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Catherine Hickland Returns to One Life to Live

Catherine Hickland

ABC's landmark soap One Life to Live will end its run January 13 but not before several of the show's most memorable badasses escape from Statesville Prison and return to Llanview to raise some eleventh-hour hell. Among them: Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born), Troy MacIver (Ty Treadway), Cole Thornhart (Van Hughes), and our fave of faves, Lindsay Rappaport, the camptastic murderess played by Catherine Hickland. Yes, the very same Catherine Hickland who got spitting mad last spring when OLTL and All My Children were cancelled and took to her blog to blast ABC and its (then) daytime chief Brian Frons for destroying the soaps with their "character assassinating, lame storytelling and micromanaging." TV Guide Magazine caught up with the bodacious Hickland, who is now a certified hypnotherapist living in Las Vegas and is two years into a very serious relationship with businessman Todd Fisher (brother of Carrie, son of Debbie). Needless to say, she was extremely surprised to find herself... read more

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