Nick Knows Finn Caused the Accident
02:04 — Nick's brother lied about the accident that killed their parents.
Sophie Cheers Gail up
01:11 — Steve lashes out at Gail for not having his back.
Andy Delivers Marlo's Baby
01:45 — Andy saves the day!
Oliver Saves a Life
02:06 — He finds an autistic boy just in time.
Traci Fights Off Her Kidnapper
03:35 — Nash outsmarts her captor and fights him off until help arrives.
Juliet Thinks Oliver Is Corrupt
01:19 — Chris and Duncan are also on her suspect list.
Gail Goofs Around With Leo
01:01 — Peck comforts Traci's son, and proves she'll make a great mom.
Grouchy Gail Meets a Kindred Spirit
00:59 — Gail is trapped with a prickly inmate.
The Future of 15 Division
02:07 — Our favorite former rookies learn their fates.
Sam Tells Oliver He's Been Framed
03:03 — "Brother, they're gonna bury you."
Andy & Sam's Wedding
04:10 — McNally and Swarek tie the knot!
Nick Goes Rogue
02:28 — Collins finds the drunk driver responsible for his parents' death.
Dov Kisses Chloe
01:37 — It wasn't really over!
Jarvis's Wife Threatens Chris
01:14 — When Chris gets home, he finds Inspector Jarvis's wife, Jamie, in the living room, where she's been waiting for him all day. Jamie seems off, and want (more…)
Sam's Promise to Marlo
01:00 — He'll always be there for Marlo and their child.
Gail's Heartbreaking Choice
01:44 — Should Gail let another family adopt Sophie?
Andy Confronts Juliet
01:31 — Juliet is caught lying about her past.
Does Jarvis Know His Wife Is Dating Diaz?
01:07 — Chris needs to break up with his boss's wife.
Sam Gives Andy a Reason to Stay
02:53 — It's not just a goldendoodle!
Juliet and Nick Hook Up
00:46 — After an emotional day, they give in to their attraction.
Andy & Sam in the Locker Room
00:47 — "Don't you see me naked enough, McNally?"
Is It Duncan Day?
01:23 — Today is a good day for Duncan.
Andy Lost Her Engagement Ring
01:17 — Don't worry, Sam found it.
Sam's Having a Baby Girl
01:41 — Andy is happy, and a little sad.
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