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Fitz Tells Mellie Olivia Killed Andrew Nichols
04:22 — Move your plane, Fitz!
Cyrus Puts a Stop to His Alex Vargas Problem
01:33 — Don't mess with Cyrus Beene.
Fitz Helps Abby Forgive Herself
02:55 — Abby needs to find a way out of the darkness.
Olivia and Abby Face Off
00:42 — An elevator ride gets awkward.
Charlie and Quinn Babysit
00:35 — Charlie finds a way to "Let It Go" with Quinn.
Quinn Was Never Meant to Be Normal
01:33 — Normal is overrated. Right, Charlie?
Mellie Grant vs. Susan Ross
01:23 — The campaign heats up for Susan and Mellie!
Jake Tells Olivia Why He's REALLY Getting Married
04:18 — Vice President Jake Ballard has a nice ring to it, right?
Olivia Breaks Jake's Heart
03:15 — To keep him safe, Olivia Pope tells Jake to marry Vanessa.
Papa Pope Threatens to Kill Jake
01:52 — Rowan vows to slit Jake's throat if Olivia stops the wedding.
What's Next for Olivia Pope?
01:25 — Preview Episode 18: Jake's wedding has been moved up.
Mellie's Unromantic Visit to Andrew Nichols
02:30 — Absence sometimes doesn't make the heart grow fonder.
The Gang Bunkers Down Again for a Cause
01:09 — Team Fitz works together to nip the Andrew Nichols situation in the bud.
Olivia Is Kidnapped
01:27 — It's time for war.
Abby Needs Olivia's Help Getting the President to Man up
02:26 — Abby worries about life after the White House.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 17 Recap
03:29 — The biggest OMG moments from the "Thwack!" episode of Scandal.
Olivia reaches her breaking point.
03:29 — Olivia reaches her breaking point.
Fitz Finds Out About Mellie and Andrew
01:06 — Fitz is striding down the hall in an instant.
Abby Crosses Olivia Pope On Scandal
02:08 — Abby goes on a power trip.
Father's Day - Official Trailer
02:15 — Two men who couldn't be more different both think they're the father of the same boy. When the boy's mother lets them know he's run away, the wildly u (more…)
Susan Ross Wins the Debate On Scandal
02:25 — Susan's personal story hits home for Americans.
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