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SZA Ft. Travis Scott: Love Galore
05:03 — Music guest SZA performs "Love Galore" with help from Travis Scott for the Tonight Show audience.
Preseason watchlist of Alabama players to win national individual awards
02:03 — Travis Reier joins Hana Ostapchuk to discuss a players on a preseason watchlist to go on to win national individual awards.
Alabama's most important assistant coach for the upcoming season
01:13 — Travis Reier joins Hana Ostapchuk to discuss Alabama's most important assistant coach for the upcoming season and why.
Video: How to operationalize threat intelligence
10:10 — Travis Farral, Director of Security Strategy at Anomali, explains why ransomware attacks occur, how they spread, and what organizations can do to keep (more…)
Nientonsoh talks about joining CLG and Playing a New Role
07:34 — Travis chats with Nientonsoh about joining CLG, a new house, and playing top lane. Features & Reviews - Gameplay (more…)
Outside Staples right before the League of Legend Worlds Finals
17:44 — Missed out on the experience outside of Staple Center at Worlds? Don't fret Travis shows you outside the venue and chats with some attendees. Feature (more…)
xPeke talks about Fnatics run in Group B at Worlds
08:37 — Travis catches up with xPeke on the end of day 4 of the group stages at the League of Legends World Championships. Features & Reviews - http://www.yo (more…)
Saintvicious talks about Curse being the Korean US Team
04:40 — Travis Gafford catches up with Saintvicious on day 1 at the LCS Season 3 opening week.
Five Running Backs to Watch in 2015
03:07 — Travis Brannan (Vandegrift, TX), Chris Schwarz (River Ridge, FL), Cody Reece (Mt. Pleasant, NC), Kierre Crossley (Everman, TX), and Kiante Enis (Winch (more…)
Bench Pressing a Dude
00:58 — Adam tries to prove he is athletic by bench pressing Travis, but things don’t go smoothly.
Prescription drug abuse problem grows
03:47 — The deaths of celebrities such as Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith, and the possible role of prescription drugs in the death of Whitney Houston, spo (more…)
MegaZero talks about the LCS Playoffs thus far on Day 2
05:25 — Travis catches up with MegaZero to learn more about his thoughts on the LCS Playoffs so far. Features & Reviews - (more…)
Randy Travis gets heart device, still critical
00:17 — Country music star Randy Travis remains in critical condition at a Texas hospital after doctors inserted a device into his heart to help it pump on it (more…)
Nyjacky talks about Curse's LCS Week 8 Performance
07:25 — Nyjacky and Travis chat after the end of Week 8 of the League of Legends Championship Series. Features & Reviews - Ga (more…)
Kelby talks Scouting for CLG Dota and Prep for LCS Super Week
16:17 — Travis chats with Kelby at The International Dota 2 Championships to learn more about his visit as well as CLG's prep for the LCS Super Week. Feature (more…)
Megazero responds to HotshotGG's 1v1 claims
04:22 — Travis Gafford chats with Megazero about the LCS Week 4 and HotshotGG's 1v1 claims.
Rihanna Is Hooking Up With Rapper Travis Scott
01:03 — Meet Rihanna's new man! A source tells ET Rihanna is definitely hooking up with 23-year-old rapper/producer Travis Scott.
Wildturtle and Xpecial talk important final match vs Dignitas
05:31 — Travis chats with TSM Snapdragon's botlane duo Wildturtle and Xpecial to learn more about how they closed out their important match against Team Digni (more…)
Nyjacky - Shanghai All Stars 2013 Interview
03:58 — Travis chats with Nyjacky about his experience at the All Star event and what his roll is with helping the NA All Stars. Features & Reviews - http:// (more…)
Hai talks Quantics chances, playing vs Deezer, and Sneakycastro
04:55 — Travis catches up with Hai from Quantic Gaming to find out more about Sneakycastro and Quantics chances of winning Features & Reviews - http://www.yo (more…)
Double play off centerfielder's head!?
01:15 — In the fourth inning of a game between D'lberville and Hancock High Schools in Mississippi, D'lberville center fielder Travis Bender came in on a line (more…)
CBS News Roundup: The news you need now
01:47 — The Cleveland kidnap victims break their silence; Afghan tensions may force U.S. troops to exit early; jury selection begins in the Fort Hood massacre (more…)
Roles with the Pros - Support with Xpecial LCS Week 2
12:53 — Learn tips, tactics, and more with the support role in this segment with Travis Gafford and Xpecial the support player from Team Solomid Snapdragon.
Riot's Magus and Nick Allen talk Tournament Format and More
17:12 — Travis sits down with Riot's own Whalen Rozelle and Nick Allen to learn more about the Tournament Format, Prizes and much more at the LCS Week 5. Fea (more…)
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