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Fri Jul 29 7:00am
Sofia the FirstThe Fliegel Has Landed(Season 3, Episode 8) DISNEY

Sofia helps the trolls stand up to an evil witch.

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Sat Jul 30 6:55am
Sofia the FirstThe Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle(Season 3, Episode 14) DISNEY

Sofia tries to stop Miss Nettle from stealing all the snowdrop flowers from Freezenberg, but the wicked fairy puts a curse on Sofia's amulet that takes away her ability to talk to animals. Olaf from "Frozen" appears.

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Sun Jul 31 7:30am
Sofia the FirstEnchanted Science Fair(Season 2, Episode 6) DISNEY

Sofia and her friends get overly competitive when they work on a project for an enchanted science fair.

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Mon Aug 1 6:35am
Sofia the FirstThe Secret Library: The Tale of the Noble Knight(Season 3, Episode 21) DISNEY

Sofia visits her secret library and learns the tale of the Noble Knight seeking the Ice Fire Shield.

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Tue Aug 2 7:00am
Sofia the FirstThe Bamboo Kite(Season 3, Episode 22) DISNEY

Sofia visits the kingdom of Wei Ling to attend the Festival of Kites, where Jun has the honor of launching the first kite of the year.

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Wed Aug 3 7:00am
Sofia the FirstBad Little Dragon(Season 3, Episode 16) DISNEY

Sofia and Vivian find an adorable baby dragon in the woods, but they soon discover he's not as innocent as he appears.

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Thu Aug 4 7:00am
Sofia the FirstBest in Air Show(Season 3, Episode 19) DISNEY

A confidence-lacking Minimus tries to muster the courage to perform a difficult flying stunt.

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Sat Aug 6 7:30am
Sofia the FirstBunny Swap(Season 3, Episode 17) DISNEY

Clover and a wild bunny mistakenly switch places, which forces Clover to rediscover his wild side so he can find his way home.

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Sun Aug 7 5:30am
The Guardian STZEN

Haunted by a fatal crash in which he lost his crew, a legendary Coast Guard rescue swimmer becomes a trainer and reluctantly mentors a cocky new recruit.

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Mon Aug 8 7:00am
Sofia the FirstDads and Daughters Day(Season 3, Episode 20) DISNEY

Sofia's class goes on a father-daughter trip to the Enchanted park, but Sofia wonders if she truly belongs since Roland is her stepfather.

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Tue Aug 9 7:00am
Sofia the FirstLord of the Rink(Season 3, Episode 13) DISNEY

Prince Hugo is hesitant to pursue his interest in ice dancing because he thinks it's a sport just for girls.

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Wed Aug 10 7:00am
Sofia the FirstButtercup Amber(Season 2, Episode 26) DISNEY

Amber goes on an overnight hike with Sofia and the Buttercups, despite her distaste for the outdoors.

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Thu Aug 11 7:00am
Sofia the FirstStormy Lani(Season 3, Episode 12) DISNEY

Sofia discovers that her friend, Princess Lani, has the power to alter the weather according to her moods.

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