Sat Sep 5 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceRock Around the Clock(Season 4, Episode 25) DISNEY

The Russos go back in time to save their home and business when they are threatened with eviction.

Sun Sep 6 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceMeet the Werewolves(Season 4, Episode 13) DISNEY

Alex transforms herself into a werewolf when she meets Mason's werewolf parents for the first time. Meanwhile, Max accidentally turns his parents into 4-year-old kids when a spell goes horribly awry.

Mon Sep 7 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceBeast Tamer(Season 4, Episode 14) DISNEY

Alex meets a new guy (Nick Roux) at a dance. Meanwhile, Mason skips the dance to work on a secret anniversary gift for Alex.

Tue Sep 8 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceWizard of the Year(Season 4, Episode 15) DISNEY

Alex is named "Wizard of the Year" and her former boyfriend, Chase, stops by to congratulate her, which makes Mason jealous.

Wed Sep 9 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceWizards vs. Asteroid(Season 4, Episode 17) DISNEY

Alex, Justin and Max blast into space to stop an asteroid that is heading toward Earth.

Thu Sep 10 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceJustin's Back In(Season 4, Episode 18) DISNEY

Justin tries to get back into a family wizard competition after suddenly being barred from it. Meanwhile, Harper helps Theresa and Jerry create a childhood-memory scrapbook for Max.

Fri Sep 11 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceMisfortune at the Beach(Season 4, Episode 16) DISNEY

Alex, Justin and Max visit a fortune-teller machine at the beach and then try to get Alex's bad fortune reversed.

Sat Sep 12 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceAlex the Puppetmaster(Season 4, Episode 19) DISNEY

Alex and Harper try to raise money to get their own apartment by putting on a puppet show for neighborhood kids.

Sun Sep 13 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceMy Two Harpers(Season 4, Episode 20) DISNEY

Alex clones Harper so she can hang out with her without disrupting Harper's time with Zeke. Meanwhile, Max plans to open a Waverly Sub Station in the wizard world.

Mon Sep 14 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceWizards of Apartment 13B(Season 4, Episode 21) DISNEY

Alex and Harper move into an apartment building with a secret 13th floor for wizards and other mythological creatures, and they discover that Alex's ex-boyfriend Mason lives there.

Tue Sep 15 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceGhost Roommate(Season 4, Episode 22) DISNEY

Alex and Harper welcome a new roommate, who is a ghost with a broken heart. When they try to help the girl get over her lost love, she takes an interest in Mason.

Wed Sep 16 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceGet Along, Little Zombie(Season 4, Episode 23) DISNEY

A resident in Alex's apartment building stumbles upon the secret 13th floor and is transformed into a zombie after being bitten by one. Meanwhile, Felix searches for his stolen magic wand.

Thu Sep 17 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceWizards vs. Everything(Season 4, Episode 24) DISNEY

Alex, Justin and Max combine their powers to save the Wizard World from the Angel of Darkness.

Fri Sep 18 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceHarperella(Season 4, Episode 26) DISNEY

Harper gets transported inside of a Cinderella-like book and encounters her evil stepmother, Theresa, and stepbrothers Justin and Max. To escape them and return back home, she must rely on Alex, her fairy godmother.

Sat Sep 19 5:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceYou Can't Always Get What You Carpet(Season 1, Episode 6) DISNEY

Alex discovers a magic flying carpet hidden in the basement and her dad gives her carpet-driving lessons that bring out the worst in her.