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Antonio Brown's Tango Is Full of Attack
04:39 — A few mistakes don't hold Antonio back.
Nyle DiMarco's Bubbly Foxtrot
03:39 — Nyle proves to be a major contender.
Paige VanZant's Red Hot Jazz
03:34 — Paige earns the second perfect score of Season 22.
The Fifth DWTS Elimination of Season 22
01:34 — Spoiler: See which two stars were sent home in Week 7.
Wanya Morris' Praise Worthy Foxtrot
03:56 — Wholesome as apple pie.
Kim Fields Does Michael Jackson Proud in Samba
03:21 — Kim's Samba is her best dance yet!
Von Miller's Channels Elvis
03:06 — Von's lifts wow the judges.
Jodie Sweetin's Lighthearted Quickstep
03:49 — Jodie shines in a committed routine.
Ginger Zee's Waltz Is Perfect
03:10 — Ginger receives the first perfect score of the season.
Team James Brown
04:21 — The men of DWTS bring the funk.
Team Beyonce
04:38 — The women of DWTS get into formation.
Antonio Brown's Footloose Jive
03:23 — Antonio makes a comeback with his Footloose Jive.
Nyle DiMarco's Masked Quickstep
04:43 — Nyle wows with his smokin' quickstep.
Doug Flutie's "Jai Ho" Bollywood Dance
03:14 — Doug goes from Hollywood to Bollywood.
Ginger Zee's Nasty Jazz
03:30 — Ginger's "Nasty" Jazz wowed the judges.
Jodie Sweetin's Artistic Contemporary Dance
03:58 — Jodie wows the judges with her emotional dance to "Try" by Pink.
Paige VanZant’s Groovy Jazz
03:24 — Paige's groovy Austin Powers Jazz wows the audience.
The Fourth DWTS Elimination of Season 22
01:04 — Spoiler: See which star was sent home on Week 6 of Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars.
Von Miller's Jazz
04:16 — Von's Michael Jackson Jazz was so "Bad" it was good.
Wanya Morris' Boy Band Jazz
03:32 — Wanya & Lindsay are *NSYNC with their jazz routine.
Kim Fields' Jive
04:25 — Kim's Hairspray Jive wows the judges.
DWTS 2016 Switch-Up Challenge Highlights!
01:26 — Nyle DiMarco gets the first 10 of the season on Switch-Up Night!
Nyle DiMarco's Nearly Perfect Waltz
03:54 — Nyle lands the first 10 of the season.
Von Miller’s Jive Energizes
03:48 — Von attacks the Jive.
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