Tom Brokaw

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Thomas John Brokaw
  • Birth Place: Webster, South Dakota, United States
  • Profession: Reporter, Anchor, Author
Brokaw Reports from the Berlin Wall
04:23 — Nov. 9, 1989: NBC's Tom Brokaw reports from West Germany hours after the East German government announced that residents would be able to move freely (more…)
Tom Brokaw’s Phone Rings During Election Coverage
01:20 — As the NBC newsman was discussing election results on MSNBC, his phone, which has a fire alarm ringer, started going off. Without missing a beat, Brok (more…)
President to Honor Tom Brokaw, Meryl Streep
00:26 — President Obama named 19 Presidential Medal of Honor recipients, and named NBC’s own Tom Brokaw among those to receive the nation’s highest civilian h (more…)
Tom Brokaw: Ebola Is 'a New War'
00:45 — NBC News special correspondent says Ebola is one of the toughest battles America is facing.
Tom Brokaw Interviews James Baker and Henry Kissinger
03:37 — NBC News special correspondent talks the spread of ISIS with former secretaries of state.
Tom Brokaw Talks Fall of Berlin Wall, 25 Years Later
04:52 — The veteran NBC journalist joins TODAY to reflect on the incredible history of the wall, and the epic struggle for freedom by ordinary people who foun (more…)
Tom Brokaw On 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
04:13 — Tom Brokaw reports on the fall of the Berlin Wall, which he covered for NBC News 25 years ago as the only network anchor to report live from the scene (more…)
Tom Brokaw: 'We Need Clarity' On Ebola
00:56 — NBC News special correspondent responds to politicians and media using fear regarding Ebola.
Tom Brokaw On Reporting the Fall of the Berlin Wall
03:57 — In this episode of Flashback, NBC's Tom Brokaw recalls the historic night 25 years ago in 1989 as he reported from the top of the Berlin Wall as it ca (more…)
Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee Dies at 93
03:42 — NBC's Tom Brokaw looks back on the life and legacy of The Washington Post's Ben Bradlee. The legendary newspaper editor died Tuesday at the age of 93.
25 Years Later: Tom Brokaw Remembers Fall of Berlin Wall
03:03 — NBC’s Tom Brokaw reflects on the historic night in 1989 when he reported from the Berlin Wall as it crumbled right in front of his eyes.
Tom Brokaw Visits the National World War II Museum in New Orleans
01:42 — Historian David McCullough joins Tom Brokaw on a visit to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans to reflect on the lessons of America's divis (more…)
When Brokaw Declined Nixon Job Offer
05:56 — Tom Brokaw, NBC's White House Correspondent during Watergate, explains why he turned down an offer to be President Richard Nixon's press secretary.
Tom Brokaw On Taking a Stand Against Hate
02:27 — Tom Brokaw shares some of his thoughts on the spread of lies and hate speech on the internet in these challenging times.
Tom Brokaw Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
01:33 — Tom Brokaw received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park for his work to advance freedom of speech and exp (more…)
Trump Needs a Strong Chief of Staff, Says James Baker
14:06 — Fmr. U.S. Secretary of State James Baker discusses the ups and downs in the Trump WH thus far and why he says Trump needs a strong chief of staff. Tom (more…)
Brokaw: 'This Is Not Saturday Night Massacre'
05:50 — Tom Brokaw, Katy Tur, and Hugh Hewitt join MTP Daily to discuss where we go from here after the Comey firing – and provide some historical context for (more…)
Trump Uses Comey Mistakes As Cover for Firing
03:21 — Tom Brokaw, NBC News Senior correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about how James Comey's compromised political position provided cover for Donald T (more…)
Vietnam Vets Share Their Story of Survival in Hanoi Hilton
04:37 — One of the most remarkable stories to come out the Vietnam War involved American pilots who picked up their lives after brutal imprisonment in North V (more…)
Honoring America’s Vietnam-era Veterans
05:30 — NBC’s Tom Brokaw offers a special look at how U.S. prisoners of war never gave up the fight.
Tom Brokaw On Nancy Reagan's Influence
04:08 — NBC's Tom Brokaw reacts to the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan, who passed away at the age of 94.
Tom Brokaw Speaks at Nancy Reagan's Funeral
08:32 — Tom Brokaw reflects on his time with Nancy Reagan and shares some moments they spent together.
Brokaw On the Importance of the NH Primary
02:50 — NBC's Tom Brokaw talks about the history of the New Hampshire primary and what it means for the general election.
Tom Brokaw On Why Iowa Matters
04:03 — NBC's Tom Brokaw talks about the Iowa caucuses and their impact on the 2016 election.
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  • Birth Name: Thomas John Brokaw
  • Birth Place: Webster, South Dakota, United States
  • Profession: Reporter, Anchor, Author

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