Tom Palmer Celebrity Watchlist

Sun May 10 6:00am
Mad MenA Tale of Two Cities(Season 6, Episode 10) AMC

The agency works to keep a client; Joan is caught off guard.

Sun May 10 6:59am
Mad MenFavors(Season 6, Episode 11) AMC

Betty plans for Sally's future, while Peggy encounters trouble at home.

Sun May 10 7:58am
Mad MenLost Horizon(Season 7, Episode 12) AMC

Don receives a reward for his work; Joan butts heads with a coworker on an account; Roger dodges a big decision.

Sun May 10 10:00pm
Mad MenThe Milk and Honey RouteNew(Season 7, Episode 13) AMC

Don has trouble sleeping; Pete is blindsided by a friend; Henry arranges a family reunion.

Sun May 10 11:11pm
Mad MenThe Milk and Honey Route(Season 7, Episode 13) AMC

Don has trouble sleeping; Pete is blindsided by a friend; Henry arranges a family reunion.

Mon May 11 12:21am
Mad MenThe Milk and Honey Route(Season 7, Episode 13) AMC

Don has trouble sleeping; Pete is blindsided by a friend; Henry arranges a family reunion.

Wed May 13 2:30am
Mad MenThe Milk and Honey Route(Season 7, Episode 13) AMC

Don has trouble sleeping; Pete is blindsided by a friend; Henry arranges a family reunion.

Wed May 13 7:00pm
Mad MenSmoke Gets in Your Eyes(Season 1, Episode 1) AMC

At an advertising agency in 1960s Manhattan, the creative director has problems coming up with ideas for a tobacco account and crosses swords with the female head of a large department store that she wants to take in a new retail direction.

Wed May 13 8:06pm
Mad MenLadies Room(Season 1, Episode 2) AMC

Betty sees a specialist about her ongoing physical problems; a managing partner leans on Don to get involved in the Richard Nixon presidential campaign; Peggy gets some unwanted attention from a copy writer.

Wed May 13 9:12pm
Mad MenMarriage of Figaro(Season 1, Episode 3) AMC

Pete's return from his honeymoon stirs up conflicted emotions about his bachelor-party dalliance with Peggy; Don and Rachel's business relationship shifts; Betty sets tongues wagging when she invites the neighborhood divorcée to her daughter's birthday pa (more…)

Wed May 13 10:18pm
Mad MenNew Amsterdam(Season 1, Episode 4) AMC

Pete oversteps his bounds in dealing with a valuable client, puts his foot in his mouth and gets a lesson from Don in toeing the company line. At home, he gets pressure from his newlywed bride to buy their own apartment unit.

Wed May 13 11:24pm
Mad MenFive G(Season 1, Episode 5) AMC

Don wins a prestigious award and gets his face splashed on a prominent industry periodical, which triggers some fallout from his past; Ken gets a short story published in a national monthly magazine, inspiring jealousy among his colleagues.

Thu May 14 12:30am
Mad MenBabylon(Season 1, Episode 6) AMC

Peggy offers superb suggestions during a focus-group session, and her ideas are so well received that her future at the agency looks much brighter; Don asks Rachel's advice about an ad campaign for Israeli tourism.

Thu May 14 1:35am
Mad MenRed in the Face(Season 1, Episode 7) AMC

A boys' night out for Roger and Don ends badly as Roger's erratic behavior damages their relationship; Pete encounters problems on the home front as he and his bride continue to adjust to being married.

Thu May 14 2:40am
Mad MenThe Hobo Code(Season 1, Episode 8) AMC

Don's mysterious past comes back to haunt him; Peggy celebrates her new work success, but not all of her colleagues and co-workers are pleased or impressed; Salvatore's relationship with a client is questioned.

Thu May 14 3:45am
Mad MenShoot(Season 1, Episode 9) AMC

A rival ad agency tries to poach Don from Sterling Cooper, and they involve Betty in their campaign to land him; romantic rivals vie for Peggy's affections. Also, the agency steps up its Nixon presidential campaign in an attempt to counter successful Kenne (more…)

Thu May 14 4:50am
Mad MenLong Weekend(Season 1, Episode 10) AMC

Don is distraught about losing an important account, so Roger, stuck in the city on Labor Day, tries to cheer him up; Joan and her roommate paint the town.

Thu May 14 5:55am
Mad MenIndian Summer(Season 1, Episode 11) AMC

Peggy is assigned a difficult project; Don seizes the opportunity provided by Roger's latest work woes; a frustrated Pete develops more problems at home and in the office; Betty seeks new relief for her mounting frustrations.

Thu May 14 7:00am
Mad MenNixon vs. Kennedy(Season 1, Episode 12) AMC

The Sterling Cooper staff pulls an all-nighter watching Nixon-Kennedy election returns; an ambitious Pete directly challenges Don.

Thu May 14 8:05am
Mad MenThe Wheel(Season 1, Episode 13) AMC

Peggy's colleagues are irked when she's given a new job opportunity; Don's work responsibilities get in the way of his home life; Betty uncovers a surprising secret.

Thu May 14 9:10am
Mad MenFor Those Who Think Young(Season 2, Episode 1) AMC

The second season opens with Don butting heads about personnel matters with Duck, who wants "younger creative talent"; the staff is up in the air about its approach to an airline-company account; Betty bumps into a former roommate who has begun a surprisin (more…)

Thu May 14 10:15am
Mad MenFlight 1(Season 2, Episode 2) AMC

Paul throws a party, then throws his work colleagues for a loop when he introduces them to a special guest; Peggy pays a dinner visit to her family; Duck uses an unorthodox approach to land an airline account, which puts the firm on a conflict-of-interest (more…)

Thu May 14 11:20am
Mad MenThe Benefactor(Season 2, Episode 3) AMC

Problems surface on the set of a commercial shoot while Don plays hooky from the office; ever-ambitious, career-minded Harry musters support for a sponsorship plagued by controversy; Betty steps in to help Don when he arranges a dinner to placate his upset (more…)

Thu May 14 12:25pm
Mad MenThree Sundays(Season 2, Episode 4) AMC

Peggy's family entertains a new priest assigned to their parish; Freddy and Ken wine and dine a client; the agency staff pitches in to prepare for an under-the-gun pitch meeting.

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