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Ahoy! Starz Renews Black Sails for Season 3, Releases First Season 2 Trailer

Months ahead of its Season 2 premiere in January, Starz has renewed its pirate drama Black Sails for another season.

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Black Sails Postmortem: Bosses and Star on Major Finale Death, What's Ahead in Season 2

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from the Season 1 finale of Black Sails. Read at your own risk.]

"There are no legacies in this life. No monuments, no histories. Just the water. It pays us and then it claims us. Swallows us whole as if we've never been here at all."

If Black Sails hadn't already proven the words above to be true, the Starz pirate drama's Season 1 finale certainly bought into that bleak worldview wholeheartedly.

After a season of twists and turns, talk of pirate bureaucracy and chasing of stolen schedules, the finale builds to Capt. Flint (Toby Stephens) and the crew of The Walrus finally sailing in pursuit of the famed Spanish treasure galleon, the Urca de more

Black Sails: Is Billy Dead?

The crew of The Walrus on Starz's Black Sails (Saturday, 9/8c) suffered several casualties during its recent battle with The Andromache. But one very important life still hangs in limbo.

In Episode 6, Capt. Flint (Toby Stephens) & Co. tried to devise a way to clear out the remaining men in The Andromache's hull in order to steal the remaining guns needed for The Walrus' upcoming quest to challenge the Spanish treasure galleon the Urca de Lima. But while on board The Andromarche, quartermaster Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) found a letter about Captain Flint more


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2014 Black Sails TV Show Series, Actor - Capt. Flint
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2007 Dark Corners Movie, Actor - Dr. Woodleigh
2006 Severance Movie, Actor - Harris
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Black Sails Sneak Peek: Can Captain Flint Trust His Own Men?

On Saturday's new episode of Black Sails, John Silver smells a rat.

In the exclusive first look at the episode below, Silver (Luke Arnold) tries to warn Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) about the possibly wavering loyalties of recently appointed quartermaster Billy Bones (Tom Hopper).  But will Captain Flint put much stock in the word of Silver, who's already proven to be a thief and a liar? ... read more

Starz Re-Creates the Perilous World of Pirates in Black Sails

If you've watched a pirate movie, you've seen the stunt where the captain balances precariously atop a ship's mast, pierces its sail with his cutlass, grabs the hilt with both hands and slides fearlessly down to the deck. Daredevil Douglas Fairbanks Sr. originated the move in 1926's The Black Pirate. It's as ubiquitous on screen as an adventurer swinging from the rigs. But the dusty sea dogs of the new Starz period drama Black Sails would call it bloody foolish — unless cracked... read more

Starz Sets Premiere for Michael Bay's Black Sails

Michael Bay's pirate drama Black Sails will premiere in January, Starz announced Tuesday.

The series follows Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and his crew 20 years before ... read more

Fox Casts Lead in New Shaun Cassidy Pilot

A British Invasion...? If only. U.K.-born Toby Stephens (Die Another Day) has landed the lead in Inseparable, a prospective pilot for Fox, says the Reporter. Pitched to the network before the strike by Shaun Cassidy (Invasion), the drama is pegged as "a modern-day Jekyll-and-Hyde tale" in which a partially paralyzed forensic shrink harbors a split personality — his other self being a charismatic criminal. Inseparable, it should be noted, has not yet been picked up by Fox as a pilot. But with this pre-season being so unusual, networks are in some cases locking up talent first . read more

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