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Sun May 24 1:00pm
Battlestar GalacticaAct of Contrition(Season 1, Episode 4) BBC

Starbuck's guilty feelings about the death of Zak Adama return to haunt her when she is ordered to train replacements for 13 Viper pilots killed in a flight-deck accident; Sgt. Hadrian (Jill Teed) tries to solve the mystery behind the detonators in Boomer' (more…)

Sun May 24 2:00pm
Battlestar GalacticaYou Can't Go Home Again(Season 1, Episode 5) BBC

President Roslin questions the judgement of Adama and Apollo when they put the fleet at risk to find Starbuck, whose Viper disappeared after a run-in with a Cylon patrol. Zak: Tobias Mehler.

Mon May 25 3:20am
Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell MOMAXe

Second sequel in which the evil Djinn (John Novak) terrorizes a college campus after a co-ed accidentally unleashes him from his tomb. A.J. Cook, Aaron Smolinski. Joel Barash: Jason Connery. Anne: Daniella Evangelista. Katie York: Louisette Geiss. Directed (more…)