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Thu Mar 30 2:00pm
Live Free or DieThe Bears and the Bees(Season 1, Episode 7) NGC

Gabriel goes hunting for turkey; Tony and Amelia attempt to catch bees near their property; Thorn tracks a bear; and Colbert continues to train his nephew in survival skills.

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Thu Mar 30 3:00pm
Live Free or DieHog Wild(Season 1, Episode 8) NGC

Tony and Amelia trade for goods; Thorn goes turkey hunting; Colbert tracks wild hogs; and Gabriel meets up with his mentor.

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Fri Mar 31 2:00pm
Live Free or DieDown the Rabbit Hole(Season 1, Episode 9) NGC

Colbert is challenged with the task of moving housing materials up the river to his new abode.

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Fri Mar 31 3:00pm
Live Free or DieForever Wild(Season 1, Episode 10) NGC

Season highlights are presented.

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Mon Apr 3 2:00pm
Live Free or DieRising Waters(Season 2, Episode 1) NGC

Thorn works on developing his homestead; Derik retrieves his working mules; Colbert faces rising waters around his home.

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Mon Apr 3 3:00pm
Live Free or DieForce of Nature(Season 2, Episode 2) NGC

Colbert is running out of time to capture enough pelts for trading over the course of the year; Thorn constructs a small fishing vessel known as "coracle"; Tony and Amelia make sycamore syrup to use in bartering; and Tobias begins an 80-mile journey north (more…)

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Tue Apr 4 2:00pm
Live Free or DieKilling Time(Season 2, Episode 3) NGC

Tobias journeys through the Arizona Desert hoping to survive on what he can carry on his back; Colbert tracks an elusive feral hog; Thorn visits an area known for hunting beaver; Derik finally hits the road with deadly risks along the way.

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Tue Apr 4 3:00pm
Live Free or DieDead Zone(Season 2, Episode 4) NGC

A motorcycle spooks Derik's mule, scuttling his plan to gather water from a distant spring; Tony and Amelia hunt turkey; Tobias struggles to find water on his 80-mile hike to new campgrounds; and Colbert plans to meet a friend he hasn't seen since he "re-w (more…)

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Wed Apr 5 2:00pm
Live Free or DieOut for Blood(Season 2, Episode 5) NGC

Mosquitoes plague Colbert; Thorn stalks a turkey; and Tony and Amelia deal with garden-destroying chickens.

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Wed Apr 5 3:00pm
Live Free or DieSting Like a Bee(Season 2, Episode 6) NGC

Tony and Amelia's bees are endangered; Thorn battles a massive bonfire; Colbert takes a big step toward finishing his new cabin; and Tobias builds a desert shelter.

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Thu Apr 6 2:00pm
Live Free or DieThe Reaping(Season 2, Episode 7) NGC

Tobias suffers from lack of protein and is thwarted in attempts to catch a rabbit; Thorn's daughter visits and together they make crawdad traps; Derik uses his blacksmith skills to strike a deal for transporting his stubborn mules; Tony and Amelia, overrun (more…)

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Thu Apr 6 3:00pm
Live Free or DieThe Tipping Point(Season 2, Episode 8) NGC

Colbert's 20-year-old canoe springs a leak; Tobias continues to search for protein at his new camp; and Thorn tackles a leaky roof before mold sets in.

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Fri Apr 7 2:00pm
Live Free or DieHell or High Water(Season 2, Episode 9) NGC

Colbert abandons a fishing expedition; Derik repairs a roof; Thorn heads out on a night hunt; and Tobias' water source is drying up.

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Fri Apr 7 3:00pm
Live Free or DieSlash and Burn(Season 2, Episode 10) NGC

Tony and Amelia's slash-and-burn project gets out of control; Derik's mules escape from the corral; Thorn finds a creative use for roadkill; Tobias' water source dries up; and Colbert tries to finish his cabin despite his injury.

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Mon Apr 10 2:00pm
Live Free or DieCall of The Wild(Season 2, Episode 12) NGC

The homesteaders share some creative ways to prepare for the incoming winter season. Included, homestead yogurt, homemade jerky, and the caveman zip tie.

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Mon Apr 10 3:00pm
Live Free or DieThe Hunt Is On(Season 2, Episode 13) NGC

The need for food supplies to survive the winter season becomes keen as the deer hunting season comes to a close.

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Tue Apr 11 2:00pm
Live Free or DieThe Tough Get Going(Season 2, Episode 14) NGC

The homesteaders make preparations for the winter season.

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Tue Apr 11 3:00pm
Live Free or DieRace Against Time(Season 2, Episode 15) NGC

A solar dehydrator is built by Tony and Amelia to help dry out their store of deer meat. Elsewhere, Matt leaves his pit house, Thorn works to preserve hog meat while Colbert assists a friend with a coyote problem.

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Wed Apr 12 2:00pm
Live Free or DieTo The Bone(Season 2, Episode 16) NGC

Amelia prepares turkey tail mushroom tea. Also, the homesteaders have trouble modernizing their lifestyles.

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Wed Apr 12 3:00pm
Live Free or DieMaking Moves(Season 2, Episode 17) NGC

The homesteaders prepare for the upcoming Spring season.

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