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July 2, 2007: Two's a Crowd

Perhaps in preparation for/contrast to the next episode, which is a dramatic doozy, TNT's The Closer this week served up one of its "lighter" cases, and an always interesting combo of whodunit and whowasitdunto. Me, I just feel for poor Flynn and Provenza, who once again were cold-cocked by their separate and collective colorful pasts.Having cued up this episode before reading's Q&A with G.W. Bailey, I was prepared for some sort of coffin switcheroo but was not expecting the "uninvited guest" to be sharing the space with Flynn's passed-on pal. That twist almost immediately cast a shadow on the funeral home, allowing us to meet that other "closer," thus offering a superb double-take by Brenda and Gabriel. That the actual culprit turned out to be a blackmailed plastic surgeon to the stars as well as the B-story's bridezilla was, in my opinion, a letdown/egregious cheat, ergo making this episode the weakest of the young season to date.That said, what the hour was really... read more

G.W. Bailey Previews a Darkly Comic The Closer!

G.W. Bailey, The Closer

Seemingly not having a first name is just one of the quirky qualities that makes The Closer's Detective Lieutenant Provenza one of the most endearing characters on a show full of them. G.W. Bailey, whose own real first name is George — but don't call him that — may not be a household moniker, but you'd probably know his face. The veteran actor's long career ranges from Charlie's Angels through such series as M*A*S*H, St. Elsewhere and The Jeff Foxworthy Show to a recent gig as a faux Santa Claus. We talked to the Port Arthur, Texas, native about what's happening on TNT's The Closer tonight at 9 pm/ET, why the show's such a hit, and yes, his love (or not) for his childhood buddy Janis Joplin. read more

June 18, 2007: Slashes 'N Cuts

Welcome back to Red Herring Central, aka a new season of TNT's The Closer!For any newcomers to the superb series, we are glad to have you here to break down the week's episode, twists and turns and double-backs included. You’ve chosen a real crackerjack of a show to test-drive, and you shall be rewarded for your expenditure of brain power every Monday night. For the regulars from Season 2... here, have a pastry.Let's start with a show of hands: Who thought the Wallaces' son did it? Yep, my hand is up. I know, I know, it's rare that the prime suspect proves to the be culprit in Brenda Leigh-land, but I thought for sure this was going to be a "he did it/no, he didn't/oops, yes he did" reveal. That is, until they unveiled the secret second family. You know, early on I was pondering, "The dad spends a lot of time with this unseen shrink, maybe they are one and the same?" I see now I should have stuck with that. That whole cell-phone-behind-the-wet-bar clue threw me, too. I thought,... read more

After the Live Webcast: Let's Discuss The Closer's Season 3!

So, did you watch's live webcast with the cast and creator of The Closer? Wasn't Miss Kyra positively luminous? (Though the way she kept shifting in her seat, I suspect that director's chair was wicked uncomfortable.)Ladies, did Jon Tenney live up to his cutie rep? Could Tony's baseball analogy have been any more, um, "involved"? Doesn't the road trip/U-Haul episode sound like a hoot? What do you think of Robert Gossett's "Salt & Pepper"/Taylor-and-Provenza spinoff idea? Should we not read too much into the fact that Gina Ravera was MIA, seeing as Corey Reynolds said Daniels and Gabriel will continue dating this season?Did the question you sent in make the cut, and get answered by one of our fab guests? Share your thoughts on what was discussed, and the coming season as a whole, here and now. Thank yew! read more

Fans of The Closer: Our Live Webcast Wants You

This Thursday, June 7, at 4 pm/ET, will host a live and interactive webcast in which The Closer creator James Duff and cast members including Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Tenney, J.K. Simmons and Anthony Denison will survey the new season premiering June 18. TV Guide's Craig Tomashoff will moderate the chat, inviting the guest panel to respond to questions e-mailed in by you, the fans.To participate in the webcast, which will be simulcast on and CNN Pipeline, click the homepage link going up Thursday afternoon.SEND YOUR QUESTIONS NOW: To make sure your questions get answered, post them below if you are logged in or submit them via e-mail.TV Guide Network's InFANity: The Closer airs Monday, June 11, at 9 pm/ET. read more

Hey, Matt! I love your column ...

Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

Question: Hey, Matt! I love your column and read it all the time. I fell in love with The Closer while watching its first season repeats on TNT. Do you think that a show like this will ever get a chance to run during the traditional season, or will it always be stuck in the summer season? Also, what's your opinion about the cast and its chances for a third season? Thanks! Answer: Later this week I'll be sitting down to watch the first two episodes of The Closer's second season, and I'll be sharing my thoughts before the show's premiere on June 12. I thought the first season was solid, and that if it weren't for Edie Falco, Kyra Sedgwick would have a decent chance at an Emmy (she'll certainly get a nomination). For a show built around such a strong character, the bench strength of the supporting cast is exceptional (J.K. Simmons, Jon Tenney, Tony Denison, G.W. Bailey, to name just a few). It's one of the better crime dramas on TV, and given the glut in that genre, that's saying ... read more

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