Tom Brooke

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Sun Jul 2 11:19am
Game of ThronesThe Climb(Season 3, Episode 6) HBO2

Robb considers a compromise to mend his alliance with House Frey; Melisandre visits the Riverlands; Tywin plans strategic unions for the Lannisters; Jaime's fate is in Roose Bolton's hands; Jon prepares for a dangerous climb with the Wildings.

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Sun Jul 2 2:08pm
Game of ThronesThe Rains of Castamere(Season 3, Episode 9) HBO2

Edmure meets his bride as House Tully prepares to ally itself with House Frey. Meanwhile, Jon faces the toughest test of his life; Bran finds he has a new gift; and Daario and Jorah discuss strategies for taking Yunkai.

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