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TV's Pre-Premiere Week Premiere Week

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TV has really put the “labor” in Labor Day week. It’s only the third day of September, and what is many years a sleepy week has already seen the premiere of six major series (network and cable), with roughly four more (if you count Bravo’s Top Design) on tap for tonight. I dealt with several of these shows already in my Roush Review column—FX’s The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, Fox’s Prison Break, TNT’s Raising the Bar and HBO’s True Blood—but here are some more thoughts on a week so busy it’s hard to fathom that the official network premiere week is nearly three weeks away.Gossip Girl Rocks. Some of the most fun I’ve had in front of the TV in the last week or so (when I’m not absorbed in U.S. Open tennis play) was zipping through the first three episodes of Gossip Girl’s hilariously sizzling second season. On Monday night, we learned that mopey Serena was getting through her summer-without-Dan by watching The Close... read more

Monk Season 6 — Review

Tony Shalhoub by Gavin Bond/USA Network

Tony Shalhoub is excellent as "Adrian Monk," a former San Francisco police detective suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. His list of quirks is nearly endless, yet they don't prevent him from solving difficult cases as a consultant for the police. With help from Natalie, his assistant, Mr. Monk fights through his phobias to bring order to the streets. This 4-disc set from Universal includes all 16 episodes from the sixth season, presented in Anamorphic Widescreen, and offers commentary tracks with the cast and crew. Notable guest stars include Sarah Silverman, Sharon Lawrence, Snoop Dogg, Diedrich Bader, Alfred Molina, Angela Kinsey, Gail O'Grady, and Dan Castellaneta. — Gord LaceyMonk Season 6 on read more

Exclusive: Hector Elizondo Shrinks to Fit Monk

Hector Elizondo by Jeffrey Mayer/

Well, we kinda knew Monk couldn't go too long without an analyst, right? So, tragic as is the April 8 death of Stanley Kamel — aka the neurotic's Dr. Kroger — a USA Network spokesperson confirms to me exclusively that Hector Elizondo has been tapped to join Monk as Tony Shalhoub's new shrink. There's no word on how his character will be introduced, but he'll first turn up in the show's seventh season premiere on July 18.On a related note, Elizondo's hiring would seem to signal that CBS' Cane is a goner. So what's your take, peeps? Will you have a harder time adjusting to seeing Monk on someone else's couch than he'll have being on someone else's couch? Or do you remember Elizondo so fondly from Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries that you'll actually be psyched to see him take a role on a show you actually watch? Share your thoughts below! read more

Monk Falls Head Over Heels for a Suspect

Monk by Peter "Hopper" Stone/USA

Today’s Video Break: MonkEpisode Title: "Mr. Monk and the Other Woman"Season: 1Year: 2002 Why we love this episode: Our favorite obsessive-compulsive detective shows that he too is human under all that fanatical behavior when he becomes a smitten kitten for a woman involved in a murder case. Watch the video now! Your take: What's your favorite Monk OCD? read more

Monk Finale Preview: Jail for Our Fastidious Friend?

Traylor Howard, Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine and Scott Glenn, Monk

Well, he's no Jack Bauer. 24's tough-guy hero can withstand electrodes, knives and other unpleasant instruments of torture. But the obsessive-compulsive Adrian Monk? The mess of getting fingerprinted pretty much strains his limits. But who says nice guys finish last? USA Network's Monk (tonight at 9 pm/ET) has topped the cable charts in recent weeks, and the two-part season finale, with Monk arrested and prison-bound on false murder charges, demonstrates why. A tribute to The Fugitive that includes a wrongful accusation, a relentless lawman's pursuit and — in a nod to that fabled, elusive one-armed man — a six-fingered killer, the finale combines the comedy and mystery that keeps Monk pulling in viewers after six seasons. "In terms of the psychological and physical danger Monk's in," star Tony Shalhoub says, "t read more

Tony Shalhoub Spills Monk Secrets

Tony Shalhoub, Monk

All hail the return of Monk (tonight at 9 pm/ET, USA Network)! On the heels of last week's Season 6.5 premiere, everyone's favorite quirky detective is back to kick more criminal butt in Episode 2, airing tonight. And the show's star, Emmy-winner Tony Shalhoub, tells us it'll get even harder being Monk this season as the detective embarks on his most perilous case yet. Plus, we get the scoop on Shalhoub's love affair with guest star Howie Mandel. You don't need a magnifying glass to see where this one's going. Good morning, Tony.Tony Shalhoub: Good morning. I actually got up a little earlier for a change and took a hike. I'm in L.A., and the weather's great. And since we've been on hiatus, the challenge is to really enjoy the free time. So you guys film out in Hollywood? Any plans on shooting out read more

Thanks so much for keeping up ...

Question: Thanks so much for keeping up with everything going on this summer — from the new shows to the TCAs, you're helping me impress my friends with my TV knowledge! As for the Emmys, you may have addressed this previously, but how is a show submitted in the best-drama or the best-comedy category? I assume the voters don't watch entire seasons. Is it a representative episode or a synopsis of some kind? I ask because Boston Legal, which is nominated in the drama category, seems to be more of a comedy. ABC tends to promote the humorous angle, but still. Tony Shalhoub is consistently nominated in the Best Actor in a Comedy Series category, but what I've seen of Monk isn't all that funny. In fact, sometimes it makes me sad for him. Any insights? Answer: Matt Roush: It's up to the show (and/or the actors) to submit itself in whatever category the producers, the studio, the network or whoever deems fit. Boston Legal has muddied the waters, because it has submitted itself as a comedy to ... read more

Monk Is Back — and Dirty Girl Sarah Silverman's Got Him!

Tony Shalhoub and Sarah Silverman, Monk

Outrageous twists! Shocking revelations! Not on Monk! Most returning hits feel compelled to tinker with success, even when doing so only screws things up. Monk, the USA Network series back this Friday, July 13 (at 9 pm/ET), for its sixth season, stays true to its quirky title character by playing it safe. Obsessively, compulsively safe. "People expect us to try to keep Monk fresh, but I think freshness is highly overrated," cracks Tony Shalhoub, who plays the hyperphobic, OCD-afflicted detective Adrian Monk. "I believe in fermentation, and we're fermenting like a cheap wine." Monk creator Andy Breckman admits he's "quite frankly scared" to mess with this proven, family-friendly formula. "We're still playing by strict 1974 TV rules and have no desire to pu read more

Has Stanley Kamel Finally Made His Monk on Show Biz?

Stanley Kamel, Monk

After three decades as a steadily employed but no-name actor, Stanley Kamel has found his dream role on USA's Monk as the title character's dedicated shrink, Dr. Charles Kroger. Mind you, Kamel has played a therapist before — prior to Monk he was best known for his villainous turn as an ethically challenged psychiatrist on ABC's Murder One — but as Kroger, he gets to show that despite his wild blue eyes and intense persona, he can still play a good guy, and a pretty funny one at that. Kamel talked (at length) to about his long career and the second half of Monk's fifth season, which kicks off tonight at 9 pm/ET. I love interviewing character actors. You guys always say the best stuff. Like read more

Golden Globes: Reactions from this Year's Nominees!

Little Miss Sunshine's Steve Carell, Dexter's Michael C. Hall and The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick 

Nominations for the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards, to be held Jan. 15, 2007, were announced Thursday morning in Beverly Hills. Powered by Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, ABC (with 11 nods) edged out NBC (9) to lead the broadcast-networks pack, while Babel had the most movie kudos, netting seven noms from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. A complete list of who's in the running and for what can be found here. In the days after the nominations came out, TV Guide rounded up reactions from some of your favorite stars. Gregory Itzin, read more

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