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Justin Bieber’s Hairy Situation!
01:36 — Justin Bieber’s new print ad for Calvin Klein is Photoshopped with more hair augmenting his treasure trail!
Exclusive: Mel Brooks Gets Serious
01:56 — Mel Brooks shares a treasure trove of great anecdotes and even gets serious in the new PBS documentary American Masters Mel Brooks: Make a Noise, and (more…)
Bandai Namco Reveal Project Treasure
00:45 — Get ready to hunt for rewards in this four-player action game from Bandai Namco.
The Men of 'Insurgent' On Why Shailene Woodley Is an American Treasure
01:59 — Miles Teller, Theo James and Ansel Elgort tell us why Shailene Woodley is one of the best in the business.
Treasure Hunters Claim to Find Nazi Treasure Train
02:18 — A group of treasure hunters say they’ve found a horde of hidden gold in train cars, rumored to be worth millions. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.
Professional Dumpster Diver Turns Trash Into Treasure
02:04 — Matt Malone spends his nights in Austin, Texas, uncovering hidden gems in the trash that can be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.
02:12 — Richard must negotiate with a husband who promised his wife he'd get rid of the treasure in the form of a 1980 Allison buried in his garage.
A Dr. Seuss ‘Treasure’ Discovered Decades After Death
02:05 — Seuss’s longtime art director made some hard choices when an entire book of text and line sketches was discovered by the author’s assistant and widow.
Shaq's Shoe
00:57 — Eddie parts with his new treasure for Evan.
Adam Finds a Treasure Map
02:48 — Adam finds a treasure map, like in The Goonies.
Hunt On for Legendary Amber Room Stolen by Nazis
03:25 — NBC’s Keir Simmons meets German treasure hunters on the trail of the remains of the Amber Room, an ornate 18th-century art treasure stolen from St. Pe (more…)
Hidden Treasure: The Mystery of the Nazi Gold Train
02:00 — Fortune hunters have descended on Poland to search for a legendary buried treasure that’s remained hidden for 70 years, but is this legend for real?
Al Roker Takes You Inside Beautiful Abu Dhabi Mosque
02:31 — TODAY’s Al Roker is in Abu Dhabi Thursday as he helps the Travel Channel introduce its new show “50/50.” Culture guide Ameena AL Hammadi takes him ins (more…)
New PlayStation Platform Spelunky Update Adds Features
00:39 — Everyone's favorite randomly-generated indie action treasure-gathering game Spelunky is on the receiving end of a few updates, at least as far as vers (more…)
Chasing the Dutchman's Treasure
03:23 — 35 year-old Jesse Capen vanishes on a camping trip in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. While law enforcement searches the vast wilderness, his family (more…)
Carl Reiner's Kids' Book Is Interactive
02:29 — Carl Reiner shows off the cool features of his iPad-powered children's book, The Secret Treasure of Tahka Paka.
Trash or Treasure? ‘American Pickers’ Give Us Their Take
04:37 — Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from the History Channel Show “American Pickers” tell Kathie Lee and Hoda how they determine whether the forgotten relics t (more…)
Pirate Gameplay Experience Video: Naval Exploration
07:33 — Watch this new Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag video showcasing Edward Kenway as he navigates the dangerous Caribbean waters hunting for treasure, capt (more…)
Treasure-hunting Family’s $1 Million Find of Gold, Silver Includes Rare Coin
02:08 — The Schmitts, a Florida family of treasure hunters who have made a number of valuable finds, have topped themselves by recovering a massive trove of g (more…)
The Kid wiith the Golden Arm
01:11 — Hu Wei Security Bureau is to escort the gold to relieve the famine at Yellow River while the bandit of Chi Sha Valley is plotting to take possession o (more…)
Buried Treasure
01:47 — Mike feels like a pirate when he gets a steal on a huge box of costume jewelry.
Sea Monster Island
11:41 — Far north of the Arctic Circle, emerging explorer Jrn Hurum coaxes the secrets of evolution from a rocky polar desert with a treasure trove of fossils (more…)
Pirate Treasure Found
27:53 — After years of searching, this underwater explorer made world headlines with his discovery of the first fully verified pirate shipwreck.
One Man's Sled, Another Man's Treasure
02:18 — Mike nailed an amazing deal on an enormous Coca-Cola sign that the owner used to use as a sled.
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