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Dancing with the Stars Parts...

Dancing with the Stars Parts of tonight's looong two-hour finale reminded me of a wedding (even more than that awful band usually does): the way the rejected couples marched in and did their obviously unchoreographed freestyle, and then the finalists kept giving their partners loving looks like they were at the altar. Other parts made me think that my DVR was acting up — we watched the same clips at least three times, just in varying lengths and orders. They had to be absolutely certain that we knew just how far these stars had come. OK, I did enjoy all those rehearsal scenes showing how adorable the relationships between the pros and their star students had become. I love how much emphasis Stacy, Tony, Drew read more


Desperate Housewives hottie Eva Longoria adamantly dismisses talk that she is dating Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, in whose new music vid she appears and with whom she looked cozy in many post-Golden Globes photos. "It's the silliest thing!" she says, addressing the rumor on Access Hollywood. "That is not true. Jamie and I are really good friends, and actually he's better friends with Tony [Parker, Longoria's beau]." For the time being, at least. read more

Dancing with the Stars Tom Bergeron...

 Mischa Barton, The O.C.

Dancing with the Stars
Tom Bergeron
was faster than the quickstep with his off-the-cuff humor tonight — calling the rowdy audience soccer fans, warning the judges not to tell Drew Lachey he wasn't "in sync," suggesting that Master P start a line of dancing shoes. I was also tickled by the way George Hamilton was orchestrating all these little soap-operatic scenes for the moments just before the commercial. I'm glad some people are taking the competitive edge off things.

Lisa and Louis: I always thought of the rhumba as Baby and Johnny's dance from Dirty Dancing. Even without the lift, this was much dirtier. But what, dear god, is up with choosing that read more

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