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Ken Bone LIVE in Vegas After the Debate
03:08 — We sent Ken Bone, the undecided voter and internet sensation of this year’s 2nd Presidential debate, to cover the final debate for us in Las Vegas.
Jimmy Kimmel Is an Undecided Voter
00:59 — Jimmy and a group of undecided voters share their thoughts on the most recent Presidential debate.
Gary Johnson On Legalizing Marijuana
05:35 — Gary talks about his stance on marijuana legalization and explains why he wouldn’t legalize any other drugs.
Gary Johnson On Not Being Invited to the Debate
01:16 — Governor Johnson talks about his absence from the Presidential debate stage and reveals how fellow third party candidate Ross Perot ended up getting t (more…)
Gary Johnson on Millennials
00:41 — Gary shares his thoughts on the way millennials are treated in this country.
Gary Johnson On Running in 2020 & Aleppo
04:09 — Governor Johnson answers a question from Ken Bone, talks about his military support and comments on his “Aleppo moment.”
Gal Gadot's Daughter Is Proud She's Wonder Woman
02:16 — Gal talks about how her five-year-old daughter feels about her being Wonder Woman, her busy year spent filming multiple movies and Halloween.
Will Gary Johnson Accept the Election Results if He Doesn't Win?
01:12 — Governor Johnson shares his thoughts on the presidential debate and reveals whether or not he’ll accept the results of the election.
Gal Gadot On the Presidential Debate
02:03 — Gal talks about the presidential debate and shares her excitement about mee
Gal Gadot Loved Kissing Isla Fisher
02:02 — Gal reveals how she felt about kissing Isla Fisher for the film Keeping Up With the Joneses.
Kimmel Kids: Out of Focus Group
05:17 — The results of this election are going to affect children more than us. So Jimmy assembled a group of actual kids to get their thoughts on Clinton ver (more…)
Audience Suggestion Box: The Roots' Confessions, the "You've Got Mail" Guy
03:01 — Jimmy reads suggestions from the audience, including one that asks to hear the guy who recorded AOL's "you've got mail" line, Elwood Edwards.
Guitarist Tom Morello Can’t Find His Earthquake Supply Kit!
01:45 — He better hurry up, because according to the news, THE BIG ONE IS COMING!!!
Giant Beer Pong With Zoë Kravitz
02:35 — Jimmy and Divergent film series star Zoë Kravitz go head-to-head in a giant game of Beer Pong.
Audience Suggestion Box: Two Really Fun Men
02:34 — Jimmy introduces Two Really Fun Men who sing a song to help an audience member have more fun.
Danny DeVito Brings #TrollFoot to the Tonight Show
02:48 — Danny DeVito enlists Jimmy to help him add a new troll foot photo to his collection and explains the origin of his popular Twitter meme.
Zoë Kravitz's Famous Dad Picked Jimmy up from the Airport
02:24 — Jimmy talks to Insurgent star Zoë Kravitz about the time her rocker father, Lenny Kravitz, subbed in as Jimmy's driver during a Bahamas trip.
Make America Rage Again - Tom Morello Interview
01:51 — John Heilemann interviews Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello on his latest project, supergroup Prophets of Rage, and their upcoming perfor (more…)
Lalah Hathaway Wins For Little Ghetto Boy (GRAMMY Live Highlight)
01:51 — Lalah Hathaway takes home the win for Best Traditional R&B Performance.
Alabama Shakes Gives Thanks
00:39 — Alabama Shakes say thank you for their win at the 2016 GRAMMYs! Only CBS Check out more GRAMMY coverage at CBS.com: http://bit.ly/1AsXJBL
Eighth Blackbird Gives Thanks
01:07 — Eighth Blackbird says thank you for their win at the 2016 GRAMMYs! Only CBS Check out more GRAMMY coverage at CBS.com: http://bit.ly/1AsXJBL
GRAMMYs 2016 - Tyrese Gibson (Rehearsal Interview)
01:32 — Catching up with Tyrese Gibson at The GRAMMY rehearsals. Watch The 58th GRAMMY Awards, Monday Feb. 15. Only CBS
Angelique Kidjo Gives Thanks
01:16 — Angelique Kidjo thanks her fans at the 2016 GRAMMY red carpet and discusses how power of music to bring people together. Only CBS Check out more GRA (more…)
Lady Gaga (GRAMMY Live Fashion Cam)
01:58 — Check out Lady Gaga on the GRAMMY Live Fashion Cam.
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