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Birth Place: Mississippi

Birthday: November 10, 1963, Scorpio

Profession: Actor, Comedian

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Sun Mar 29 3:00am
In Living ColorThe Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show(Season 4, Episode 12) FXX

Vera De Milo hawks her new fragrance; Cousin Elsee works in a hospital; Mr. and Mrs. Brooks take a second honeymoon. Kim Wayans, James Carrey, David Alan Grier, Kelly Coffield.

Sun Mar 29 3:30am
In Living ColorCapital Hillbillies(Season 4, Episode 13) FXX

Parodies of Amy Fisher (Alexandra Wentworth); Bill Cosby (Jamie Foxx); and the theme from "The Beverly Hillbillies," targeting the First Family. Also: Benita Butrell (Kim Wayans). David Alan Grier.

Mon Mar 30 1:00am
In Living ColorThe Info Group(Season 4, Episode 14) FXX

Blaine and Antoine in "Men on Fitness." Also: "What If Bob Hope Were Black?"; a parody of an LAPD officer. Damon Wayans, David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson.

Mon Mar 30 1:30am
In Living ColorForever Silky(Season 4, Episode 15) FXX

Sherman Hemsley has a cameo as LaShawn trains a new dry-cleaner employee; Fire Marshal Bill visits a Japanese restaurant. Also: Damon Wayans as Oswald. James Carrey, Tommy Davidson, David Alan Grier, Kelly Coffield.

Tue Mar 31 2:30am
Juwanna Mann VH1

When a pro-basketball star (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.) gets tossed out of the league, he dresses as a female hoopster and joins a women's team. The film nets too few laughs. Vivica A. Fox. Features cameos by NBA players Tyrone Bogues, Rasheed Wallace, Vlade Diva (more…)

Tue Mar 31 9:00am
In Living ColorDirty Little Dick(Season 4, Episode 16) FXX

Rodney Dangerfield appears in a sketch. Also: spoofs of Geraldo Rivera and Little Richard. Jamie Foxx, James Carrey, Shawn Wayans, Tommy Davidson, T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah.

Tue Mar 31 9:30am
In Living ColorPassenger 227(Season 4, Episode 17) FXX

En Vogue is invaded by Wanda the Ugly Woman; the Dysfunctional Family has a wedding; a White House interview is upstaged by a tourist (James Carrey).

Tue Mar 31 10:00pm
Juwanna Mann VH1

When a pro-basketball star (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.) gets tossed out of the league, he dresses as a female hoopster and joins a women's team. The film nets too few laughs. Vivica A. Fox. Features cameos by NBA players Tyrone Bogues, Rasheed Wallace, Vlade Diva (more…)

Wed Apr 1 8:30am
In Living ColorDuke and Cornbread Turner(Season 4, Episode 18) FXX

Spoofs of "A Different World," and Charles Bronson and his "Death Wish" films. Also: Super Dave Osborne performs a stunt; Grandpa tries to enter Duke in a dog show.

Wed Apr 1 9:00am
In Living ColorMr. Rogers(Season 4, Episode 19) FXX

Parodies of "Achy Breaky Heart," Mister Rogers, Rev. Al Sharpton and Archie Bunker. Also: "Great Moments in Black History"; a performance by Heavy D. David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson.

Thu Apr 2 2:00am
In Living ColorJohnny Abdul(Season 2, Episode 13) FXX

The Brothers Brothers (Damon and Keenen Ivory Wayans) promote Arizona tourism; the heads of "Funky Finger Productions" (David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson) pitch a deal. Kelly Coffield, T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah.

Thu Apr 2 2:30am
In Living ColorMy Dark Conscience(Season 2, Episode 15) FXX

Boxers promote boxer shorts; a parole board hears Oswald; students thwart a tyrannical prom chaperone (David Alan Grier).

Thu Apr 2 9:00am
In Living ColorRodney King and Reginald Deny Speak Out(Season 4, Episode 1) FXX

Sketches on the L.A. riots with Benita Buttrell; a market's reopening with Fire Marshal Bill. Also: a public-service announcement from "Rodney King" and "Reginald Denny."

Thu Apr 2 9:30am
In Living ColorBlack People Show(Season 4, Episode 21) FXX

Al MacAfee mans his school's metal detector; Lamarr Hightower asks how actors incorporate the black experience in their roles as he hosts "The Black People's Show." Also: LaShawn (T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah) gets a makeover. David Alan Grier.

Sat Apr 4 8:00am
In Living ColorStacy Koon's Police Academy(Season 4, Episode 22) FXX

Diners are interrupted by a boorish woman; Baby Lonnie visits the doctor; a gay man trumpets his preference; Los Angeles police recruits receive training from one of the Rodney King defendants (James Carrey).

Sat Apr 4 8:30am
In Living ColorUndigable Hosts(Season 4, Episode 23) FXX

James Brown appears as a bad-haircut victim; a teen judge rules on problems. Also: TV huckster Loomis Simmons (David Alan Grier).

Sat Apr 4 9:00am
In Living ColorThelma and Louise Jefferson(Season 4, Episode 24) FXX

Mario Van Peebles in a Western sketch with Wanda; Thelma and Louise...Jefferson (Marc Wilmore). David Alan Grier, James Carrey, Alexandra Wentworth.

Sat Apr 4 9:30am
In Living ColorBunny Clive FXX

The Dysfunctional Family attends a funeral; Vera De Milo battles a sumo wrestler in a movie parody. Jamie Foxx, Kelly Coffield, A.J. Jamal, Alexandra Wentworth.

Sun Apr 5 3:00am
In Living ColorIn Living Color's Feedback Line FXX

The Funky Finger guys get a break; customers complain to beautician LaShawn (T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah); viewer complaints are addressed. James Carrey.

Sun Apr 5 3:30am
In Living ColorIke Strikes Back(Season 5, Episode 1) FXX

Spoofs of "Seinfeld" and Ike Turner (David Alan Grier). Also: Wanda gives birth; a comic performs "healing" routines in a tense neighborhood. Anne-Marie Johnson.

Mon Apr 6 1:00am
In Living ColorThe Dirty Dozens(Season 5, Episode 2) FXX

Tommy Davidson parodies Michael Jackson; Fire Marshal Bill points out hospital hazards. Also: a shouting competition; a game show where "talkin' trash can get you cash."

Mon Apr 6 1:30am
In Living ColorIke Turner and Hooch(Season 5, Episode 3) FXX

Concert security guards don't recognize headliner Tupac Shakur; Norton tutors Ralph in hip-hop in "Honeymooners '93." Regulars include Tommy Davidson, Marc Wilmore, Anne-Marie Johnson.

Tue Apr 7 9:00am
In Living ColorThe Irish Singer(Season 5, Episode 5) FXX

Wanda hires a PI to find her child's father; a fan harasses a basketball player; an Irish folk singer performs depressing songs at a rehab center.

Tue Apr 7 9:30am
In Living ColorDroop! There It Is(Season 5, Episode 6) FXX

Marsha Warfield encounters studio pages Ace and Main Man; Cheap Pete works a bar; "Rush Limbaugh" and "Al Sharpton" run a men's store. Also: Background Guy (James Carrey) gets a girlfriend.

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