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Sarah Silverman, Topher Grace and Patti Lupone Join HBO's Lorne Michaels Pilot

Topher Grace, Patti LuPone, Sarah Silverman

Sarah SilvermanTopher Grace and Patti Lupone are set to star in HBO's Lorne Michaels comedy pilot People in New Jersey.

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Lisa Robin Kelly's Autopsy Completed, Cause of Death Still Unknown

Lisa Robin Kelly

An autopsy has been completed on former That '70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly, but her cause of death probably won't be known for another couple of months, CNN reports.

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That '70s Show Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Dies at 43

Lisa Robin Kelly

That '70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly died Wednesday in her sleep after going into cardiac arrest at a rehab facility in California, TMZ reports. She was 43.

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True Blood's Stephen Moyer Lands Two Movie Roles

Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer, the sexy True Blood vampire and real-life fiancé of co-star Anna Paquin, has landed two movie roles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Will Spidey Franchise Spawn Villain Film?

Spider-Man 3's Venom courtesy Sony Pictures Releasing

With the insane success of The Dark Knight and massive buzz over The Watchmen its no surprise that Sony is moving forward with Venom a Spider-Man spinoff based on a villain says The Hollywood Reporter The slimy-gooey creature originally introduced by Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3 would be a way to breathe new life into the aging Spiderman franchise However the studio isnt yet convinced that Topher could carry a tentpole picture and because Venom can change form the door is open for another bigger star to play the roleTheres also a fourth Spider-Man film in the works for 2011What do you say Spidey fans Are you psyched for a bad guy to take center stage And who would make a good Venom Erin FoxRelated149 Is Spider-Man 4 Crawling Your Way Soon149 Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch More Spider-Man read more

First, an observation. I ...

Hugh Laurie and Elias Koteas, House

Question: First, an observation. I liked the trivia of the doctors on Lost and Grey's Anatomy with the same last name, but I wonder if anybody noticed the two Fox network characters with the same name. Both That 70s Show's Topher Grace and House's Omar Epps play(ed) Eric Foreman. But anyway, I do have a question. With the FCC upholding its fines of network TV for the Jackson-Timberlake incident and the Without a Trace episode placing the emphasis on stigmatizing sexual content, doesn't anybody find the sick-out factor on the season finale of House to be more in conflict with "standards of decency"? I love the show (although I usually only watch the second half, after my favorite medical show, Scrubs), but I find the sight of an eyeball-popping, testicle-exploding, gut-ripping bloody mess much more disturbing than a bare breast. What do you think? Answer: First off, officially Fox's Erics spell their last names differently: Forman (70s Show) and Foreman (House). Secondly, you know you're ... read more


Theresa Russell, the star of 1987's Black Widow, has been cast in Spider-Man 3 as Mrs. Marko, the wife of Thomas Haden Church's Flint Marko, aka the villainous Sandman. I'd make a quip about Russell being more threatening than Spider-Man 3's other baddie, Topher Grace, but then I'd hear from that avid Topher fan again. Don't want that. What, too late? read more


Spider-Man eyes Bryce Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard, star of M. Night Shyamalan's The Village and the soon-to-be-released Manderlay, is in talks to play Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's new love interest — his first, actually, per the comic books, but that's a long story — in Spider-Man 3, which is scheduled to start shooting this month. Onboard already for the sequel are returnees Kirsten Dunst and James Franco, and Topher Grace and Thomas Haden Church as the baddies. I'm sorry, Topher Grace?! Dude couldn't even swing an axe with my boy Josh Duhamel in Tad Hamilton. Anyway... read more

Time to Go?
Preparing for that final curtain

Knowing when to leave, and then executing that exit strategy with dignity and creative energy intact, is possibly the toughest task in all of TV. (Everybody Loves Raymond pulled it off better than most.) In the year ahead, quite a few longtime faves are heading toward the finish line, even if some — like the fading West Wing — have yet to make it official. Here's my take on how these swan songs are playing out. While watching them, I also started wondering which ones are most likely to live on in spin-offs and which are best suited for nostalgic reunions somewhere down the road. The West Wing Sundays, 8 pm/ET, NBCSeason: 7Showing its age? By definition, a lame duck is no spring chicken. Moving this once-majestic show to Sund read more

Please, tell me that the ...

Question: Please, tell me that the rumors I am hearing are true. Are Topher Grace (Eric Forman) and Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso) coming back to That '70s Show? The show really sucks big time without them.
Answer: Last I checked, the producers were talking to the actors' peeps about a possible return for what I can only presume, and hope, would be the series finale. But no actual word yet. I do, however, agree about the overall suckage. '70s is so '90s. Let it go ... read more

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