Torrance Coombs

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor

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The Perfect Cappuccino
Filmmaker Amy Ferraris is obsessed. Having first discovered the cappuccino on a trip to Italy in the early 90's, she comes back to American plagued by (more…)
Season 2 Preview
02:02 — Get a preview at season 2 of Reign.
Finale Piece
02:06 — Writer and Executive Producer Michael Hirst, discusses the final episode of The Tudors series.
Rosaline Says Goodbye to Benvolio With a Kiss
02:55 — Rosaline says goodbye to Benvolio with a kiss.
Livia Discovers the Ugly Truth About Paris
01:59 — Livia discovers the ugly truth about Paris.
Lady Capulet Orders Count Paris to Kill Rosaline and Benvolio
00:59 — Lady Capulet Orders Count Paris to Kill Rosaline and Benvolio
Rosaline Tells Escalus the Truth About Paris
04:15 — Rosaline tells Escalus the truth about Paris.
Count Paris Captures Rosaline
01:38 — Count Paris captures Rosaline.
Isabella Meets the Doge and Learns Exactly What May Be Expected of Her in Venice
01:36 — Isabella is taken aback is by the Doge’s salacious female entertainment.
Benvolio Takes a Bath As Rosaline Makes a Touching Admission
01:53 — Rosalie proclaims Benvolio is a good friend as she watches him take a bath.
Escalus and Isabella Must Answer for the Ambassador’s Death
01:33 — Prince Escalus (Sterling Sulieman) and Princess Isabella (Medalion Rahimi) must answer for the death of Ambassador Lazzarra’s (Ferdinand Kingsley) pre (more…)
Benvolio and Rosaline Go to a Brothel in Search of Answers
01:37 — Rosaline ends up at a brothel following a lead with Benvolio.
Escalus Surprises Rosaline With News About Her Wedding
01:22 — Escalus tells Rosaline her wedding date is moving up.
Rosaline and Benvolio’s Binding Ceremony Comes Under Attack
02:56 — Rosaline and Benvolio’s betrothal comes under attack.
Benvolio Makes Rosaline an Offer She Cannot Refuse
02:24 — Benvolio has a plan for Rosaline to avoid becoming a Montague.
“Still Star-Crossed” Sneak Peek: Rosaline Has a Bold Request for Lord Capulet
01:46 — Preview Episode 3: Rosaline wants something in exchange for betrothal.
Prince Escalus Refuses to Give up Rosaline
04:44 — Prince Escalus Refuses to Give Up Rosaline
Damiano Refuses to Let Benvolio Screw Himself out of Marriage
00:48 — Lord Damiano refuses to let Benvolio screw himself out of another marriage.
Lord Damiano Tells Benvolio Why He Must Marry Rosaline
01:52 — Benvolio is having a hard time accepting an inheritance that is his only because the true Montague heir, Romeo, is dead.
Count Paris Thanks Livia for Saving His Life
00:46 — Livia continues to care for a wounded Count Paris.
Prince Escalus Calls for Peace in Verona
02:01 — Prince Escalus calls for peace to help Verona survive.
Rosaline Gets a New Room As a Capulet Lady
00:59 — Rosaline is forced to take Juliet’s bedroom.
Romeo and Juliet Meet to Exchange Vows
01:41 — Romeo and Juliet meet to marry.
Rosaline and Prince Escalus’ Past Relationship Is Revealed
04:58 — Rosaline and Prince Escalus’ Relationship is Discovered by Benvolio
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  • Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor

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