Tracee Ellis Ross

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Tracee Joy Silberstein
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Rainbow Forgets to Listen
01:03 — Bow is so excited Zoey asked for advice, she forgets to listen.
Urinal Protocol According to Dre
01:03 — Never make eye contact.
Dre Tries to Make Rainbow Feel Better
01:07 — Dre can't be an unsung hero like mom.
The Johnson Kids Livin' Large
00:20 — What happens when you give your kids too much?
The Mythical and Majestic Black Family
01:31 — Sometimes, Dre feels like an oddity in his own neighborhood.
How Does a Black Guy Say "Good Morning"?
01:18 — Dre has made it, but he's not the Jackie Robinson of his company.
It's All Hype
02:08 — Actress Tracee Ellis Ross answers social media questions from fans, including what she learned from her celebrated role on "Girlfriends," and the best (more…)
Pops Reveals the Secret to Giving Advice
00:47 — The Morgan Freeman voice works every time.
Rainbow Is Mistaken for a Gardener
00:40 — The neighbor thinks Rainbow needs extra work.
Stephen King
04:52 — Stephen King talks about relationships and his new film "A Good Marriage."
Fried-Fried Chicken Is Too Black for You?
01:23 — Dre doubts his promotion and begins feeling like a puppet.
Dre Gives His Son Dating Advice
00:36 — How to be a "Denzel Clooney Kodjoe Chestnut."
Dre's Awkward Dinner Guest
01:39 — Coworker Charlie is not for everyone.
Dre Thinks He's Qualified to Teach
00:55 — Dre doesn't think a white teacher is qualified to teach about Harriet Tubman, or "H. Tubs," as Professor Dre calls her.
Dre Dresses As Tito Jackson
01:19 — Dre wants to be The Jackson 5 for Halloween.
Dre and the Family As the Jackson 5
00:28 — The Johnsons strut their stuff for Halloween.
Pranks at Dre's Office
00:56 — Dre witnesses Chris get Josh'd.
Dre Tells His Kids to Get Jobs
02:25 — Dre decides his kids need to earn what they want.
Dre Explains the Nod
00:35 — The obligation of saying "I see you, bro."
Dre Wants Credit from His Wife
01:21 — Dre goes too far and things play out like a horror film.
Andre Jr.'s Hip Hop Bro Mitzvah
00:48 — Andre Jr. gets his party but Dre isn't calling him Andy.
Dre Doesn't Want to Whup Jack
01:40 — Dre is against spanking, but Jack pushes his dad too far.
Dre's Coworkers Vote Against Spanking
00:45 — Dre's coworkers agree with spanking only in theory.
Rainbow Needs to Listen Better
00:58 — Bow tries to talk to Zoey, but has to bluff her way through.
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  • Birth Name: Tracee Joy Silberstein
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor