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Drew Barrymore vs. Kate Middleton in a Fashion Face-Off
00:57 — The actress and Duchess of Cambridge step out in the same Tory Burch dress on the same day. Who wore it better?
Tory Burch gives Charlie Rose a present in the Toyota Green Room
01:23 — In this week’s edition of “Sounds of the Toyota Green Room,” fashion designer Tory Burch gives “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose a special prese (more…)
Tory Burch: Being a Private Company 'Is a Luxury'
Nov. 19 -- Tory Burch, co-chief executive officer at Tory Burch, and David Kirkpatrick, chief executive officer at Techonomy Media, discuss tech IPOs (more…)
How Will Reduced Square IPO Valuation Impact Tech?
Nov. 19 -- Tory Burch co-CEO Tory Burch, Techonomy Media XCEO David Kirkpatrick and Bloomberg's Emily Chang discuss tech IPOs and valuations. They spe (more…)
Tory Burch: We Will Award 10 Entrepreneurs $10,000
Nov. 19 -- Tory Burch co-CEO Tory Burch discusses the company's new fellowship program. She speaks on 'Bloomberg € GO € .'
Are There Any Bright Spots in Luxury Retailing?
Nov. 19 -- Wepower CEO Steve Newman and Tory Burch co-CEO Tory Burch discuss luxury retailing. They speak on 'Bloomberg € GO € .'
Fashion's Night Out 2012 PSA
Promo video for Fashion's Night Out (September 6, 2012) The song is a cover of 'Dress You Up' from Madonna's 1984 album 'Like A Virgin' sung by Darre (more…)
Tory Burch: Every Company Should Be a Tech Company
Nov. 19 -- Tory Burch co-CEO Tory Burch discusses the company's performance, growth and online presence. She speaks on 'Bloomberg € GO € .'
Can U.S. Treasury Stop the Pfizer-Allergan Deal?
Nov. 19 -- As Pfizer moves closer to a potential $150 billion deal to acquire Allergan, Bloomberg's Zachary Mider and Cynthia Koons examine the politi (more…)
Should Yahoo Spin Off Its Stake in Alibaba?
Nov. 19 -- Tory Burch co-CEO Tory Burch, Techonomy Media CEO David Kirkpatrick and Bloomberg's Emily Chang discuss the performance of Yahoo. They spea (more…)
Kelly Clarkson shares story behind title track "Piece by Piece"
01:28 — The Grammy-winning pop singer opens up to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King about the personal stories behind her title track and how she ignores (more…)
Tory Burch announces fellowship program for female entrepreneurs
05:17 — Fashion designer Tory Burch launched her company from her kitchen table in 2004. Now the brand is worth more than $3 billion with 168 stores worldwide (more…)
How to plan for gift spending, taxes and retirement
02:50 — More than 32 million Americans already started their holiday shopping, and over half of the season’s shoppers don’t plan to use a budget. CBS News bus (more…)
Feds: Dietary supplements may contain toxic ingredients
01:58 — The Justice Department arrested executives at USPlabs and S.K. Laboratories, the companies responsible for top-selling workout and weightloss suppleme (more…)
Congress fights to ensure safety of personal care products
03:47 — Americans spend more than $50 billion every year on beauty and skin care products. But there's little oversight into what goes into the products we're (more…)
Lawmakers call for new requirements in admitting Syrian refugees
03:05 — President Obama is slamming critics in the U.S. who want to shut the door on Syrian refugees. He says growing anti-refugee rhetoric is "offensive" and (more…)
FBI joins Minn. police shooting probe as protests grow
02:40 — The FBI will begin a civil rights investigation into the police shooting of unarmed 24-year-old Jamar Clark. He died Monday when he was taken off life (more…)
Obama seeks Putin's help to broker Syria ceasefire
02:39 — In Manila, the Russian prime minister said the best way to combat ISIS is to unite with the West. President Obama seems to agree, but he said there is (more…)
Police raid brings gunfire, explosions to Paris suburb
04:04 — The standoff at an apartment building in Saint-Denis targeted the alleged mastermind of the Paris terror attacks from last Friday that killed 129 peop (more…)
Growth of superbugs in food with antibiotic overuse in animals
03:26 — Consumer Reports spent three years examining the risks from routinely feeding animals drugs. At least two million Americans get antibiotic-resistant i (more…)
Powerful winds cause serious damage in Washington
02:22 — Washington state is recovering after a violent day of severe weather that’s blamed for at least three deaths. The storm’s heavy winds knocked down tre (more…)
Banned snowboarders claim Utah ski resort violates constitution
03:35 — A battle between skiers and snowboarders is off the slopes and in the courtroom. Federal judges are considering whether Alta Ski Area is violating sno (more…)
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