat.

Thu May 28 3:30am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineNotes on a 7th Grade ScandalNew(Season 4, Episode 13) TVLAND

Christine attends parents orientation for Ritchie's junior high, where she recognizes one of the dads as a former seventh-grade classmate who wronged her and decides it's time to take revenge.

Thu May 28 4:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineWhat Happens in Vegas Is Disgusting in VegasNew(Season 4, Episode 14) TVLAND

A Las Vegas bachelorette party is thrown for new Christine, who discovers a wild side she didn't know she possessed.

Fri May 29 2:38am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineReckless AbandonmentNew(Season 4, Episode 15) TVLAND

Christine attempts to prove that she can take care of herself when Barb and Matthew move out and Ritchie departs for science camp.

Fri May 29 3:16am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineHoney, I Ran Over the KidNew(Season 4, Episode 16) TVLAND

Christine accuses Richard of being a bad parent after Ritchie gets hurt at a skateboarding party, but her overprotective nature turns out to be just as bad, if not worse.

Sat May 30 2:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineToo Close for ChristineNew(Season 4, Episode 17) TVLAND

Christine befriends a scatterbrained mom (Kristen Johnston) at Ritchie's school, but she soon grows weary of being the responsible one in the relationship.

Sat May 30 2:30am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineA Change of Heart/PantsNew(Season 4, Episode 18) TVLAND

Romantic feelings are rekindled between Christine and Richard after Marly and Lindsay's labor evokes memories of their son's birth.

Sat May 30 3:00am
The New Adventures of Old ChristineHairNew(Season 4, Episode 19) TVLAND

Christine pulls Ritchie out of his snobby private school and enrolls him in a public school after Marly and Lindsay accuse her of causing an outbreak of lice at the tony establishment. But things aren't exactly rosy at the new place, either.

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